Top Most Volatile Cryptocurrencies
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Top Most Volatile Cryptocurrencies

written by John Murphy | October 22, 2022

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile; volatility is synonymous with crypto investment. It may seem odd to an ordinary person, but many investors tend to invest in the most Volatile Cryptocurrencies. The reason behind the such investment is to make high profits if the currency makes a good impact, as the higher the risk, the higher the return.

Ever since its inception about a decade ago, the digital asset class is never stable. It is rapidly shifting in valuation. However, many investors adopt a high-risk strategy to yield good profits.  

We will review the top most volatile cryptocurrencies in this guide. Further, we will discuss why these cryptocurrencies are great investment opportunities. By this you will let to know that why crypto is important?

List of The Topmost Volatile Cryptocurrencies

You can make some handsome money by investing in volatile coins if you have a high-risk tolerance level. 

The Crypto market is full of surprises. Volatility means that a cryptocurrency showcase aggressive movements in its price. 

Such random changes make investments challenging, but once you master the art, you have abundant opportunities to be savvy. 

With that in mind, let’s explore the top cryptocurrencies. The list is not based on a ranking system; we have chosen these cryptocurrencies based on their trade valuations.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA) – Meme Coin

Tamadoge has recently burst on the scene due to its ‘memecoin’ aesthetics. It has obtained a significant social media following since it is similar to Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

The competitive advantage which Tamadoge offers is its utility. The utility is based on P2E mechanics. The members of the Tamadoge community can mint these coins as pets and take care of them to reach adulthood.

Upon gaining adulthood, these pets are made to fight other users’ pets, while the winner takes home Dogepoints. The winner with the most points is then awarded TAMA tokens for the month. These rewards are distributed from a Dogepool. A percentage of the amount is fixed for Dogepool when new users buy NFTs from the Tamadoge store. 

Tamadoge is currently traded in the Beta sale phase.

2. IMPT/Carbon Emission

IMPT is one of the highest volatile cryptocurrencies. It aims to reduce carbon emissions through its Carbon Offsets program.

You can buy products from IMPT’s carbon reduction partners. Each purchase provides you with IMPT tokens. You can then convert these tokens into Carbon Credits – each token represents 1 ton of carbon emission.

You can either burn your token or trade it. It is a healthy activity as it helps members track their carbon emissions.

IMPT is offering 20% of 3 billion supplies during its presale offer.

3. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT is a P2E platform that has innovative metaverse features. Essential features include a decentralized fantasy league with NFTs and a built-in NFT marketplace.

Users compete to move the ladder and win rewards. These rewards are shared in the form of Battle Infinity’s BEP-20 tokens.

Members can use these tokens to make in-game purchases. You can also rent out your investments to add an income stream.

The presale is ON; once it is over, IBAT’s founders plan to register it with PanckaeSwap.

4. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK’s presale investors made vast profits of around 3000%. Lucky Block is a crypto-gaming platform. It is currently listed with PancakeSwap.

Lucky Blocks’ founders have recently announced a new NFT competition. The token uses the ERC-20 standard, which is compatible with the best cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, BLOCK is exempted from the application of sales tax, which means investors get high accrued profits.

5. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin became an alternative to Bitcoin. LTC is much faster in processing transactions as compared to Bitcoins.

The LTC has become outdated, as many new coins have stormed the crypto market. However, LTC remains among the top most volatile cryptocurrencies. 

The high trading volumes make LTC a highly volatile cryptocurrency.

6. Stellar (XLM)

XLM aims to offer worldwide sending and receiving money with the lowest fees. Additionally, Stellar Network processes payment in less than five seconds with a price of not more than a penny.

Its partnerships with global giants like Moneygram and IBM are a silver lining of the project. Such partnerships have increased investors’ trust in the system, thus attracting heavy investments.

Stellar also offers yield in farming crypto – at a rate of 5% per year through its ‘Ultra Stellar’ feature. However, macroeconomic challenges have made XLM a highly volatile project ideal for scrapers and day traders.

7. Ethereum (ETH)

ETH works on a non-fungible token (NFT). Ethereum networks offer its community the to mint NFTs and develop dApps.

One may say that ETH is not that volatile. Still, its framework offers numerous opportunities since ETH developers have provided Proof-of-Stake (POS) protocol, which offers new investment opportunities with high yields in the short term.

8. Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu is one of the most precious meme coins. SHIB followed the Dogecoin interface and achieved high success despite the high level of competition.

Due to its meager price, SHIB remains the most volatile cryptocurrency. So, you can consider investing in it to make good yields.

9. ApeCoin (APE)

Ape is one of the best cryptocurrencies to kickstart your crypto trade. Ape is associated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection, making them highly valuable.

ApeCoin remains highly volatile due to regular updates surrounding its use cases.

APE developers have recently announced a token named ‘The Otherside.’ It appears to be a good metaverse app, thus attracting attention from crypto investors.

10. Bitcoin (BTC) 

One of the early runners, BTC remains relevant. Many investors consider BTCs the best investment in the crypto market.

Since Bitcoin offers aggressive price action that offers opportunities with great returns.

With its worldwide acceptability, BTC’s demand remains ever-high. Such high demands make the price volatile when macroeconomic factors hit the cryptocurrency market.


Should I invest in volatile cryptocurrencies?

The risk factor usually determines the return. Many investors put their finances in top volatile cryptocurrency to make high margins. So there is no doubt that cryptocurrency is the future of finance. If you can manage a high-risk environment, only then invest in volatile cryptocurrencies and always seek a professional opinion.

Why crypto is important?

Bitcoins, one of the leading cryptocurrencies, is the best known worldwide, because the popularity, high value, and high volatility make it one of the most hyped crypto.

Which crypto will explode in the coming months?

Based on market analysis and the crypto volatility index Battle Infinity (IBAT) is expected to explode next on the crypto market.

How to know a highly volatile cryptocurrency?

Analyze the historical price, track cryptos presale, and ICOs, and check for crypto volatility index to the same cryptocurrency volatility.


In summary, this guide has discussed the top most volatile cryptocurrencies. We have presented a selection of highly-liquid cryptos ideal for risk-taking investors.

The IMPT and Tamadoge are two of the best highly volatile cryptocurrencies. Both promise to project high returns. 

However, we recommend always seeking professional advice before making an investment decision. A wrong move can doom your entire investment, so invest wisely in a highly volatile crypto environment.

That concludes our discussion; keep visiting this space for more cryptocurrency-related topics.