MEXC sees a drop in its maker and takers fees
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MEXC sees a drop in its maker and takers fees

written by John Murphy | March 9, 2023

MEXC global sees a drop in its maker and takers fees. This announcement has led to a positive impact on the exchange of the cryptocurrency market.

The rate for the maker’s fee has dropped to zero and the rate for the futures takers has dropped to 0.02%. To a positive result in the exchange of the cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, When asked about it Andrew Weiner, VP of MEXC Global stated that

“ This is a great news for new and experienced crypto investors. We have listened to our customers and we want to provide them with the most competitive prices we can to help encourage their participation in this growing market. Lower rates mean people are much more likely to invest, this is a boost for individual investors, and more widely for the whole market. MEXC is the simplest to use and most customer friendly cryptocurrency exchange available. As a leader in the space we believe lowering fees is a simple way to boost engagement and investment.”

The cryptocurrency market is already improving and meanwhile, this news came. MEXC’s business has shown growth and it lead to an increase in its trading too. This shows how authentic and well-structured this company is. 

MEXC Global trades for about $2.1 billion per day in futures volume. Furthermore, the new lower rates have attracted so many new customers and also its interface is very much convenient. It makes the exchange process a very adaptable experience. It allows the investors to save more money and invest it.

Investors are drawn towards this because it works hard to upgrade its technology and provides the optimization of the products. MEXC’s futures liquidity ranked at the top in the market on March 3rd. This means that it supports over 160 mainstream trading pairs in futures and 60 trading pairs in spots. The good thing is that they have a smaller price difference and low costs for trading.

The lower fees by MEXC Global are the biggest reason why people want to invest in it. It helps them to save a lot of money.

MEXC Global:

It is the world’s top most cryptocurrency platform that provides you assistance with spot, ETF, futures, Staking, NFT Index, and much more. It has over 10 million users all across the world.