Best NFT Analytic Tools Used By Top Creators
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Best NFT Analytic Tools Used By Top Creators

written by John Murphy | April 24, 2023

The tools used to track the recent Blockchain transaction are known as NFT analytic tools. These tools are present as online dashboards; hence currently available publicly due to their appearance in on-chain activities.

You can also use different power tools to track these analytic tools. Collectors, NFT traders, and investors mostly use these tools to get help in choosing the NFT to buy.

Anyone can use these NFT analytics tools for free or with a monthly subscription, as it is also helpful for people doing business in the past few years.

Key Takeaways:

  • NFT analytic tools help analyze and track the trading market.
  • Nansen, Dune Analytics, and Icy Tools are the top platforms.
  • NFT Nerds, Dapp Radar, Deep NFT Value, and NFT Go are popular analysis tools.
  • Twitter, Discord, Buffer, and Webflow are key tools for NFT creators.
  • Gem is the best NFT data aggregator.

What Is The Best Site For NFT Analytic Tools?

When you get involved in NFT, it is easy to get rug pulls, so if you want to become an NFT expert and make the right trading decision having access to advanced data is essential.

Investing in or collecting the NFT can be challenging. That is why creators and investors constantly search for tools that can help them analyze, track, and thoroughly understand the trading market.

Hence different platforms aggregate all the NFT data necessary for you. And you can find the complete information on a single platform. Here are some of the best NFT analysis sites:


Nansen is considered one of the best platforms for NFT, Crypto, and Defi analytics. This platform is capable of analyzing more than 100 million Blockchain wallets. Apart from wallets but every activity is also gathered by Nansen so they can rank the token according to the total profit they made.

Furthermore, it is accessible to NFT leaderboards and uses them for different collections. One of the main downsides of Nansen is you have to pay to use the features. You have to pay $89 per month, which is the lowest amount, only to get a way to access the data. To get complete access, the amount you have to pay per month is $3000.

Dune Analytics:

dune analytics
Source: theblock

It is the other analytic platform having a lot of different NFT-related dashboards. You can use this platform to know the top NFT collections through volume.

This platform is also perfect for accessing NFT prices, an overview of dashboards, general Blockchain statics, and much more about NFT tokens.

One of the best things about Dune Analytics is it’s completely free. So you don’t have to pay for anything. Anyone can quickly access this platform and start to benefit from it.

Icy Tools:

If you are ready to invest in NFT this site is just for you as you can get every information regarding NFT from this site to make profitable trading decisions.

Icy Tools
Source: dgen

The icy tool will let you get in contact with sale history, collections, and a real-time feed of minting and trading NFT. Moreover, there is also an option for customization, so you can use it for multiple things, like setting up custom alerts.

What Are The Best NFT Tools?

If you have the best site for NFT analysis, you will need some NFT analysis tools to get help from those platforms. Here are some of the most used and essential tools used in NFT analysis:

NFT Nerds:

NFT nerds
Source: startupstash

If you are searching for help in sales feed and cross-market place listing, then NFT Nerd is the best tool for you. Through NFT nerds, you will get access to comprehensive data from around the NFT ecosystem.

This information helps you to make informed collectibles, investments, and decisions. For investors willing to invest in the NFT market, you can access historical data and statistics through this tool.

Dapp Radar:

Use the Dapp Radar analytic tools and track decentralized applications on different Blockchains. You can quickly learn about the valuable insights and popularity of the applications you plan to use.

Dapp Radar can also follow metrics like transaction category, volume, and daily active users. Through all the information, you can quickly popular trends and dops in the market.

Deep NFT Value:

Searching for a perfect tool to make a data-driven decision about the NFT portfolios? This Deep NFT value is the only tool you are searching for.

This tool has the capability of using a wide range of NFTs so they can get access to their in-depth analysis. Hence all the information will include historical sales data, pricing, rarity, and more about NFT analysis.


The tool which can get all the benefits and features of NFT collector’s NFT Go will be perfect for you. This top-rated NFT analysis tool is capable of working on multiple Blockchains.

You can track and analyze a wide range of NFT analyses, including crucial data like rarity, pricing, historical sales, and many more.

What Tools Do NFT Creators Use?

Every creator needs several digital platforms so they can build a great collection. The most used tools by the creators are:


Every creator considers Twitter the best place to find community and engage with them for benefits. Mostly creators post daily updates about their projects, promote NFT, run various contests amount the audience and many more.


The main aim of Discord is to provide a quick platform for conversation between NFT folks worldwide. And now there are about 140 million Discord users.


Buffer is a tool kit that can be used to post on different social media platforms. You can also use this kit to boost engagement and manage communities.


Different things like engaging the community in publishing your roadmap and much more are essential when launching your collection. You can use Webflow as the best platform; it looks great and does its job perfectly.

How Do You Analyze an NFT Collection?

Analyze an NFT Collection
Source: pymnts

Use these five metrics evaluation:

  1. Creator prominence
  2. Community and unique holders
  3. Function and taste
  4. Rarity
  5. Floor price


What is the best NFT data aggregator?

The best NFT data aggregator is Gem. Xyz. From this platform, you can buy NFTs from more than 10+ market place of Ethereum without any gas fee.


In short, all the NFT analytic tools, as mentioned earlier, provide valuable insights to investors and collectors. These tools help users to make informed decisions according to their investments. You can use these tools to track and understand the NFT marketplace and make profitable decisions.