How To Trade Crypto Options: The Ultimate Guide
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How To Trade Crypto Options: The Ultimate Guide

written by John Murphy | May 2, 2023

As cryptocurrency is the most adapted cryptocurrency among traders and investors, they seek new opportunities to capitalize on this digital revolution. One such opportunity is crypto options trading for investors and traders. The majority of traders search for How To Trade Crypto Options.

Crypto options trading offers immense potential to make a profit. As many traders concern about how to trade crypto options, here is a complete guide for you. 

Today we will discuss crypto options trading and explore its concepts, strategies, working, and important septs to trade crypto options.

Key Takeaways:

  • Crypto options trading offers immense potential to make a profit.
  • To trade crypto options, you need to educate yourself and choose a reliable trading platform.
  • The working of crypto options trading depends and operates on traditional options trading but with cryptocurrency.
  • Call options and put options are two primary options in crypto options trading, and options contracts with associated costs are called option premiums.
  • Binance, Deribit, and FTX are some of the best crypto options trading platforms to help you trade crypto effectively.

How To Trade Crypto Options?

To earn more profit with cryptocurrency traders, users use crypto options. To buy or sell crypto at a price within a timeframe is crypto options trading. 

You should note that the price is predetermined for trading cryptocurrency within a set timeframe. This derivative instrument offers flexibility and lets traders speculate on bullish (upward) and bearish (downward) market movements.

How To Do Crypto Options Trading Work?

The working of crypto options trading depends and operates on traditional options trading but with cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency here works as an underlying asset. 

Types Of Crypto Trading Options

Here is an overview of how types of crypto options trading work:

Call and Put Options

 In crypto options trading, you have two primary options: call options and put options. An option that allows cryptocurrency holders to buy the underlying cryptocurrency at a predetermined price in a specific time zone is a call option.

In comparison, the put option gives the right to the holder to sell underlying cryptocurrency at the strike price within the timeframe.

Option Premium

The option contracts with associated costs are called option premiums. The price you pay to purchase an option is premium. The premium is paid upfront and represents the maximum potential loss for the buyer of a chance.

How to Trade Crypto Options?

To trade crypto options, follow these steps and consider the factors discussed here:

Step 1: Educate Yourself

We should know about the topic or any task we will do. This is the first to perform. Educate yourself as much as you can. You can start by comprehending the basics of cryptocurrencies to the terminology associated with options trading, like strike price.

Step 2: Choose A Reliable Trading Platform

The next step you should follow is to select a trading platform that is reliable for you. While choosing a crypto exchange for trading options, you must consider fees, KYC requirements, and customer support. Before making any decision, conduct complete research.

Choose A Reliable Trading Platform
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As you need to select the best crypto options trading platform, here’s a detailed discussion for trading crypt options.

  • Options Offered

You need to consider this step for options trading. If you are concerned about how to trade Bitcoin options or how to trade Ethereum options, here is the answer for you.

Most platforms offer Bitcoin and Ethereum, so you don’t need to worry about Bitcoin and Ethereum. But, if you are trading other coins rather than these, consider platform options. Is the platform supports the currency you are using?

  • Fees

As every platform’s offerings differ, so you need to consider fees, liquidation fees, and more before trading.

  • KYC requirements

It’s a process known as Know Your Customer to identify and do the verification that many exchange needs.

  • Customer support

If you are dealing with huge amounts of money, you should ensure your money is safe. Some platforms offer customer service with a great hand, but there are also opposed to this.

Step 3: Set Up A Cryptocurrency Wallet

It would help to have a crypto wallet to participate in crypto options trading. Select a wallet that supports the crypto to plan to trade. Remember to follow best practices for wallet security, including two-factor authentication and keeping your private keys secure.

Step 4: Develop The Best Plan For Trading Crypto

You should have a well-thought plan. Also, consider your goals, risk tolerance, and time commitment for the best. You should also establish clear entry and exit strategies and stick to them to avoid emotional decision-making.

Step 5: Learn Options Trading Strategies

Acquiring knowledge about different options trading strategies is essential for maximizing your chances of success. Some common methods discussed in this article are call and put options that can help you gain more profit from both rising and falling markets.

Step 6: Stay Updated With Market News

Be aware of the latest trends and news in the market and developments. It’s crucial to make informative decisions. You can also subscribe to news resources to stay updated.

Step 7: Monitor And Evaluate Your Trades

In the end, you need to monitor the performance of your trades. Keep a trading journal to track your trades, including the reasons behind each trade, entry and exit points, and the outcome.

Top 3 Exchanges for Trading Crypto Options

Here are some of the best crypto options trading platforms to help you trade crypto effectively.


This platform is the most popular and offers a comprehensive trading platform with a dedicated options trading section. Crypto options trading using Binance provides a user-friendly interface, a wide range of options contracts, and competitive fees.


The second one is Deribit, a specialized cryptocurrency options exchange focusing solely on options trading. This platform is well-known for its strong security measures and attractive fee structure. You can also download the crypto options trading app that much of the platform offers.


Crypto exchange platform FTX offers a variety of trading products, including crypto options. Additionally, FTX is known for its innovative approach to trading and competitive fee structure. If you want to know more about cryptocurrency options trading, you can also complete the crypto options trading course. 

Furthermore, many traders are concerned about how to trade crypto options in New York and how to trade bitcoin options in the US. As only the Coinbase platform is available in the US and New York, traders with US nationality and New York citizens cannot use the Coinbase platform to trade crypto options.  


Can you trade options on Coinbase?

Currently, Coinbase does not support trading of Option Token. However, you have the option to stay informed about the latest news.

Are crypto options profitable?

Investing in crypto options carries inherent risks and a significant potential for financial loss. You should consider all the factors before investing in it.


To wrap up, how do trade crypto options? Crypto options trading provides traders with a unique opportunity to profit from the cryptocurrency market’s volatility. 

With various strategies and risk management techniques, traders can navigate this dynamic market and potentially achieve significant returns. However, it is essential to approach crypto options trading with caution, continuously educate one, and stay mindful of the associated risks.