Merchant Token (MTO) price prediction

Merchant Token (MTO) price prediction

written by John Murphy | April 29, 2023

The interest of investors in the Crypto market is increasing with time. Merchant token past prices also show a spike in history. The current price prediction of the merchant token and also of the future can be predicted by various experts in the market. We will provide you with the production prices of MTO but take it as a suggestion because it is not 100% likely to happen. 

According to merchant token price prediction the value is predicted to drop by 0.97% by 3 may, 2023. The correlation of Merchant token price with ETH, MKR is shown to be positive. The current sentiment is neutral and it is showing 64 (greed). Green days are 47% and 2.19% is the price volatility.

Key Takeaways

  1. The current analysis of Merchant token makes it a profitable option to invest in.
  2. The price of Merchant token by the year 2032 will be $1.14.
  3. The past analysis of Merchant token prices show a growth Trend.

Merchant Token price prediction: Past price analysis

To do the technical analysis data is collected from all the past prices. The current price of Merchant token is $0.037 and its ranking is 6488 in the ecosystem of Crypto. It has a market cap of $0 and so is the circulation supply of MTO. From yesterday, the price value did show a DIP by -1.35% that also indicates that the market cap is low as compared to  today’s.

The last 7 days analysis shows an increase of 2.06%. It shows growth that makes it favorable to take a chance and invest right away. Investing in such a volatile market will stay unpredictable so these predictions are not 100% correct and are suggested by some experts in the market. Just like any other asset the price action Is influenced by the supplier and demand. So traders really Try to identify the patterns for the price prediction. 

Merchant Token Overview

Coin nameMerchant token
Market cap$2,034,642
Volume 24$67
Circulating supply92,500,000
Current price$0.0363

What is Merchant Token?

Merchant token is a currency in the Crypto market just like others. Currently its price is showing a decrease according to the technical analysis. Its price is expected to head over in the long term. The price of mto is below its 50-day SMA and its signal SELL since yesterday.

According to the relative strength indicator, the value of MTO is at 56.41 that makes it stay in a neutral position. Moving averages provide a closing price of MTO. The current price prediction of Merchant token is done by the analysis of the past prices.  Currently the price of mto has dropped .

Merchant Token Price prediction: Future Price Analysis

Future price predictions are made by analyzing the previous price data of Merchant token. This kind of Technical Analysis then further leads to the predictions of the change in price in the future. It is very important to review the price predictions before investing in Crypto and do give it a read. This analysis is an indicator of future price action.

Merchant Token price prediction 2023

During the year 2023, the average price value will be at $0.047.

Merchant Token price prediction 2024 

According to the technical analysis the price prediction for 2024 is $0.068.

Merchant Token price prediction 2025

 The average price value will be $0.003 throughout the year 2025.

Merchant Token price prediction 2027

By the year 2027, the average price value will be $0.20 throughout the whole year.

Merchant Token price prediction 2029

As per analysis, the average price value will be $0.41 throughout this year.

Merchant Token price prediction 2030 

 The average price value is suggested to be at $0.57 by the year 2030.

Merchant Token price prediction 2032

The price is the average of maximum and minimum and it is $1.14 for the year 2032.


Is the merchant token a good investment option?

 Looking at the historical data, investing in Merchant token is profitable currently and always keep in mind that there is a risk in investing due to the price fluctuations.

 What is the highest price prediction of Merchant token in 2023?

 The highest price prediction of merchant token in 2023 is that it will reach a maximum of $0.047 throughout the rest of 2023. 

What can be the highest price of a merchant token?

The highest price at the end of this year will be $0.047 for the rest of the year.

What is the merchant token sentiment at this moment?

 The sentiment of Merchant token right now is neutral. 

How is merchant token co related to other assets?

 merchant token is positively correlated to ETH, MKR, IOTA, ZEC, ADA. 


Merchant token appears to have a good potential and utility based on the current analysis. It can be considered as an option to invest in but the Crypto market is highly volatile so the long term price of Merchant token cannot be determined for sure. But the  past price analysis shows growth so be very well informed while making a decision of investing in this market.

Investing in Merchant Token can be a good idea based on its performance uptill now. The price prediction for merchant token for the next 5 years is going to be $0.41 and it seems to be profitable to invest in it.