Revolutionizing Payment Methods: Ukrainian Pharmacies Now Accept Cryptocurrency! - Coin Amazon
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Revolutionizing Payment Methods: Ukrainian Pharmacies Now Accept Cryptocurrency! - Coin Amazon

written by John Murphy | February 19, 2023

Regardless of the recent conflict with Russia, Ukraine still accepts cryptocurrency payments through the Binance cryptocurrency market. Pharmacies in Ukraine are now adopting digital payments, with local pharmacy shop chains accepting payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

ANC Pharmacy Launched Cryptocurrency By Pairing Up

ANC Pharmacy, a well-known and the most extensive pharmacy has now teamed up with Binance Ukraine to launch cryptocurrency payments just like smartcard, which means the contactless cryptocurrency payment tool Binance Pay.

The pharmacy chain has also recently stated on Tuesday that beginning from January 3, ANC Pharmacy will permit all customers to use quick payments in ordering products online from there.

In Ukraine, ANC Pharmacy is one of the largest pharmacies. As mentioned earlier as well, It even runs more than 1,000 pharmacies. Additionally, its own online pharmacy business. An official release states that Kyiv pharmacies would be among the first pharmacies to accept Binance Pay payments.

Both ANC pharmacies and all the other pharmacies run by ANC Pharmacy, such as Kopiyka and Shara, will be the first pharmacies to accept the new payment option.

According to the official statement,

“ANC, Kopiyka, and Shara are the first pharmacy in Europe to accept payment through cryptocurrency.” It is a great revolution in the crypto world.

But, to use this method, it’s mandatory for users first to download the Binance app and then visit the website to proceed with a crypto payment at an ANC pharmacy.

Binance Band Card Introduction

For the past few years, Binance has been very active in Ukraine. Binance has also promoted itself in multiple ways, like by collaborating with the Ukrainian supermarket chain Varus in September 2022. It even enabled customers to pay for pharmacy and groceries by using the Binance Pay Wallet.

Introduce a Binance Card in Ukraine was one of Binance’s top priorities for 2022, according to Kirill Khomyakov, the GM of Binance Ukraine, stated to Cointelegraph in early February 2022, or weeks before Russian armies invaded Ukraine.