ICON ICX Price Prediction: How High Can it Go?
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ICON ICX Price Prediction: How High Can it Go?

written by John Murphy | May 2, 2023

ICON token has been recently making waves in the market for performing well lately. Despite facing various price fluctuations the crypto went off to a great start. Unfortunately, the bearish market trend may have led to a price plunge for the ICON token but it was still able to shine through it. To understand the ICON ICX price prediction for the next few years, it is crucial that investors do thorough research. As you will find all the information regarding the price forecast in this article.


  • ICON ICX is a well-performing cryptocurrency with its due fluctuations in the market.
  • The coin has made a mark in the market with its unique features that set it apart from the rest.
  • By the end of the year 2023, if the market conditions remain in favor the ICX token may reach the max price of $0.44.

Despite a great start the coin still witnessed various upsetting points where the ICX price went even below $1. Nevertheless, it has still even maintained a long high price streak for several weeks in a row. Such aspects of the coin and more make it an intriguing option for investors and all those looking to trade in crypto. There is also certain ICX news that indicates the platform’s efforts in increasing its adoption by including features like interoperability.

In this article, we will share our price analysis for the ICON coin, with the help of various technical and fundamental indicators. We’ll also try to determine how far the price of the ICX coin can go.

ICX Price Prediction: Past Price Analysis:

ICX token was first launched in 2017 and has shown great potential for growth ever since. The coin is currently trading at the price of $0.2715 with a market capitalization of $260,487,481. According to the Coin market cap, it currently ranks at #128 among all of the cryptocurrencies. With a circulating supply of 955,870,375 ICX.

The price of ICX has decreased by 3.28% in the past 24hrs, which indicates that the coin is facing a few challenges in the market. Before that, the last 7 days have also been heavy for the coin as it has been going through a bearish phase. Thus went down by around 0.86%. However, the coin seems to hold enough potential to break through, as can be assumed from its strong fundamentals.

Moving over to the last month’s ICX price chart we can witness a drop in the price of the coin indicating a good opportunity for quick investments. If we look at the price analysis for the past 3 months we’ll notice that the value of the coin increased by 38.48% with the maximum average price of $0.17.

Moreover, in the past 4-months, the price of the ICON tokens showed an amazing growing trend, Not only that during that time the trading volume of the coin also increased. During the past 4-months, the coin went up by around 45.04%.

ICON ICX token Overview

Coin Name ICON
Market Cap$260,487,481
Volume 24h$8,331,864
Circulating Supply955,870,375 ICX
Current Price$0.2715

What is ICON ICX

ICON ICX is the native cryptocurrency of the platform ICON Network. This is a Decentralized network that allows interoperability on its network, allowing various chains to transact with each other. The ICON network with its origin in South Korea was developed by ICONLOOP. It is a third-generation blockchain that boasts lightning-fast throughput speeds.

The Governance system of the network is one of its unique features and gives the users a say in the network operations. It is built on two main components; Public Representatives (P-Reps) and ICONists. Where P-Reps are network-securing validator nodes. While the ICONists are the ICX delegating members to the most productive P-Reps.

They focus on providing a platform that uses Blockchain Transmission Protocol, allowing different protocols to communicate with each other without the intrusion of the third intermediary. In the end, the interoperability of the network is what sets it apart from most of the cryptos. The network requires most of the transactions to be in ICX that take place on it.

ICON Price Prediction: Future Price Analysis

To determine the Future price forecast for a certain cryptocurrency it is essential to look at the various indicators that can impact the growth of the coin and thus its price. Therefore while conducting price analysis we go through the technical as well as the fundamental analysis of the coin. This helps us to retrieve information on all the aspects that can affect the price of a token.

There are certain technical indicators that we may utilize for technical analysis like the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Historial market trends, Moving averages, trading volume, and more. These indicators specifically help us deduce the coin’s potential.

Then there are indicators for fundamental analysis some of which are the protocol adoption or the weighted market sentiment. These indicators directly impact the price of a token.

Below you will find our deduced ICON price forecast after studying all of these parameters.

ICX Price Prediction 2023

According to the present data analysis, we can predict that by the end of the year 2023, the price of the ICON coin may reach a maximum of $0.44.

ICON ICX Price Prediction 2025

In the next few years by the end of the year 2025, the coin may increase further reaching a maximum price of $0.68.

ICON Price Prediction 2030

For the 7 years price analysis from the current data, we can deduce that the price of the ICON token may reach a maximum of $6.07 under bullish circumstances.


Will ICX reach $100?

No, the current data does not show any signs of ICX reaching $100

Is ICON ICX a good investment?

With the increase in the adoption of the network, there might be a subsequent increase in the value of the token. Thus it may be a good investment.

Is it a good time to buy ICON ICX?

Yes, it is a good time to buy ICON ICX due to the recent dip followed by a slight bearish trend for past 7 days.


Overall the ICX Price Prediction seems to have a bullish outlook based on the current price analysis. The coin shows great potential in the market due to its more than one unique feature. These features will eventually help the platform gain more traction in the days to come. Thus helping the coin to break through the tough times and leverage to a high level. However, as we already know the crypto market is highly volatile so it’s hard to give a 100% accurate Price prediction.