Sandbox Price Prediction 2030 2025 2023
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Sandbox Price Prediction 2030 2025 2023

written by John Murphy | April 24, 2023

Sandbox Price Prediction 2030 is a hot topic among investors lately. Sandbox is a gaming metaverse built on Ethereum Blockchain. It allows users to create, monetize and even attract users to their games creations. The growing interest in the platform may be due to its unique approach to gaming and the growing interest of users towards the Metaverse.


  • Sandbox is a platform with a unique approach to gaming with the integrated Metaverse.
  • The past price analysis of the SAND coin suggests consistent growth.
  • By 2030 the price of Sanbox SAND coin may reach $4.92.

The price of Sandbox witnessed significant growth in 2021, especially towards the end of October the price reached $8..40. It is believed the surge in its price was probably due to the rebranding of Facebook. Various platforms have their own Sandbox Price predictions. Mainly consider crypto to show an uptrend in the years to come. Various factors associated with the price charts influence the SAND price prediction up to any year.

Sandbox Price Prediction 2030: Past Price Analysis

The current price of Sandbox is $0.5812 with a Market Cap of $1,057,921,618. Interestingly by the Market cap, it is the 45th largest cryptocurrency. Though over the last 24 hrs, there has been a decrease in the value of SAND by 2.94%, while in the last 7 days, it went down by 16.87%.

If we look at the SAND price history of the past 30-day analysis the crypto witnessed a drop of 8.11% and eventually lost $0.051084 from its value at that time. Over the last 90 days, this downtrend has continued which led to Sandbox crypto witnessing a decrease in price by 27.46%.

However, if we take a complete look at the last 4-months’ price analysis we can deduce that the coin poses a good potential for growth in the days to come. As the trading volume of the crypto has also increased over that time period. The recent dip could mostly be due to market volatility and uncertainty in investments.

Sandbox SAND Overview

Coin NameThe Sandbox
Market Cap$1,060,559,693
Circulating Supply1,820,281,926 SAND
Current Price$0.5827

What is Sandbox SAND?

The SAND coin is a native coin of the Sandbox platform. It is a game-Fi platform with an integrated metaverse that allows its users to create, play and also monetize games in the virtual world of the game. SAND is an ERC-20 token used for all sorts of transactions made on the platform

The Sandbox platform works as a virtual country, where the currency used for any kind of purchase is a SAND token. The success of the token depends on the maximum usage of the token in the metaverse. SAND is not only used as a currency in the game world but the feature that gives it a unique touch is Sandbox’s tool for incentivizing users.

Sandbox has been moving forward with diverse partnerships. Mainly with some of the world’s leading brands like dApps game studios and investors that include HSBC, FaZe Clan, and Square Enix. These applications have helped diversify the use of the Sandbox platform, making it one of the most well-known metaverse projects.

Sandbox Price Prediction: Future Price Analysis

There are different ways to estimate the value of sandbox cryptocurrency. One of which is the technical analysis in which various indicators are involved. Such as the historical market trends, and trading volumes that may help recognize the patterns that can aid in projecting future prices.

Along with the technical analysis, there is a fundamental analysis as well. This helps determine the factors that may affect the price movement. These may include the weighted market sentiment and adoption of the protocol in the crypto market. Though Since the crypto market is highly volatile and unpredictable we can accurately predict the future price of Sandbox coin.

Sandbox price prediction 2023

The price of Sandbox by 2023 is expected to reach a maximum price of $0.89. While the average trading value of a SAND coin is $0.79.

SAndbox price prediction 2024

The price of Sandbox by 2024 is expected to reach a maximum value of $1.16.

Sandbox Price prediction 2025

The price of a SAND coin may reach the maximum value of $2.85 by the end of the year 2025.

Sandbox price prediction 2030

If the market remains consistent the price of a SAND coin will reach the maximum of $4.92.


Can SAND reach $100?

If the SAND coin continues to grow at the same pace it did in 2021 the coin might reach $100.

Is the Sandbox SAND a good investment?

As per the current technical analysis, SAND cryptocurrency is a pretty good investment.


Sandbox SAND coin has come out to be one of the rapidly growing metaverse gaming experiences. With various partnerships including the talented team and numerous partnerships with some of the prominent brands in the market. The project has been able to engage a wide range of users on its platform for the unique features it provides.

Based on the analysis of the SAND coin, the coin shows a strong potential for growth. Moreover, with time, the crypto price is expected to rise and improve.