IOST Price Prediction 2023-2030
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IOST Price Prediction 2023-2030

written by John Murphy | May 8, 2023

Internet of Services Token IOST is a blockchain platform specifically designed to meet the security and scalability needs of the decentralized economy. The main focus behind developing this token was to provide a high-performance blockchain to its users. A blockchain that would be able to manage security while handling a large number of transactions in a second.


  • IOST is considered the next-generation blockchain for offering exceptional DApps-creating services.
  • The IOST coin is expected to grow in the coming years.
  • By the end of the year 2023, the price of IOST may hit $0.014.

The IOST coin has gained much traction in recent years in the crypto space. This is why it was important to discuss the IOST price prediction, to help people analyze and make informed decisions. Though there are various good sides to the token still it’s hard to be a hundred percent sure about a token’s performance in the market. Therefore many would question if the IOST coin is a good investment or not.

In this article, we will share the IOST coin price prediction along with its past price analysis. Along with that, we’ll talk about IOST and how it works as well.

IOST Price Prediction: Past Price Analysis

IOST has been popular among developers for offering them a secure and efficient environment for creating DApps. The coin has been around for some time now and it has a past-filled mixed bag of prices. It is currently trading at the price of $0.009144 with a market cap of $170,905,083.

If we analyze the past 3 months of charts and market trends we can see that the coin fluctuated between a minimum and maximum average price of $0.009 to $0.010. Indicating a relatively stable market for the short term. But the growth of the coin was also stunted in that period as it only increased by 1.14%.

In the last 30 days, the count went into a dip as it dropped by 13.28% which may indicate an opportunity for investing. The past 7 days have also been hard, as the price of IOST dropped by another 4.36% which is quite significant in this short period of time.

IOST coin Overview

Coin Name-Iost (Internet of Services Token)
Market Cap-$171,860,638
Volume 24h-$12,644,513
Circulating supply-18,708,894,189 IOST
Current Price-$0.009172

What is the Internet of Services IOST coin and how it works?

IOST is the future of large-scale Decentralized Applications (DApps). This is why it is considered a next-generation blockchain technology as it aims to provide a service-oriented ecosystem for DApps. The users may perform 100,000 transactions per second on the network. By offering a high-performance and admiringly scalable environment it intends to resolve such issues in the blockchain industry.

The high scalability of the token is due to its ‘sharding‘ technology that allows transactions to process parallel on different shards of the network. As the native cryptocurrency of its network, IOST serves as a means of exchange for transactions and commission fees. The more developers are using IOST to build DApps the more rapidly the ecosystem is growing.

Additionally, the platform has also been able to attract partnerships with big names like Binance Labs, Huobi Global, and many more. One of the key features of the IOST platform is the unique consensus mechanism called “Proof of Believability’ (PoB). This further makes IOST an attractive option for businesses that are looking to build DApps.

Future Price Analysis of IOST Crypto

To analyze the IOST crypto price prediction is necessary to go through various aspects like fundamental and technical analysis. As for technical analysis, there are certain indicators to look at that represent the potential to grow the coin. For example, the Relative Strength Index of the IOST coin tells whether the coin is oversold or overbought. Then there are other indicators like trading volume, moving averages, and more.

While the fundamental analysis has indicators that directly impact the price of a token. These may include the protocol adoption or the market sentiment.

Source: TradingView

Below you will find our analyzed price prediction or the IOST crypto.

IOST Coin Price Prediction 2023

By the end of the year 2023, the IOST price may reach a maximum of $0.014.

IOST Price Prediction 2025

The price of IOST can reach a maximum of $0.031 by the year 2025.

IOST Price Prediction 2030

Under even mildly favorable conditions the IOST price may reach a maximum of $0.20.


Is IOST coin a good investment?

Depending upon our current analysis of an expected increase in the price of the token we can say IOST may be a good investment.

How High can IOST go?

In five years the price of IOST can go as high as $0.06.

What is the Future of the IOST coin?

The coin may grow in the future as per our analysis. But it mostly depends on the overall market trend so you can expect anything to happen at any moment.


  • The consensus mechanism used by IOST i.e. PoB is a combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus mechanism.
  • IOST is essential for calculating a user’s credibility score and the one with the highest number of IOST and reviews is selected as the next validator.
  • Big companies like OKEx and Cypher Capital are also partners with the IOST platform.


IOST is a revolutionary blockchain that it aimed for changing the way Decentralized applications are built. This is why the IOST price prediction is an important aspect to be aware of. Since it will help evaluate your choice of investment in the long run. With the help of a price forecast, you can determine whether the coin has the potential to grow or not.

Though it may seem a decent option to invest in. However, it is important to note that every crypto investment has risks associated with it. This is mostly due to the unpredictability and high volatility of the crypto market. Therefore, always make an informed decision.