The Ultimate Trading Pump Discord Server: Top Picks Revealed!
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The Ultimate Trading Pump Discord Server: Top Picks Revealed!

written by John Murphy | April 9, 2023

When it comes to crypto trading, information is the crucial step.  It doesn’t matter whether you have been trading for years or just going to start now. Always try to hunt the new information which lets you reach the edge. This crypto information can be gained from any platform, but the top-pump discord server is still the favorite.

You can easily execute your next move after joining the discord group, so if you plan to join one of the best discord servers but need to know which one to choose. 

Don’t worry; you can learn some basics about Discord, why you need it, how to select the top pump Discord server, and the three things you should consider before joining any Discord server.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top 4 Pump Discord Servers: Axion, CryptoHub, Elite Crypto Signals, and Cryptex Commonwealth provide valuable information for crypto traders.
  • Channels, servers, and chatrooms are important considerations before joining a Discord crypto pump group.
  • Axion is the largest crypto pump Discord server with over 85,000 members.
  • Blox Fruits is the most famous Discord server with about 1,000,000 members.

Top 4 Pump Discord Server:

We have gathered some best pump discord servers, which can be very helpful for any crypto trader. Keeping up with the latest trend in crypto is difficult as the market is constantly updating. 

Fortunately, by joining these crypto pump discord servers, you will stay up to date and get to know every single piece of information about cryptocurrency.  Here are the best pump discord servers and some basic information about them:

Axion Crypto-Community:

One of the best picks among the entire pump discord server is the axon crypto-community. There are many reasons which make this Discord server the best overall. 

This discord server has more than 56,000 members, which will let crypto traders interact with crypto traders worldwide from different crypto backgrounds.

Source: cryptonews

Axion is one of those servers that will let you get accurate trading signals and entry and exit points for different trades. Furthermore, experts’ advice is available through premium chat and comprehensive technical analysis but only for VIP members.


As a beginner, when you don’t know anything about crypto, you only need a guide to hold your finger and let you interact with crypto trades. And crypto hub is the platform for all that. This discord server provides the information a trader needs as a beginner.

This top trading discord server provides all the essential information about cryptocurrency, the best exchange you can do to buy or sell crypto, and all about NFTs and many other digital assets.  Additionally, more than 22,000 members are available to help beginner crypto traders.

Elite Crypto Signals:

It takes a lot of work to make profitable decisions or even avoid your money from losing. That is why crypto trading is tricky in a bear market. But if you have decided to become the best crypto trader, join the elite crypto signals discord server and start to receive bet trading signals. 

This group was created in 2018 and now has more than 19,000 members. To join this group, you have to pay $45 as a premium membership, and later you will get access to additional information, including daily updates.

Hence this group also offers you some benefits from its affiliate system. There is a premium membership award for recruiting others. You have to invite 200 people to this group and be awarded the premium membership for your lifetime.

Cryptex Commonwealth

Cryptex Commonwealth
Source: dailycoin

For those traders who want to buy and hold quality projects for long-term investments, cryptex Commonwealth is the best choice. There are different altcoins to invest in, but a trader needs to know which one will be profitable; this Discord will tell you about all the altcoins which will be highly profitable next year.

This discord server mainly focuses on long-term investments and has over 4,000 members. 

Moreover, this group is just for you if you are a trader looking for significant gains with the best technical analysis and trading signals.

Considerations for Crypto Pump Discord Groups:

Here are a few things you should always consider before you enter any best crypto pump discords:


Within distinct servers, you can find independent chat rooms which are best for forthcoming events and development announcements. After engaging with channels, you will get to know different people, and you can later add those people as your friends to establish private chats with them. 

Apart from that, with trusted people, you can also create a private server with them. You can discuss these channels’ newest episodes, news, regulations, market, and memes.


Those communities which run independently are known as a server. A person has a small group of friends or even in case having initiatives in which hundreds and thousands of users can build their server. 

Later these servers are decided into small channels. The main reason to separate these channels is to create a chatroom for discussing a specific topic or performing a particular activity.


Chatroom is typically a discord server. You can consider this place to have fun and interact with different people worldwide. In this private room discussion, you can exchange critical information with your friends, or even there is an option to click to add new friends.


What is the giant crypto pump, Discord?

The Axion crypto-community is the largest crypto pump discord with over 85,000 members. And it is still growing.

What is the most famous Discord server?

Blox Fruits is the most famous discord server, with about 1,000,000 members.

What is the best NFT Discord server?

The best NFT discord server is Bores Ape Yacht Club. It is so huge that it has more than 170K members.

What Discord servers have 1 million members?

Blox Fruits is that discord server having 1 million members in it.


Every day you can find new information in the crypto world. It is necessary to keep updated about everything happening in the crypto market. But it takes work to track everything about each asset. The easiest solution to solve this problem is the top pump discord server.

Joining the Discord group is the best place to grow in the crypto market. Many people are ready to share valuable information about cryptocurrency best for beginners and experts.