How to Transfer Crypto from Uphold to Coinbase: Ultimate Guide
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How to Transfer Crypto from Uphold to Coinbase: Ultimate Guide

written by John Murphy | May 5, 2023

The two popular cryptocurrency platforms in the crypto market involve Uphold and Coinbase. Many platforms offer traders to transfer cryptocurrencies from one platform to other platforms. While it is difficult for traders or new ones to the market to transfer crypto between platforms. 

It requires good knowledge and expertise to do transactions effectively on Uphold and Coinbase without losing Cryptos. The new traders in the crypto market found themselves needing help with how to transfer crypto from Uphold to Coinbase.

Today we will address this problem and discuss uphold and Coinbase, how to transfer crypto from Uphold to Coinbase, and more details about this topic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uphold and Coinbase are popular crypto platforms for trading and investment.
  • Yes, you can transfer crypto from Uphold to Coinbase.
  • To transfer crypto from Uphold to Coinbase, create an Uphold account, verify it, link your accounts, enter the amount and wallet address, and ensure accuracy.
  • Fees apply for transferring crypto from Uphold to Coinbase, and blockchain fees may vary.
  • Uphold is compatible with Coinbase, and users can transfer crypto between them instantly.

What are Uphold and Coinbase?

As these crypto platforms are both famous in the crypto market, it is vital to know about them. So let’s discuss them.


A platform that offers traders to trade a range of digital assets like cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and includes precious metals. While traders can buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies.


On the other hand, Coinbase has wide-ranging popularity as it provides a user-friendly interface. It also offers a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies for trading and investment purposes.

Can You Transfer Crypto From Uphold?

Can You Transfer Crypto From Uphold
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Uphold is one of the most famous platforms for transferring crypto. Many traders still think, “Can you transfer crypto from Uphold to Coinbase.” So, of course, it can be done. It offers users to transfer cryptocurrencies to other wallets or exchanges. 

You can also initiate crypto transfers by selecting the desired cryptocurrency and entering the recipient’s wallet address. This fantastic feature of Uphold allows us to send our crypto assets to external wallets or exchanges.

Additionally, it also provides flexibility and control over their digital assets. However, you should be sure of the accuracy of the details. It will avoid any potential loss of funds.

How To Transfer Crypto From Uphold To Coinbase?

This is the concern of many people regarding how to transfer crypto from Uphold to Coinbase. The process of transferring crypto involves these steps:

Step 1: Create An Uphold Account

The question that comes to mind while transferring crypto is “How to transfer XRP from uphold to Coinbase.” We are providing steps to guide you. The first step you need to do is to set up your account. You must visit the website and click Sign Up for account creation.

Step 2: Verification

After account creation, you need to verify your account. You may ask to enter the info like your name, address, and phone number. This information is required for account verification. This process is done to secure your account.

Step 3: Link Your Uphold & Coinbase Accounts

After funding your uphold account, you need to link your Uphold account to the Coinbase account in this step. To continue this process, sign in to your Uphold account and choose “send money.”

Step 4: Enter The Amount Of Cryptocurrency & Wallet Address

When moving cryptocurrency on Uphold, you must specify the amount of crypto you wish to transfer. So, enter the amount you wish to send and the Coinbase wallet’s address. After entering this information, you must click the “send” button. The transaction is initiated. 

Step 5: Ensure The Accuracy

Double-check the information before initiating the transaction. This step will protect you from losing crypto. If you are transferring XRP as cryptocurrency and are concerned about how to transfer XRP from uphold to Coinbase wallet. The least you need to do is select XRP in the list of cryptocurrency options. Just follow these steps after that.

Congratulations! Your crypto is transferred from Uphold to Coinbase. How do I send crypto from uphold to Coinbase? Our steps will help you send crypto from Uphold to Coinbase.

Step 6: Other Cryptocurrencies 

You must follow these steps if you want to transfer other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and XRP. The questions that arise in transferring crypto from Uphold to Coinbase are. How to transfer XRP from upholding to Coinbase? How to transfer Bitcoin from Uphold to Coinbase? 

You can follow our guidelines even to transfer these cryptocurrencies. However, you must be sure about the information you entered to avoid issues.

Do I Need To Pay Fees For Transferring Crypto From Uphold To Coinbase?

How to Transfer Crypto from Uphold to Coinbase
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When transferring cryptocurrency from Uphold to another platform or wallet, Uphold charges a fee of $2.99. You should consider that you may incur additional blockchain fees in addition to Uphold price. 

These fees are determined by network resources demand at the transfer time. The blockchain fees can vary, so checking the current fee structure before initiating the transfer is advisable.

Does Uphold Work With Coinbase? 

Yes, Uphold is compatible with Coinbase. You can transfer cryptocurrency from your Uphold account to your Coinbase account. Uphold allows users to send their crypto assets to external wallets or exchanges, including Coinbase. 

By following the necessary steps, such as entering the correct Coinbase wallet address and completing the transfer process on Uphold, you can quickly move your crypto holdings from Uphold to Coinbase.

Do You Know?

  • Uphold to Coinbase transfer involves converting crypto to XRP or BAT.
  • Uphold users must have verified Coinbase accounts to transfer crypto.
  • Transferring from Uphold to Coinbase may incur network fees and transaction fees.
  • Uphold offers a discount on network fees for verified Coinbase users.
  • Users can transfer crypto between Uphold and Coinbase instantly.


How to move crypto from uphold to Coinbase?

To move crypto, follow these steps:
Withdraw from Uphold.
Deposit to Coinbase

How to move XRP from upholding to Coinbase?

To move XRP from Uphold to Coinbase, withdraw XRP from your Uphold account and deposit it into your Coinbase XRP wallet using the provided wallet address.


So the main topic discussed in this article is “how to transfer crypto from uphold to Coinbase.” Transferring cryptocurrencies between two famous platforms, Uphold and Crypto, requires expertise. To share your cryptos like XRP, Eth, or Bitcoin, you can follow the steps given in this article. 

By following our steps, you can transfer crypto quickly. You must also be sure about the information you entered and your wallet address to transfer crypto without any problem. The platform may also ask you about verification for a secure transaction.