Never Miss a Profit: Set Price Alerts on Binance!
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Never Miss a Profit: Set Price Alerts on Binance!

written by John Murphy | April 24, 2023

Every crypto investor knows the crypto market is known for its volatility. That means the price of crypto can suddenly rise or decrease. And this can lead you to miss hundreds of opportunities at once.

So as a trader or investor, it is essential to be aware of any changes in the crypto price. However, it takes work to keep your eye on every up and down 24/7.

This is why you should learn how to set price alerts on Binance. About 30 million active users dominate the crypto market in Binance. However, Binance is known for its advanced features like trading derivate, Launchpad, and dual investments.

However, this article is all about the effortless feature of Binance, which is even helpful for the beginner. Just like the Binance price alert.

Key Takeaways:

  • Binance price alerts notify users of specific crypto price changes.
  • To set a price alert on the Binance desktop, users must register, download and install the app, and set their desired price conditions.
  • Setting price alerts on the Binance mobile app involves downloading the app, switching to Binance Pro, selecting a trading pair, and setting up rules for the alert.
  • Binance alerts may not work if they expire after one month, and users must set them up again.
  • Binance alerts are a useful feature for crypto investors and traders.

What Is A Price Alert On Binance?

A binance price alert or you can say price notification. It will notify you of specific price changes according to your set rules. In the case of using the web version of Binance, unfortunately, you can’t set the price alert.

Apart from that, if you want to put a price alert for crypto, you probably already using binance on the desktop.

But if you don’t like the desktop version, you can use it on your phone. There are many other apps you can use on a desktop, but still, Binance offers a considerable advantage that is entirely free of cost.

How To Set A Price Alert On The Binance Desktop?

If you want to get updated on every change in the crypto price and how do I set price notifications on your desktop, here are some simple steps.

These steps will guide you from making an account binance to setting the price alert.

Registration And Verification:

The first step for setting a price alert is opening an account in Binance. This will take a few minutes, and you are ready to go.

Downloading Binance Application:

After you are done with registration and verification, it’s time to download the Binance application on your desktop. To download the binance application, scroll down on the website to the footer. Here you can see the download button in the service section.

Once tapping on the download button, you will be headed toward the download page. The binance application is downloaded on your desktop, it’s time to install it to create an account.

Set The Price Alert:

Set The Price Alert
Source: Binance 

After logging in, you will be redirected to the main page of the binance application. Here you can start to set the price alert.

Firstly, please familiarize yourself with the app because you will use it a lot in the future. So ready observing? Now you can start setting the price alert. Beside the bell, there is an icon; click on it.

This will open up a window where you will set up rules for price alerts. After you set up all the conditions you want to be notified of, your price alert is successfully created. Following the same steps, you can set unlimited price alerts according to your conditions.

Binance Price Alert On Android Phones:

How do I set crypto price alerts on my phone? Setting up price alerts on the Binance mobile app is also simple. You have to follow a few simple steps given below:

Downloading The App:

The first step is to download the Binance app to your phone. After downloading, log in to your account.

Switch From Binance Line To Binance Pro:

Source: helpwithpenny

Before creating the price notification, you must switch from the binance line to Binance Pro. Because in binance line there only some features, which is the only for beginners.

So if you want to enjoy all the extra features, switch to the Binance Pro. This version lets you have margin trading. At first, the interface is also different and challenging.

To switch from the Binance line to binance pro, tap on your profile icons at the top right corner. There will be a little switch to change the version. Once you switch the version, your app will reload, and you will be ready.

Set Price Alerts:

The mobile version works differently than the desktop version. So here, you must set the price alerts for each trading pair separately. In the bottom bar, you will see the options market; here, you can find your favorite coin pair.

After opening the pair of coins, there will be a bell icon. Tap on that icon; it will ask you to set up some rules according to your needs and click Create alert.

Unlike in the desktop version, where you can set unlimited price alerts, here you can only select a maximum of 50 price alerts.

What To Do If Binance Alerts Not Working?

You may have suffered or will suffer once when a Binance future alert didn’t work. It is a common issue faced by almost every binance price alert user. However, the reason also fixing the problem is easy.

When your alert didn’t work, it may be because your price alerts are expired, and you must set them again.

All these price alerts are only valid for one month; when you don’t trigger it within the time, it will be canceled.

Apart from that, moving alerts also have only one month; after that, they expire. Also, remember that you can only trigger price alerts once while the movement alerts are active for the whole month.

So to fix that issue, just set your price alerts again, which will be valid for one month.


1. What is a binance notification?

Price alert is a feature used by many cryptos investors. This feature lets the users get notified when the price of crypto hits the target price you defined when setting price alert rules. You can be notified through mail, text, or push notifications.


To stay on top of the market, you should know how to set price alerts on Binance. You can easily select the alerts in just a few minutes. But these few minutes will be enough to save you from hundreds of immense opportunities.

A bit unfortunate thing about Binance alerts is that you can’t change the binance alerts’ sound. Because it’s a primary bell, it sounds quite irritating.