MicroStrategy's Saylor Integrates Bitcoin Lightning
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MicroStrategy's Saylor Integrates Bitcoin Lightning

written by John Murphy | April 18, 2023

Michael Saylor, the co-founder of business intelligence software firm MicroStrategy. He is well known Bitcoin bull. Not only this, MicroStrategy’s Saylor integrates Bitcoin Lightning with corporate email addresses.

The Lightning Network is a popular layer two scaling solution for Bitcoin, capable of processing 1 million transactions per second for a base fee of 1 Satoshi or around four cents.

Lightning Protocol Enables Bitcoin-Email Integration

The Integration made possible by the Lightning address protocol. Thanks to his feature, users can link an internet identifier, like an email address, instead of copying wallet addresses.

Saylor shared a screenshot of a few transactions sent to his email address from others in the form of Satoshis. Satoshis or Sats is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin. Fans of the Bitcoin bull have also been transferring him 21 Satoshis to test out the feature.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Investment Strategy

Saylor currently holds the position of Executive Chairman at. MicroStrategy has been the mastermind behind the firm’s Bitcoin investment strategy. MicroStrategy intends to enhance its financial position by bolstering its balance sheet. To achieve this goal, the company has invested $4.17 billion in acquiring 140,000 BTC since March 2021. As per the data sourced from Buy Bitcoin Worldwide, the average purchase price of MicroStrategy estimated at $29,800.

Plans for Integration

 It needs to be determined whether MicroStrategy’s Saylor integrates Bitcoin Lightning with corporate email or plans to do so. MicroStrategy is down only 1.3% on its total investment because the price of Bitcoin is currently sitting at 29,400. However, the company briefly returned to profitability. It happened last week when Bitcoin broke through the $30,000 mark.


MicroStrategy’s Saylor integrating Bitcoin Lightning with corporate email address represents another step forward in adopting Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Lightning Network provides a good platform by making it too easy for users to send and receive Bitcoin payments. It can potentially make Bitcoin more accessible and user-friendly for the mainstream.

As more companies and individuals embrace this technology, we may see a significant increase by using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.