PlanetWatch Token Price Prediction

PlanetWatch Token Price Prediction

written by John Murphy | April 30, 2023

The air we breathe is an important component of our existence, and at the same time, air pollution is a serious issue that puts the world’s health at risk. Every year, outdoor and indoor air pollution is the cause of millions of fatalities, making it necessary to find solutions that can address this problem.

One such solution is PlanetWatch, a platform that leverages advanced technologies and community involvement to raise awareness. PlanetWatch uses a profit and responsibility model to encourage locals to run sensors and get token payments. This article aims at providing a PlanetWatch token price prediction for the future. 


  • PlanetWatch is a program to monitor and enhance the world’s air quality.
  • PlanetWatch tokens can be earned by operating air quality sensors. 

Currently, the PlanetWatch token holds a value of $0.001958 with a trading volume of $46,22. It has seen a growth of 4.77% in its trading value. It is now ranked at the 1627th position among all the cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of $625,194.

PlanetWatch Token Price Prediction: Past Price Analysis

Over the last 24 hours, PlanetWatch’s trading volume and market value have demonstrated a positive trend of 5.03%. However, the PlanetWatch coin’s performance over the last seven days has not been positive, as it has shown a decline of almost -2.35%.

Although it has solid fundamentals, it might not be a successful investment in the near future. Over the course of last month, PLANETS has dropped significantly by -47.971%, actively demonstrating that it is currently in a dip and may provide a strong purchase opportunity for rapid investments. 

The PlanetWatch token price has varied over the last 90 days from an average minimum value of $0.004 to an average high value of $0.004, representing a -51.42% price change. Meanwhile, over the past four months, PLANETS has lost around -62.74% of its value with a low average price of $0.007 and a highest average price of $0.009.

PlanetWatch Token Overview

Market Cap$625,194
Trading Volume$46,227
Current Supply319,244,116
Total Supply702,974,533

What is the PlanetWatch Token?

PlanetWatch seeks to enhance the air quality monitoring system by installing reasonable and trustworthy sensors and motivating the locals to participate. The Algorand blockchain is important for authenticating and interpreting sensory data, and the native PlanetWach token serves as the community’s governance token by giving token holders the right to vote.

The reputation score of sensor owners determines their voting powers. PlanetWatch is a monitoring system that makes use of the Algorand blockchain, IoT sensors, and data software packages. 

Overall, the approach used by PlanetWatch to combat outdoor pollution is the placement of several sensors to efficiently and swiftly collect local data. Their strategy differs from conventional monitoring strategies since they provide modern and reasonably priced air filtration equipment to enhance indoor air quality.

PlanetWatch Token Price Prediction: Future Price Analysis

Due to its strong capabilities, the PlanetWatch token is anticipated to have significant growth and value potential. However, predicting its price may be difficult and highly dependent on the state of the market. In spite of it, predictions have been made regarding PlanetWatch’s estimated growth and value.

PlanetWatch Token Price Prediction 2023

By the second half of the year 2023, the PlanetWatch coin is expected to expand significantly, eventually reaching the price of $0.002938. Throughout the year, there may be some gradual decreases and mild rises and changes along the way, achieving an average price of $0.002742. PLANETS has an estimated minimum value of $0.00235.

PlanetWatch Token Price Prediction 2025

It is estimated that by 2025, the price of PlanetWatch coin will reach as high as $0.006854, resulting in profits, assuming the current upward trend of PLANETS continues. The goal may not be reached if the market declines. The average trading price for PlanetWatch tokens by 2025 will be about $0.006267, with a minimum price of $0.005875.

PlanetWatch Token Price Prediction 2030 

By 2023, PlanetWatch is expected to exceed its previous all-time highs (ATH) and reach new price peaks. The minimum price is estimated to be $0.015667, with a maximum potential price value of $0.016646 and an average price of $0.016059.


Is PlanetWatch a good investment?

Risks are a part of any investment, including PlanetWatch. However, the expected shortage of PLANET Tokens may increase their worth. 

Will the price of PlanetWatch go up?

The current average is expected to increase to $0.002742, with a potential increase to the price of $0.012729 in the next five years. It is significant to remember that cryptocurrency markets are unstable and ever-changing, and buying any coin or token carries risk.

How much will the PlanetWatch token price drop?

The price of PlanetWatch is projected to experience a significant decline from 0.00243 USD to 0.0000612 USD.


PlanetWatch is well-positioned to take a sizable market share as the demand for environmentally friendly products and sustainable practices globally. There is a lot of room for PlanetWach to develop and make an impact in the coming years. However, it goes without saying that PlanetWatch token price prediction is directly related to the changes in the crypto market. Therefore, making it important to carry out research before investing.