Mastercard Web3 NFTs Empower Emerging Musicians!

Mastercard Web3 NFTs Empower Emerging Musicians!

written by John Murphy | April 15, 2023

In recent news, to access the programs of MasterCard Artist, NFTs were launched as payment giants. The purpose of these Web3 NFTs is to support emerging musicians.

Moreover, the NFTs project is developed in collaboration with a polygon. Moreover, it shows the intentions of MasterCard to introduce Web3 technologies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mastercard and Polygon partner for NFTs to support emerging musicians.
  • NFTs aim to build fan communities and introduce Mastercard to Web3 technologies.
  • Five music artists were selected for the program with access to an AI-based music studio and expert advice.
  • Mastercard Music Pass NFT is the second contribution for cardholders since June 2022.
  • Mastercard aims to support the Web3 network and create communities around shared interests.

Bitcoin News announced on Twitter that NFTs are developed by the partnership of Mastercard with Polygon, and the intention of Mastercard behind this is to welcome Web3 technologies.

Through the Mastercard Artist accelerator program, the collaboration of Mastercard with Polygon was announced in January to support emerging artists. The company provides entry to the NFT.

NYC conference through unveiling NFTs. On Wednesday, the company stated that fans of Web3 and music can activate their NFT Mastercard Music pass till the end of the month.

Mastercard Web3 NFTs
Source: techcrunch

Moreover, Mastercard didn’t disclose that the participating musicians had not been selected yet to unveil the music artist program.

The selected music artists are West Indian hip-hop and pop-soul Cocoa Sarai, R&B soul Young Athena, pop singer Emily VU, Venezuelan vocalist Manu Manzu and Nigerian artist LeriQ.

According to Mastercard, these artists will have access to Artificial intelligence (AI)based Wrapround music studio and must take advice from the five music experts.

B4Bit announced on Twitter that MasterCard uses Web3 technology to support emerging artists by developing NFTs.

It is demonstrated in the announcement of MasterCard that To build a fan community and legitimate their work within the Web3 environment; the artist may start obtaining mentorship, creating their content, and taking advice to utilize blockchain.

Since June 2022, to provide NFTs for cardholders, the Mastercard company collaborated with

  • Mintable,
  • Moopay,
  • Spring,
  • Nifty Gateway,
  • Immutable X,
  • Candy Digital, and
  • The Sandbox,

MasterCard Music Pass NFT is marked as the second contribution of NFT.

 BITCOIN KOREA| NFT|DEFI tweet on Twitter that Mastercard launches NFTs to support and emerge the musicians using Web3 technologies; this helps create new communities and connect people.

Moreover, the president and Communication and chief marketing officer of the MasterCard company named, Raja Rajamannar, stated that the main purpose of this company is to demonstrate the MasterCard technology support to this network and to guide partners and people in understanding digital assets and blockchain.

Additionally, the executive of Mastercard said we believe that Web3 create communities around shared interest are created and connect people powerfully.