Snoop Dogg is the co-founder of The Livestream platform of web3
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Snoop Dogg is the co-founder of The Livestream platform of web3

written by John Murphy | March 7, 2023

Ever since NFT gained popularity, Snoop Dogg has also been involved in the field and is now the co-founder of the Livestream platform of web3

Snoop Dogg the American rapper is quite popular for collaborating on various web3 projects. Recently he disclosed his other partnership with the web3 platform. He is now the co-founder of an app name ‘Shiller’. It is a Live streaming app powered by web3.

The rapper cofounded the app with an entrepreneur Sam Jones. it is a Live streaming app that consists of real-time live streaming and web3 technology merged. This is one of the various other partnerships Snoop Dogg made with web3.

The Shiller app with Blockchain is heavily featured in the platform, It allows creators to ‘token-gate’ their live streams. The cryptocurrency that is Ether to be more specific, will be the mode of payment or NFTs. This initiative will help promote products from e-commerce sites and also non-fungible tokens that are convertible to fiat.

Its release was scheduled for January which they later updated on March 2 that it has been moved to April.

In April Snoop Dogg released his NFT collection name ‘Snoop Avatars’ in collaboration with sandbox metaverse. Followed by a 50,000-piece NFT drop, he also released a song called A hardworking man.

Yuga labs who created Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks also joined hands with the rapper. He decide on this partnership to perform on the metaverse stage at MTV on August 29.

Later according to a statement he also collaborated with Crypto Casino Roobet, as the firm’s ‘Chief Ganjaroo’.

The movement of the Creator’s economy

Ceators’ economy refers to the creators using digital platforms to monetize and build a business around their content. Shiller was created keeping in mind the broader approach to the creator’s economy movement. Web3 likely plays a huge role in Shiller becoming a part of that community.

In the early days of the internet, commonly referred to as “Web1,” users were able to write HTML and consume content. However, with the emergence of “Web2,” users gained the ability to interact with each other online, a feature that was popularized by dominant social media companies like Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

However, the emergence of web3 now aims to make the creators owners of their own businesses and all the finances or monetization that happens, by eradicating these intermediaries.

With that concept in mind decentralized platform for messaging named Damus. This messaging platform is considered to be a Twitter rival and some even think it might totally take it out of the picture. The network on which it is based is decentralized and allows for private messaging that is end-to-end encrypted, and it is called “Nostr.” Not only that it comes with inbuilt payment options with Lightning Network.