Largest Solana NFT Marketplace: Where Digital Treasures Await
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Largest Solana NFT Marketplace: Where Digital Treasures Await

written by John Murphy | April 21, 2023

A blockchain network, Solana is becoming famous due to its fast transactions feature and low fees. It’s become a popular platform because Solana creates non-fungible tokens NFTs. 

These tokens are digital assets and cannot be replicated. The largest Solana NFT marketplaces offer a new avenue for collectors, artists, and investors to engage in the NFT ecosystem.

Let’s look at the largest Solana NFT marketplaces here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Solana NFT marketplaces attract buyers, artists, and investors.
  • Solanart: User-friendly, supports popular NFT projects, includes NFT explorer.
  • Digital Eyes: Community-driven, focuses on high-quality NFTs, includes Vault.
  • Solsea: Offers NFT framing, innovative NFT farming, and a leaderboard.
  • Solible: Focuses on digital art, including Charity Minting for donations.
  • Metaplex: Enables customized NFT storefronts, fractional ownership, and multi-chain interoperability.

5  Largest Solana NFT Marketplace

With the surge of interest in Solana-based NFTs, Here are the best 5 largest Solana NFT marketplaces. They offer a range of collections and unique features to attract buyers and sellers. 


One of the largest Solana NFT marketplaces is Solanart. With its user-friendly interface, users can buy, sell, and efficiently do trading of NFTs. Solanart was created by a team wanting to make a fast, secure, reliable platform.

Solanart also sports Manny Solana-based NFT projects, including Degenerate Ape Academy and Solana Monkey Business. The platform has various features, like an NFT explorer, a trading history log, and a watchlist.

Support for Popular NFT Projects and Key Features

Solanart gained significant attention in the Solana ecosystem due to its user-friendly interface and range of features. As well as supporting popular NFT projects, the platform is gaining popularity. The projects are such as the highly sought-after Degenerate Ape Academy NFTs. 

 Solana NFT marketplaces is Solanart.
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The explorer of Solanart NFT Also allows users to browse a range of NFTs, such as the highly sought-after Degenerate Ape Academy NFTs. Another feature is what list, Enabling users to watch NFTs based on their interests.

Digital Eyes:

And another popular Solana NFT in the marketplace is digital eyes. A wide variety of NFTs are available, including unique and rare NFTs. It’s a community-driven platform enabling users to vote on NFTs projects on the forum. The feature of digital eyes also includes “Vault.” It’s a secure storage solution for NFTs. 

Focus on High-Quality, Rare NFTs

Digital Eyes are unique in that it is community-driven, which allows its users to have a say in which NFT projects are listed on the platform. This means that the only showcases the best-quality NFTs that the community has approved. The platform’s Vault feature is also noteworthy and provides users to store their NFTs securely.

In addition to its Features, The leaderboard provides a layer of gamification to the platform, encouraging users to buy and hold onto NFTs to increase their ranking.


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In Largest NFT marketplace this is the best solana NFT marketplace Solsea, It offers a range of NFTs, including art, games, and collectibles, is Solsea. Solsea platform’s feature is called “NFT Framing.” Solsea also includes a leaderboard that ranks the top NFT holder on the Solsea Platform. 

Innovative NFT Staking Feature

An innovative addition to the Solana NFT ecosystem is Solsea’s NFT Farming feature. It allows users to earn additional tokens by staking their NFTs and encourages them to hold onto their NFTs for a long time. 

The leaderboard feature also adds an element of competition to the platform. It motivates users to acquire as many NFTs as possible to be shown on the leaderboard as top NFT holders. 


A new Solana-based biggest NFT marketplace is Solible. Solible focuses on digital art. The purpose of Solible is to create a platform that supports contemporary artists and allows them to showcase their work to the public at a significant level. 

 largest Solana NFT marketplaces
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The fantastic feature of the Solible is called “Charity Minting,” which helps artists mint their NFTs and can donate a portion to Charity. This unique feature gained popularity in the NFT community and has helped Solible gain traction quickly.

Charity Minting and Charitable Giving Feature

Solible’s focus on digital art and support for emerging artists makes it unique from other Solana NFT marketplaces


Its Charity Minting feature also allows artists to help the charity by donations while showcasing their work. Solible has already gained attention in the NFT community. It will also continue growing as more artists and collectors discover the platform.

Metaplex is also one of the largest Solana NFT marketplaces that allow its creators to build their own customized NFY storefronts. 

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Moreover, Metaplex is an open-source platform that enables developers to create custom NFT marketplaces and customize them to suit their needs. Metaplex offers impressive features, like fractional ownership, multi-chain interoperability, and customizable royalties.

Fractional Ownership and Multi-Chain Interoperability

Metaplex’s ability to create custom NFT storefront sets is unique from other Solana NFTs available in the marketplaces. This allows creators and developers to develop marketplaces catering to specific niches or communities. 

The platform’s fractional ownership feature also enables users to buy and sell fraction NFTs, which makes it easier for smaller investors to participate in the NFT ecosystem. The platform’s multi-chain interoperability and customizable royalties also add to its appeal.

Comparison Table:

Solana NFT MarketplaceFeaturesUnique Selling Point
SolanartUser-friendly interface, NFT explorer, trading history log, watchlistSupport for popular NFT projects
Digital EyesCommunity-driven, Vault feature, leaderboardFocus on high-quality, rare NFTs
SolseaNFT Farming, leaderboardInnovative NFT staking feature
SolibleFocus on digital art, Charity MintingSupport for emerging artists and charitable giving
MetaplexCustomizable NFT storefronts, fractional ownership, multi-chain interoperability, customizable royaltiesAbility to create custom marketplaces tailored to specific niches


What is the largest Solana NFT marketplace by volume?

At that time, the largest Solana NFT marketplace by volume is Digital Eyes. However, the Solana NFT marketplace ranking may change due to the rapidly evolving nature of the NFT market.

What is the largest Solana NFT project?

The largest Solana NFT project is the Solana Monkey Business project, with a total market capitalization of over USD 3 billion.

Which one is the best NFT project in the Solana blockchain?

Determining the best NFT project in the Solana blockchain is subjective, as each project has unique features and community.


Due to the platform’s high transaction speeds and low fees, Solana NFT marketplaces are gaining traction. Marketplaces like these open new possibilities for artists, collectors, and investors. The largest Solana NFT marketplaces offer unique features catering to different niches and communities. 

As the Solana ecosystem continues to grow, we expect to see more Solana-based NFT marketplaces emerge, offering new and exciting opportunities for those interested in the world of NFTs.