Saga Unleashed: Solana's Crypto-Phone Drops May 8
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Saga Unleashed: Solana's Crypto-Phone Drops May 8

written by John Murphy | April 17, 2023

According to recent news, Solana’s Crypto-Phone drops on 8 May. The organization behind Solana blockchain stated that the Crypto-forward smartphone “Saga” of Solana Lab is going on public sale. And now provide the shipping of the pre-ordered devices.

The Solana-focused company employee informed CoinDesk. They sit is very important for Crypto’s future to gamble on Android smartphones and mobile.

For the first time, Solana hinted about the cellphone possibilities that this product could hold its complete ecosystem and cell phone potential to function as a crypto hardware wallet 10 months ago.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Saga” crypto-ready smartphone by Solana will be publicly available on May 8 and will ship pre-ordered devices.
  • Saga phone merges crypto into both software and hardware, setting it apart from other crypto-focused phones.
  • Saga phone features a hack-resistant element with a seed wallet for storing private keys, increasing security.
  • The custom “dapp” store available on Saga phone offers dozens of crypto-related applications for download, with no fees imposed by Solana.
  • Investing in mobile technology is crucial for the future of crypto, and Saga phone offers an opportunity to put crypto in people’s wallets, where digital worlds already exist.

CoinDesk took to Twitter to announce that on 8 May, the sale of a crypto smartphone named Solana will be available on sale and is ready to ship. Moreover, the customized Android phone succeeds in cryptocurrency while the other crypto-focus phones fail.

Moreover, Bay Area Smartphone Company named OSOM built a new device on hardware from Solana Mobile.

The cost of the device is $1,000. It will ship with the installation of the latest operating system, and the device’s specifications. It includes a fingerprint scanner, 512 GB storage, a 6.67-inch OLED display, and two versatile back camera lenses.

Source: decrypt

What makes Saga different? Solana highlighted that Saga is an added feature that merges the functionality of crypto into the software and hardware of the phone. Additionally, the Saga is Solana Mobile Stack (SMS).

Crypto RockStone took to Twitter to announce that the “Saga ”, the crypto-ready smartphone, is available for shipping on 8 May.

How does Saga secure the element? Smart phone’s hack-resistant part is customized with a seed wallet to store the private keys of crypto users. According to Solana, keeping keys separate from each other makes it more secure.

To list the crypto application, the custom “dapp” store is present in Saga.

Dozens of applications covering inter-wallet communication, digital collectables, music, and crypto trading are currently available for download. It will increase with time.

Google and Apple charge their stores a dig of 30% tax, but according to Solana. It won’t impose extractive fees on the dapp store as it differs from the google play of Androids.

Sbitchain announced on Twitter that Solana’s Crypto-Ready “Saga” is going on sale on public sale Thursday. This says a company behind Solana blockchain on 8 May.

Moreover, the phone makers from big named HTC to small named Sirin Labs. It wants to set an ominous precedent for Solana, a device marketed and built for one crypto ecosystem. But they fail to make crypto-forward smartphones superior to Solana.

Since June 2022, when an alleged crypto fraudster and exchange CEO of FTX named Sam Bankman-Fried introduced the Saga in New York. With Anatoly Yakovenko, a co-founder of Solana, the ecosystem has been highly affected.

However, some core technology of Solana failed repeatedly while Solana’s trader and the partisan community grew apprehensive.

According to the Solana ecosystem booster foundation employee, mobile provides more narrative reset if investing big in it. Moreover, it is an opportunity to put crypto in people’s wallets, where digital worlds are already.