Revamped to Go: MN Bridge Launches Bold Rebranding!

Revamped to Go: MN Bridge Launches Bold Rebranding!

written by John Murphy | April 15, 2023

MN Bridge, formerly Moon Nation Game, made an official declaration about their renaming and brand-new strategic objectives. As of right now, the MN Bridge Launch’s main focus is on designing a Web2-to-Web3 bridging infrastructure with the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. 

The main objective they have will be to use the MN Bridge technology to incorporate blockchain technology with conventional gaming apps seamlessly. 

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology will make it a possibility for MN Bridge to generate sophisticated algorithms that will enhance customers’ overall experiences while playing games.

Key Takeaways:

  • MN Bridge is a company that used to be called Moon Nation Game and is now focused on creating a bridging infrastructure between Web2 and Web3 with AI tools.
  • The company’s MNG tokens will continue to serve as a governance token for the community to propose and vote on changes to the game’s development, in-game economy, and community events.
  • MN Bridge will launch staking pools for MNG token holders and distribute part of promised investments to MNG owners to encourage long-term holding and support for the project.
  • MN Bridge has launched a new utility token called MNB to facilitate conversion to MNP in the gaming community and transactions on NFT markets, with plans to launch on various platforms.
  • MNB token allocations include seed round, private sale, public sale, liquidity/staking, team, development, marketing, strategic partners/advisors, ecosystem fund, and in-game rewards, with vesting schedules for each category

The Revised Version Of MNG Tokens:

The 384.4 million MNG tokens were given out as part of its entire availability. All of which are currently in use, are the authority of the Moon Nation project. 

They debuted in May 2021. The fact that this feature ensures that the launch of new ones won’t decrease the importance of the present-day tokens.

MN Bridge Launch
Source: MN Bridge

This makes it particularly fascinating to investors keen on depressed tokens. In our revised vision, MNG is going to keep working as a token for governance. It will enable the community to take part in major selections affecting the span of the game.

Owners of tokens will have the ability to propose and decide on alterations to the game’s ecology, such as but not restricted to:

Development Schedule: 

Owners of tokens will be able to suggest and agree on new game attributes, enhancements, and updates. By doing this, it will be absolutely sure that the interests of the community are symbolized in the development of the game.

Ingame Economy:

Modifications to the in-game economy, such as modifications to item expenses, prizes, and MNP distribution. It will be dependent on presentation and votes by people who hold tokens.

By doing this, the financial aspects of the game will have remained equal and equitable for all players.

Community Events: 

Holders of tokens will be able to put forward and vote on events for their neighborhood, such as contests, offers, and other festivities. By doing this, it will be made certain that the community is engaged and connected.

The community will be given additional power to take part in essential decisions concerning the future of the game because of MN Bridge’s governance token (MNG). 

By allowing token holders to put forward and vote on advances to the game’s environment, we are setting up a more transparent and open system of governance that is in line with the demands of the community.

MN Bridge New Strategic Objectives:

Owners of MNG tokens will be able for investors to stake their tokens and gain motives for supporting the network by taking part in one of the new staking pools that MN Bridge is going to launch. 

In accordance with the length of the staked time and the number of tokens staked, these pools will provide various staking opportunities and encouragement.

In order to encourage long-term holding and thank our devoted individuals for their continued assistance in the Moon Nation project, we will distribute a part of the promised investment to MNG owners. 

This characteristic, which is distinctive to the Moon Nation ecosystem, demonstrates their ongoing commitment to producing benefits for their neighborhood. Moreover, as soon as they strive to improve and expand their moon nation’s economy, MNG will undoubtedly remain a must-have asset for all investors and other consumers.

MNB Token Allocations Of Total Supply:

  • Seed Round: 30,000,000 tokens, 3 percent in total
  • Private Sale: 40,000,000 tokens, 4 percent in total
  • Public Sale: 60,000,000 tokens, 6 percent in total
  • Liquidity or Staking: 250,000,000 tokens, 25 percent of total
  • Team: 120,000,000 tokens, 12 percent in total
  • Development: 180,000,000 tokens, 18 percent of total
  • Marketing: 200,000,000 tokens, 20 percent of total
  • Strategic Partners or Advisors: 40,000,000 tokens, 40 percent in total
  • Ecosystem Fund: 40,000,000 tokens, 4 percent in total
  • In-game Rewards: 40,000,000 tokens, 4 percent in total

Prime Motives For Launching MNB:

MN Bridge happily announces its new utility token MNB. MNB will help in the conversion to MNP in their gaming community. It will also be helpful in the transaction on NFT markets

MNB on Different Platforms

Moreover, they are hoping to launch MNB on different platforms, including Ethereum, polygon, and many others. It will help for better accessibility providing better investment opportunities for all investors. 

MNB a Multichain Token

Multichain Token
Source: matthewmertens

Secondly, their major motive is to make MNB a multichain token that could have a better social audience attraction. Also, it will help to provide avast opportunities to support different projects. The funds earned via MNB will be utilized to enhance their platforms in the future. 

Moreover, those funds would be used to intensify their advertising and marketing strategies and enlist tokens on other exchanges. All in all, it is believed that the launch of MNB will help investors to reach the sky in the blockchain and gaming industries. This is why they are so excited to share this announcement with their online community.

Vesting Schedules:

  • Seed Round: 20% TGE, you can unlock 13.33 percent every month for 6 months
  • Private Sale: 15% TGE, you can unlock 10.63 percent every month for 8 months
  • Public Sale: 10% TGE, you can unlock 9 percent every month for 10 months
  • Team: 25% unlock after 12 months; you can unlock 6.25 percent every month for 1 year
  • Development: 10% TGE, you can unlock 7.5 percent every month for 1 year
  • Marketing: 10% TGE, you can unlock 7.5 percent every month for 1 year
  • Strategic Partners or Advisors: 10% TGE, you can unlock 7.5 percent every month 1 year

Associated Social Links:

Have a check on their twitter account MN Bridge by checking out the link provided and get the latest news about their strategic objectives.

On their Instagram handle, MN Bridge, they have the unlimited updating on each and every detail you have to be aware of.

The Facebook account of MN Bridge, also gives you the touch of all the new announcements regarding the strategies and rebranding in the crypto community.

In last, the YouTube handle, MN Bridge, has all the relevant videos you would need to invest and grow in the crypto community.


Overall, it is not wrong to say that the capability of MNGs staking, burn mechanism, low total availability, and authorized investment drop makes it an unbelievable investing opportunity in the entire crypto market and economy. 

It is moreover believed that it will be held as a valuable property for all investors now and in the future as well. Also, MNB, the multichain token, will have limitless investing opportunities for all investors. And it will also be a remarkable asset for investors and consumers.