NKN Price Prediction – Is NKN A Good Investment?
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NKN Price Prediction – Is NKN A Good Investment?

written by John Murphy | February 18, 2023

NKN cryptocurrency is gaining popularity as it offers peer-to-peer network connectivity protocols that use a public blockchain. It aims to offer economic incentives to motivate users to share network connections and utilize unused bandwidth. In short, NKN aims to become a network that builds DApps that enhances P2P data transmission and connectivity. The popularity of the NKN in crypto trading has left users searching for “Is NKN a good investment?”

NKN is termed as a crypto protocol for the next-gen internet. The NKN crypto ecosystem contains everything to increase the crypto market cap, including NKN tokens, NKN wallets, and NKN nodes

Thus, investors keep tabs on NKN price prediction and aim for it as it expects to gain value. However, the most volatile cryptocurrencies leave crypto trading uncertain. 

We will discuss the query – is NKN a good investment here, so stick around till the end.

NKN Overview

  • Coin Name – NKN
  • Symbol – NKN 
  • USD Price – $0,13 
  • Market Cap – $ 95,299,535
  • 24H Volume – $ 9,753,326
  • Total Supply – 754,831,362 

NKN Price Prediction

Many price predictors tip NKN to perform well in the future; the value expects to rise by 12.06% to reach $0.140933 by the February end. Since the current sentiment is Bullish while the Fear & Greed index is also on the rise, thus the price of NKN will gain extra cents as we advance.

So, based on the price trend and crypto market cap, now is a good time to own NKN tokens.

  • Year-to-Year Price Prediction

If we accumulate price predictions from reliable resources on the internet, we can say its price will follow a rising trend. One way to predict prices is to compare them with other technological innovations and trends. 

Therefore, if we follow the growth pattern of the internet or large tech companies like Facebook or Google, we see an upward trend. So, here are the findings of NKN prices on a YoY growth prediction.

  • Internet growth – $0.179173 (2024), $0.231312 (2025), $0.298624 (2026)
  • Google growth – $0.261887 (2024), $0.408753 (2025). $0.736982 (2026)
  • Facebook growth – $0.529005 (2024), $1.173491 (2025), $2.60 (2026)
  • Technical Analysis

NKN’s general price prediction for mid-February is bullish, which means its price is expected to grow further as the cryptocurrency market stays stable for the time being. 

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) momentum oscillator signals whether a particular cryptocurrency is oversold or overbought. In comparison, the current RSI score for NKN is 62.84, which states that NKN is in a neutral position.

NKN is currently above the 200-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) line. Thus, you can buy NKN as SMA is signaling the same.

Moreover, based on the technical indicators, SMA-200 will further increase in March 2023; thus, it is a good time to buy NKN.

  • NKN Correlation

NKN’s price positively correlates with KuCoin token, DeFiChain, Theta token and Bitcoin prices. However, it is negatively correlated with the prices of Baby DogeCoin, Hashgraph and Maker.

A positive correlation with top cryptocurrencies indicates that the movement of one will drive the others in the same direction. In contrast, the negative correlation will mean that a price fluctuation in those coins will reverse impact NKN’s prices.

  • Future Price Prediction

Here are price predictions of NKN cryptocurrency for the next ten years; the data is collected from reliable sources on the internet. However, these numbers are based on analysis and past data; they are not exact future prices, so they may fluctuate as crypto trading progresses.

  • 2023 – Minimum $0.17, Maximum $0.19, Average $0.17
  • 2024 – Minimum $0.25, Maximum $0.28, Average $0.26
  • 2025 – Minimum $0.36, Maximum $0.43, Average $0.37
  • 2026 – Minimum $0.51, Maximum $0.62, Average $0.52
  • 2027 – Minimum $0.74, Maximum $0.86, Average $0.76 
  • 2028 – Minimum $1.12, Maximum $1.28, Average $1.16
  • 2029 – Minimum $1.59, Maximum $1.95, Average $1.64
  • 2030 – Minimum $2.25, Maximum $2.76, Average $2.33
  • 2031 – Minimum $3.26, Maximum $3.85, Average $3.35
  • 2032 – Minimum $4.51, Maximum $5.57, Average $4.64

Frequently Asked Questions

How high can NKN go in 2023?

Based on market trends and technical analysis, the average price of the NKN coin may reach $0.17 by the end of 2023. However, if we estimate five years, its value will reach the $0.76 mark.

What is the future of NKN?

The future of the NKN token significantly depends on the overall performance of the crypto market. However, having the right strategy is the key to making profits from NKN. For asymmetric risk profilers, NKN is not their piece of cake. However, NKN is a good option for investors with a high-risk tolerance.

Is NKN a good investment?

Based on price prediction, NKN’s value is expected to rise, as shortage tends to encourage a price rise. Thus, market trends suggest that NKN makes a good investment opportunity. However, since the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, thus seek professional advice before investing.

Who owns the NKN coin?

Yanbo Li, Bruce Li and Yilun Zhang own the NKN coin and aim to build the largest blockchain in the world for sharing internet connectivity.

Is NKN a good long-term investment?

Based on available data and future price predictions, NKN’s price is expected gradually rise in the next years. Thus it makes a good long-term investment.

Parting Thoughts

“Is NKN a good investment?” is a question many investors are looking for. Since its inception, NKN has seen a steady rise in demand; thus, the price is also rising. 

We have applied numerous price prediction methods to test whether it is a good investment,and the results suggest its price will keep following the upward trend. Since NKN targets the availability of the internet globally, thus, the idea is well articulated and in demand. Since the demand for the internet will rise, it is expected that the value of NKN will also go up.

However, the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. No one can predict its valuation with full accuracy. Therefore, we always recommend seeking professional advice before putting your funds in NKN or other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, having a well-worked strategy is the key to making profits from such a highly speculative market. So, good luck with your investment in the NKN tokens.