How To Trade Cryptocurrency And Make A Profit
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How To Trade Cryptocurrency And Make A Profit

written by John Murphy | March 7, 2023

Want to jump straight into the crypto world? And searching for how to trade cryptocurrency and make a profit? Don’t worry. There are various platforms to do it. Any investors like to trade crypto just because crypto is extremely volatile. If you time the market right, you can easily profit more than traditional trading. No doubt, this volatility also comes with a high risk.

Often crypto traders come to this trading world to accumulate digital assets and make a USD profit in a shorter time. You can easily do this in the crypto world because the USD value increases very easily. But the more challenging thing to do is build your Bitcoin stake. 

Moreover, actively trading crypto can increase the chance of losing it. As we all know, crypto prices are volatile, so it’s not uncommon for traders to lose some or all of their money. That is why many crypto traders want to hold their digital assets longer.

How To Trade Cryptocurrency And Make A Profit?

Here are the six steps to guide you toward your profitable crypto trading journey.

Step 01: Make Your Cryptocurrency Brokerage Account.

Before starting your crypto trading, the first step is to make a brokerage account. OKX, eToro, and uphold are among the best crypto brokerage. All this brokerage will offer you a variety of altcoins with a simple user interface.

In order to open your crypto brokerage account, you have to provide some of your personal information, just like you gave while opening an account for the stock brokerage. Some of the personal information you must give while opening your account includes your date of birth, address, social security number, and email address.

Step 02: It’s Time To Fund Your Account.

Once you successfully open your crypto brokerage account, it’s time to link it with your bank account. Many crypto brokerages will offer the facility to transfer funds through debit cards or wire transfers. But ACTH (transfer directly through the bank) is the cheapest way to fund your account. Even some banks don’t charge any money while transferring.

Step 03: Choose Crypto For Investment.

Most crypto experts choose Bitcoin and Ethereum as their first choice when investing. Because these digital coins are more predictable as compared to other smaller altcoins. So when you trade with technical indicators, it automatically becomes easier.

But some traders allocate a small portion of their money to different altcoins. However, it is more risky than trading large amounts on single crypto assets. Because there can be a chance of higher upside potential. In the past months, many altcoins have risen more than 1.000%, making them an attractive choice for risk tolerance traders.

Step 04: Choose Your Trading Strategy.

There are plenty of trading strategies in the crypto market. Most traders choose different strategies and consider multiple factors while trading cryptocurrency. If you are a beginner, you must first go through the crypto trading course. But if you are an expert, you should already have your own cryptocurrency trading strategy while trading your cryptocurrency stock.

Step 05: Consider Automated Crypto Trading.

Automated Crypto Trading

While deciding on a crypto trading strategy, you might try automated trading. These automated trading already have enacted strategies to help you achieve your investment goals. Automated trading doesn’t involve human errors; it is a conservative, natural, and aggressive way of trading that will help you make money, store your altcoins, and make profitable investments.

Step 06: Store Your Cryptocurrency.

If you are an active cryptocurrency trader, you should have an exchange where you can easily store your cryptocurrency to access them. But in case of buying cryptocurrency and holding it for a longer period, then cryptocurrency wallets are recommended.

There are two different types of cryptocurrency wallets, one is a software wallet, and the other is a hardware wallet. Both wallets are secure, but the hardware wallet offers the best security because you save your cryptocurrency offline on a physical device.

One of the great hardware wallet brands is Ledger, and because of its security, many investors store their cryptocurrency in it. This wallet offers everything you need to save your coins, as it easily supports all the top crypto assets at great prices. But if you are searching for a software wallet, Google Chrome offers different free options for Android and IOS devices.

How To Start Making A Profit With Cryptocurrency?

So finally, after learning all the basic steps of how to trade cryptocurrency and make a profit, do your research before following the above steps. It will be best for you to study almost all the crypto assets, their pros and cons, and various methods of making money. Once you think you have enough knowledge about each digital asset, you can start your investment.

It is also important to think about a reliable and secure way to store all your cryptocurrency. You can choose between a hardware wallet, software, and online exchange. Whichever option you choose, ensure it is secure, and you can trust it with all your money.


Is cryptocurrency trading safe?

The crypto market is volatile. There is a risk that some crypto coins and tokens are scams. So to make your trading safe, try to use a reputable crypto exchange with some security verification steps to make your crypto trading safe.

How can you predict cryptocurrency prices?

Some technical and fundamental tools will help you predict the cryptocurrency’s future price. But always remember that crypto coins are highly volatile, so can’t make any accurate prediction. Never make your price prediction through analysts and algorithm based because they can go wrong.


If you want to generate passive income and want to grow your wealth cryptocurrency trading can be the best way to do it. The above given how to trade cryptocurrency and make a profit guide will let you become a crypto trader easily. But before directly jumping and starting to follow the steps, wait for money research about all the crypto coins and learn about their trading methods. This will decrease the risk of losing money.