SocialTradeX | The Perfect Copy Trading Platform

SocialTradeX | The Perfect Copy Trading Platform

written by John Murphy | March 29, 2023

With its simple and user-friendly interface, SocialTradeX is a trading network that delivers a “one-stop-shop” option with a wide range of services and goods combined underneath a single profile.

On SocialTradeX, Spot Trading enables you to trade cryptocurrency with the best likelihood of achieving your objectives. Social trading allows you to make money by building and executing your own techniques as well as participating in (copying) those of other professional investors. 

A strategic approach is a compilation of a trader’s own assets that is available to the general public, and that may be used by others. The opportunity to earn and significantly increase each other’s potential for profit is brilliantly provided by our platform for both seasoned, skilled traders and investors.

Key Takeaways

  • Featuring a wide range of services and products, SocialTradeX is a user-friendly trading platform.
  • Users can execute their own trades and copy the trades of professional investors on the platform.
  • It reduces liquidations and offers a win-win revenue model by letting users invest in experienced traders’ portfolios.
  • Using credit or debit cards, users can trade cryptocurrency and assets on SocialTradeX.
  • With low commission costs and no investment entry fees, the platform benefits small investors. Users are assured of high security.

Make Money With Socialtradex:

You can copy trade in the portfolios of experienced traders using the innovative copy trading module, and you can invest in spot markets to lower your chances of liquidation.

Do you feel secure enough to deal in derivatives? Hence, SocialtradeX is the best option for you! Find experienced traders and make an investment in their portfolios. Just the win-win idea is the foundation of the revenue model. 

When an investor or trader loses money, the platform does not generate any revenue. Even those who are not experienced traders, want all of their clients to succeed and make a profit. 

The primary objective is to design an incredible system for people, by people. Moreover, increasing money for skilled traders and establishing connections between investors and professionals in trading is the foremost objective.

Buy And Trade Cryptocurrency Efficiently:

SocialTradeX enables you to trade and purchase different cryptocurrencies and assets, which mainly include:

  1. Bitcoin BTC
  2. Ethereum ETH
  3. Binance coin BNB
  4. Ripple XRP and many others.

Moreover, you can also buy your favorite cryptocurrencies with your credit or debit cards.

Trading Available On Socialtradex

Two types of trading are available on this platform;

  • Spot trading
  • Social trading

Why Only Socialtradex?

Here are the reasons why:

  1. The finest money management system is what they strive to be.
  2. Small investors on Soicaltradex get the exact same advantages from fund managing as more prominent investors.
  3. Cheap commission costs and no investment entry charges.
  4. Win-win is the basis of the core idea.
  5. You can finance your portfolio without using an up limit.
  6. In accordance with standard fund management systems, investors that have substantial capital are credited and offered more significant percentages of reward. Every investor receives an equal share of earnings on Socialtradex.

Tweets Regarding Socialtradex:

SocialTradeX has great hype on Twitter with their unique tweets, some of which include:

With SocialTradeX, you can connect with traders all over the world. Make money by discovering and discussing traders’ strategies.

If you’re new to trading, you can choose among the best-performing strategies and automatically copy their trading activities and make some profit.

Earn 25% of all profits your followers earn from SocialTradeX if you’re an experienced trader.

It is a priority for SocialTradeX to ensure the security of its platform users. To ensure that customer assets are protected against any potential threats, an extensive cyber-security framework has been implemented.

Investors use gold-backed cryptocurrencies as a hedge against cryptocurrency volatility. Using them, they can hedge their monetary value against weak fiat money and regulation-bound stablecoins.

Due to low trading on crypto exchanges, most of them suffer from low liquidity due to limited investor reach. Furthermore, it is subject to the control of central authorities and custodians, defeating its purpose as a decentralized cryptocurrency.

In contrast to gold, they are digital, can be split into small units, are portable, easy to transfer, and affordable for any level of investor.

Invest only what you can afford to lose. New investors often invest more than they can afford to lose. Avoid putting money that you don’t want to lose. Don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

Make sure you manage your risks. It is especially important to manage your risks if you are trading volatile assets like cryptocurrencies on a short-term basis.


You may interact with traders from all around the world using the platform SocialTradeX. It makes it simpler for you to discover traders, discuss their strategies, and make more money. If you’re inexperienced in trading, you may select one of the finest techniques, automatically mimic their trading activities, and earn the same profit. 

By receiving 25 percent of all profits generated for your followers, you can use SocialTradeX to make extra money as an experienced trader. SocialTradeX is dedicated to providing its platform users with the highest suitable level of safety. A comprehensive cyber-security framework is established to ensure tight rules and regulations are adhered to secure customer assets from all dangers and possibilities.