Notorious Monkey Drainer announced to shut down their scamming services
Press Release

Notorious Monkey Drainer announced to shut down their scamming services

written by John Murphy | March 2, 2023

The notorious scammer known for allegedly draining crypto wallets ‘Monkey Drainer’ has officially announced to shut down his scamming services and move on. While bidding farewell to his scamming services he also advised the forthcoming cybercriminals on dedication.

Monkey drainer announced putting an end to his services on his telegram channel on March 1. He has decided to leave it behind saying that, it’s time to move on”, despite being involved in some of the most high-profile and valued scams of the web3 portal.

The scammer said in his post that they will be shutting everything down right away. He also added that all the files and data related to the thefts will be deleted immediately to never return.

While advising the young budding cybercriminals he said that they need to dream high. And those who don’t intend for easy money will be able to get to the highest level of cybercrimes.

He even introduced the people to a same-level wallet-draining kit alternative ‘Venom Drainer’. The drainer also shared a new telegram account, for contacting to avail services, which was created just a day before the monkey drainer’s notification.

PeckShield is a blockchain scamming firm. According to PeckShield a deposit of 200 Ether worth $330,000 was made from Monkey drainer’s wallet into the crypto mixing service tornado cash. The purpose of the deposit was to obscure the funds. However, there are still 840 Ether worth $1.4 million left in the wallet.

Monkey Drainer started his scamming services in 2022. So far, he has stolen $13 million in cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Another Blockchain security firm CertiK, in response to the monkey’s message, said that he took 30% commission from the stolen funds. He also added that other scammers who follow in his footsteps are getting more work after Monkey Drainer’s announcement.

However, there are other scammers and wallet-draining kits who have stolen way more than him. In 2022, around $3.9 billion was lost in hacks, frauds, scams, and rug pulls.

Kevin Rose went through one of the biggest scams of all time in the crypto industry. Kevin is the co-founder of Moonbirds NFT. He lost $1.1 million after approving a malicious signature on a scamming website.