NKN Price Prediction

NKN Price Prediction

written by John Murphy | April 24, 2023

New Kind Network (NKN) is a highly scalable, self-evolving, and self-incentivized blockchain network that uses Cellular Automata (CA) for efficiency and dynamism. In simple words, NKN aims to offer a global audience network connectivity and data transmission capacity. We will study the market and develop NKN price prediction for such a popular coin.

Key Takeaways

  • NKN is widely admired and followed crypto token, which has shown good financial numbers and is expected to gain value in the future.
  • Current analysis shows a Sell signal, but long-term studies show a bullish run, which means you should Hold it if you are aspiring for long-term yields.
  • NKN expected to reach $0.58 in the next five years.

Since NKN has three significant projects running across its platform, thus it has improvement potential. Moreover, NKN is ever evolving with developments in Web3 mechanism. Hence, NKN crypto price prediction is a topic of interest for crypto enthusiasts, traders, and experts.

We will use historical pricing data and market scenarios and apply technical analysis techniques to devise price predictions for crypto like NKN.

So let us get started with NKN price prediction.

NKN Overview

  • Cryptocurrency – NKN
  • Ticker Symbol – NKN
  • Rank – 278
  • Market Cap – $87,358,364
  • Circulating Supply – 754,831,362 NKN
  • All-Time High – $1.48
  • All-Time Low – $0.006411

NKN Technical Analysis

Like other cryptocurrencies, NKN has seen its ups and downs; it peaked in April 2021 at $1.48. Though it is underrated, its current price of $0.1052 is neat with its support levels. Therefore, it is an excellent time to run a technical analysis and deduce NKN price prediction tomorrow.

Here are key highlights of the past price trends and technical indicators study to establish NKN price predictions for the long term.

  • All indicators suggest a Neutral sentiment, with a Fear & Greed score of 54.70, which shows an extreme fear situation; thus, we recommend currently Holding NKN.
  • Over the past 30 days, NKN has lost 0.58% value, thus; we expect it will recover in the coming days as all indicators show a bullish trend for today and tomorrow.
  • The current price of NKN is below the 50-day Simple Moving Average, which shows a Buy signal.
  • A 14-Day RSI score of 49.88 indicates a Neutral position of the NKN token.

There are reports, but as we have seen with other tokens, that future seems green for the crypto market. So, we can observe that technical evaluation shows good returns from NKN, more so because the project team is actively bringing in new developments to keep the token going in the foreseeable future.

NKN Price Prediction 2023 – 2030

Let us move on to explore NKN’s future prices. However, we always request and suggest readers, investors, and traders do their homework before investing in a volatile industry like cryptocurrency. Understanding risk tolerance levels is critical to your trading style, so always conduct due diligence in advance.

NKN Price Prediction 2023

Our NKN price prediction 2023 shows the maximum value to reach $0.20, with a minimum amount of $0.10, while the average price expected to stay at $0.15.

NKN Price Prediction 2024

The market history and technical analytics suggest that the maximum price of NKN could reach $0.32 the minimum expected to come down to $0.22. Likewise, the average price for 2024 is $0.27, thus doubling its price as of current value.

NKN Price Prediction 2025

The maximum crypto price prediction 2025 is $0.40, whereas the minimum value is $0.30. Since the crypto market expects to achieve new investments by the year 2025, thus NKN is also forecasting an increased interest; hence, its average price could hit $0.35.

NKN Price Prediction 2026

The NKN price prediction recommends a maximum and minimum of $0.50 and $0.40, respectively, while maintaining an average value of $0.45 in 2026.

NKN Price Prediction 2027

If the market grows at the same rate till 2027, the expected maximum price NKN can achieve is $0.52, whereas the minimum it can fall is $0.42, maintaining an average price of $0.47.

NKN Price Prediction 2028

Since the trading volume of NKN expected to rise significantly by 2028. Its maximum price could heighten to $0.60, with a minimum valuation of $0.50 and an average price set to remain at $0.55.

NKN Price Prediction 2029

The maximum, minimum, and average prices of NKN tokens in 2029 are expected at $0.70, $0.65, and $0.75, respectively. 

NKN Price Prediction 2030

NKN crypto price prediction 2030 is $0.95 on the maximum level. Since NKN expects an influx of new technologies by 2030, thus the price is highly considerable. However, the minimum NKN price could hit 2030 $0.75, with an average price set to remain at $0.85.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NKN a good investment?

NKN is showing good long-term price values; however, owing to the highly volatile nature of the crypto market, we cannot say anything with certainty. 

Where to buy NKN tokens?

NKN is a popular altcoin with all major crypto exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, Huubi, Upbit, and Bittrex.

Will NKN hit $1?

As per historical price data and technical analysis, NKN could reach $1, at the latest, 2030. Although the NKN coin price prediction 2022 showed a more favorable picture, it will take time to hit $1.

What is the highest expected price of the NKN?

As per studies, NKN and maximize to $2.05.

What is the lowest expected price of the NKN?

The lowest price of NKN could fall to $0.23.

Parting Thoughts

NKN is a token widely accepted in the crypto space and expected to gain value in the future. Therefore, we conducted NKN price prediction and lot and concluded it to reach $0.95 by 2030. 

Since the team behind NKN is making favorable future adjustments, we expect it to gain value and stay competitive. 

Although, this is only possible if the market stays favorable and maintains the same growth level. However, as we have seen numerous times with cryptocurrency, it can change overnight. So, like always, we recommend our readers consult professionals and set a tolerance level before moving with cryptocurrency. High volatility will impact future price predictions.

We hope you enjoyed gathering information about NKN’s future price expectations; please leave feedback for us as we always look forward to your constructive suggestion.