Metis Crypto Price Prediction
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Metis Crypto Price Prediction

written by John Murphy | May 15, 2023

METIS coin the native token of Metis DAO is a layer 2 roll-up platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It aims on providing solutions to problems faced by Ethereum users. This helped garner more attention for the Metis coin thus Metis crypto price prediction is also becoming more popular among investors.


  • MetisDAO provides solutions for the problems with the Ethereum network like high gas fees, and scalability.
  • Metis is specifically designed to make developing DApps and decentralized autonomous companies (DACs) accessible and more user-friendly
  • We can expect the Metis token to cross $200 by the year 2030.

While providing solutions for long-standing issues of Ethereum like, high gas fees or limited transaction speeds and scalability issues. The Metis crypto ecosystem experienced variable volatility since the beginning of this year. In 2022 the token managed to reach an all-time high price of $323 but dropped back to $102.75 again.

In this article, we will discuss what is MetisDAO and its performance in the coming years.

Metis Crypto Price Prediction: Past Price Analysis

The MetisDAO token has experienced a mixed price trend over the past few months. Currently, the token is trading at the price of $23.55 and ranks at #199. Its market capitalization is $104,993,383 with a circulating supply of 4,456,903 METIS.

Looking at the last 4 months’ data we realized that the token has displayed a growing trend during that time. Its price went up by around 28.04%. This is attributed to the token gaining popularity in the market.

Coming toward the last 3 months’ analysis the value of the coin went down by almost 30%. This indicated an overall bearish sentiment surrounding the token. Over the past 30 days, the coin again declined by around 25% indicating a caution for potential investors.

Then over the last 7 days, MetisDAO price went down by 1.43%. As the current situation seems to indicate that the token is in dip and investors may find it as an opportunity to invest.

MetisDAO Token Overview

Coin Name-MetisDAO
Market Cap-$104,978,625
Volume 24h-$2,713,311
Circulating Supply-4,456,903 METIS
Current Price-$23.56

What is MetisDAO (METIS) and How it Works?

Built on top of the Ethereum blockchain Metis is a layer 2 scaling protocol. This platform focuses on addressing issues related to Ethereum like scalability or affordability challenges faced by decentralized applications DApps or businesses operating on the Ethereum network. Giving a seamless experience to its users to transition from Web 2.0 to 3.0.

Metis is specifically designed to make developing DApps and decentralized autonomous companies (DACs) accessible and more user-friendly. Not only that it also offers various benefits like NFT minting and trading, Decentralized exchange DEX, custom token creation, and more. Speed and security though are the main features of the Metis crypto ecosystem. The platform uses the L2 rangers and sequencers to ensure swift and secure transactions and withdrawals on its Layer 2 solutions.

The native token serves 3 main functions. this includes transaction fees, staking, and rewards. Metis also offers direct economic incentives for users to gain and learn knowledge and new in-demand skills. As they consider education an important aspect and emphasize incentivizing learning.

But where to buy Metis crypto?

You can easily buy Metis from Coinone, BitGlobal, Bittrex, and FOBLGATE cryptocurrency exchanges There are other exchanges as well that trade in Metis.

Future Price Analysis of Metis Token

There are certain ways of price analysis to know about a token’s future worth. It may not be 100% accurate but it gives us a slight idea of how far a token can go. For this, we perform the technical and fundamental analysis of the token.

As for technical analysis, we go through certain indicators that help identify the potential of a token. Like Relative Strength Index RSI of Metis is currently at a neutral position. Then there is trading volume. historical market trends, and more.

Furthermore for fundamental analysis, we go through aspects that can directly affect the price of a token. These may include the market sentiment or the protocol adoption.

Below you will find out the analyzed price prediction for the token MetisDAO.

Metis Crypto Price Prediction 2023

By the end of the year 2023, we can expect the Metis crypto to reach around $43.

Metis Price Prediction 2025

The price of Metis can reach a maximum of $90 or closer to $100 by the year 2025

Metis Crypto Price Prediction 2030

If market conditions remain in favor we can expect the token to reach a maximum of $220 by the year 2030.


Is MetisDAO a good investment?

The current market data suggest that Metis is definitely a good investment option.

How high can Metis go?

In five years we can expect the price of Metis to go as high as $165.


  • The L2 Rangers used in the Metis ecosystem, act as paid auditors, contributing to the overall security and reliability of the platform.
  • Metis has an innovative proof-of-work mechanism for mining where users can earn MTS tokens by completing milestones in their online courses.


As we know that all the new cryptocurrencies are made with the idea to fill the gaps in the pre-existing ones. Such is the case with MetisDAo which was built on the Ethereum blockchain specifically to fill the gaps for Ethereum. The token has had its part of fluctuating price history. With the potential to grow the token seems to have a bright future ahead. Though it’s still necessary to go through Metis crypto price prediction in advance to get an idea of its future progress.

Ultimately the decision lies on the people who are looking to invest. None of the price predictions are 100% accurate as the crypto market is highly volatile and anything can turn the market sentiment from bullish to bearish affecting the price of all cryptocurrencies. Therefore always do thorough research before you decide to invest.