Join the Excitement: How the Community is Marking Bitcoin Genesis Day! - Coin Amazon
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Join the Excitement: How the Community is Marking Bitcoin Genesis Day! - Coin Amazon

written by John Murphy | February 18, 2023

At the time of writing, the wallet account has almost 68.56 BTC, or approximately $1.1 million, in it. Bitcoin’s birthday is on January 3, so many Bitcoin holders from across the globe are celebrating Bitcoin’s 14th birthday in multiple ways, with some choosing to contribute BTC to the account that contains the rewards for mining the Genesis block.

The Genesis block was mined on January 3, 2009, by the creator of Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, resulting in the creation of the first 50 BTC.

This incident set the way for the growth of an entire industry, with plenty of people looking forward to becoming financially stable and putting the same goals for the financial future. Due to this, many people honored the cryptocurrency that started it all on this day by posting greetings.

Bitcoin’s Birthday Is Celebrate In Many Different Ways

bitcoins birthday

People are celebrating their 14th birthday by posting pleasantries on social media to mark the occasion. They all celebrate in different ways, like some pay tribute to Satoshi by transferring modest amounts of bitcoin to his wallet address.

Transactions delivering BTC to the wallet occur on January 3. However, since the account’s creation, random Bitcoin senders have increased its balance to 68.56 BTC, which is worth approximately $1.1 million.

Not only this, but bitcoin users create several different greetings to celebrate this day, and a video is also made that displays the newspaper with the headline stamped on the Genesis block.

Business analytics company MicroStrategy raised its Bitcoin holdings on December 28, a week before Bitcoin Genesis Day.