Paris Blockchain Week summit 2023

Paris Blockchain Week summit 2023

written by John Murphy | March 23, 2023

The Paris Blockchain Week summit 2023 is one of the largest conferences. It is dedicated to blockchain, crypto and Web3. The event has been running for four years and attracts over 10000 attendees. Two days of the conference were filled with hackathons, talent fairs and investor demos.

Day 2 of Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2023

The second Day of the PBW Summit started with a keynote speech on intelligent contracts by Tomer Weller. He is the vice president of the Steller Development Foundation. Weller discussed the complexity of innovative contract development and the need for coders to hold to a higher standard.

So, the following panel discussion mainly focused on the impact of Web3 startups and investors. In this penal Igenus Terrenus, Laurenze Apiarius, Dan Tapiero, Meiri and Eden Shocat.

Thus the discussion revolved around the role of the investors in the emerging governance and decentralized autonomous organization of the Web3 ecosystem.


According to Apiarius, bad actors are significantly impacting the new economic sector of Web3. He also stated the importance of investors in filtering out entrepreneurs who engage in unethical practicals.

The panel discussion title was” The Ethics of Web3″ and was moderated by Moojan Asghari, co-founder of Thousand Faces. The panelists discussed the role of ethics in fast-paced revolutionary technologies like blockchain and Web3. Furthermore, they stressed that ethical frameworks often need to catch up to technological advancement.

While discussing the future of the crypto ecosystem, Kunz shared his thoughts on different topics, including limitations of investing for ordinary people, mass adoption and big companies jumping into the Web3.

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire took stag in a fireside chat about the future of money. He also criticized the U.S. congress for not doing its job in regulating digital assets. He highlighted the need for clear regulations to help advance the crypto industry.

Overall the second day of the PBW Summit provided valuable insights into the current state and future of the crypto industry.

Day 1 of Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2023

The PBW Summit 2023 commenced with keynote speeches, panel discussions and industry expert opinions. And these all are on the state of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Some major talks are on the recent failures of prominent crypto platforms and the need for calculated risks in Metaverse regulation. So, the importance of Bitcoin as a stable asset for wealth holders.

In addition, the discussion focused on Web3 technology in the traditional financial ecosystem. The panelists provide insights and predictions on how thongs could pan out in 2023.


The upcoming European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets regulation will be enacted by 2024. The speakers addressed diverse topics, such as the importance of Decentralized networks and traditional finance.

The importance of blockchain technology and the latest global crypto trends, including Bitcoin, CBDC, and Non-fungible tokens.

Moreover, they emphasized the importance of events like PBW in building business relationships and connecting new people with the industry. It’s an excellent platform for industry leaders to discuss and debate the future of the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry.

Paris Blockchain Summit 2023 Kicks Off

So, the Paris Blockchain summit started with a primary focus on Web3, Bitcoin and Metaverse gaming. An investor Marguerite de Tavernost suggested that the bear market presents the best opportunity to build in the crypto market.

It allows more time for investors and new people to make their reputation. The co-founder of Fabric Ventures discussed Bitcoin’s deflationary properties. 

Author and Metaverse project founder Neal Stephenson joined Paris Blockchain Week. Thus, he noted that the idea of interoperability could be irritating to game developers.

However, he also acknowledges the potential for interoperability to unlock new use cases in gaming and other fields.


As a whole, the summit featured professionals representing various industries. And these consist of consumer brands, gaming, collectibles, art and fashion. The event included a dedicated panel for investors, a startup competition, a hackathon, additional side events, etc.