Privacy has become a taboo, says crypto anarchist project DarkFi
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Privacy has become a taboo, says crypto anarchist project DarkFi

written by John Murphy | February 19, 2023

DarkFi is a multi-chain layer protocol for anonymous applications and smart contracts powered by zero knowledge. By using cryptography, this project is bracing cypherpunk values and creating a space of freedom. However privacy has become a taboo, says crypto anarchist project DarkFi. According to DarkFi’s manifesto, the old technology model removes ownership from people and places. So, it encourages passivity and indifferences.

The anarchist coder, Amir, takes an early Bitcoin developer who led the Dark Wallet project to fight against ISIS in Syria. They both are behind this project. Therefore, in an interview with the telegraph, a group of pseudonymous developers from DarkFi discussed the project and evolution of the crypto industry. It is amid privacy challenges, bad actors, government oversight, and politics.

There is a need to challenge the current centralized authority, according to the developers. What is property, a classic book, is at the heart of the anarchist, that is skeptical of the justification of authority and power.

While cryptocurrency may be far from its original political principles, DarkFi is trying to bring back those values through crypto-anarchy. It claims to be a democratic economic experiment and an operating system for society. However crypto anarchy is the tactic of using cryptography to create a space of freedom. It cannot penetrate by power and capital monopolies with coercive force. So, this project aims to empower people by giving them ownership and control over their data and information.

According to DarkFi, the privacy has become taboo and crypto space has lost its original cypherpunk values. It succumbed to state pressure by enforcing sanctions. It also implements backdoors, resulting in the stopping of development to prevent illicit practices. DarkFi aims to fight back and retain individual power by developing a truly free, decentralized paradigm called DarkFi.

DarkFi’s development rooted in making anonymous and secure crypto. It is similar to what Monero and Zcash are doing for money. So, they believe that with privacy by default and maximum anonymity, people will be able to organize in much safer spaces and ecosystems.

It is inspired by the free software movement like Ost’s other crypto projects. They are fully licensed with GNU AGPL and follow free software philosophy.

Encryption technologies play a vital role in enabling users to hide information in plain sight, protecting themselves from bad actors trying to rack them for exploitation.

DarkFi believes that Web3 is becoming a surveillance tool. As a result, adversaries and officials are increasingly abusing it. If this trend continues, society’s future privacy will be close to non-existent. Thus, politics become dictatorships where every user and citizen must keep closely in line to avoid unwanted by their oppressors.

DarkFi believes that most projects in the crypto space are becoming increasingly capitalist and might not be more political. Thus, they feel there are a few projects in the crypto space that are political and have caught their eye.

In conclusion we can say that for DarkFi, crypto is not against politics; instead, it is used to deter enemies. And this concept would be clear that the privacy has become taboo. With crypto, an independent and secure space creates beyond state regulation, sanction and policies making no compromise in securing freedom.