Solana Labs’ ChatGPT Plugin fetches Blockchain Data
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Solana Labs’ ChatGPT Plugin fetches Blockchain Data

written by John Murphy | April 26, 2023

According to the latest news; ChatGPT Plugin fetches Blockchain Data. The Al chatbot ChatGPT got permission from the Plugin to check transfer Solana-native tokens, wallet balances, and purchase non-fungible tokens (NFT) when Plugin was available by OpenAi. It is the developmental firm on the back of the blockchain of Solana.

Open-source Plugin that gave authority to OpenAi’s Artificial intelligence (AL) chatbot, ChatGPT, had enabled Solana users to interact with the network.

Key Takeaways:

  • ChatGPT plugin permits AI to access Solana blockchain data for users to interact with the network, check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and purchase NFTs.
  • Solana Labs encourages developers to test its open-source code for on-chain data retrieval, including NFT metadata links.
  • Some Twitter users raise concerns about Solana’s focus on AI, calling for more attention to building a working block explorer and Solana’s societal benefits.
  • Solana Labs announces a $1M fund for AI tools on Solana; OpenAi introduces a privacy feature for ChatGPT users to turn off chat history and download data.
  • Italy bans ChatGPT until GDPR compliance met.

Bitcoin Sahi Hai announced on Twitter that the users of Solana can check the transfer tokens, purchase NFTs, and wallet balance through the ChatGPT plugin.

Solana Labs has encouraged developers who seemed to be interested in testing open-source code to retrieve on-chain data.

The screenshot Solana Labs shared shows a list of NFTs owned by a specific Solana address retrieved by the ChatGPT, which shares an attached metadata link to the NFT sourced from Solana Labs’ block explorer.

Solana Labs have not mentioned about launching of Plugin. When OpenAI made the features of the Plugin available to all, Plugin would be launched.

The latest ChatGPT plugins do their work by restoring information from other online website sources and third-party websites to respond to user demands. The feature is spread to all users nowadays. announced on Twitter that Solana’s users could interact with the network using Plugin activated on ChatGPT.

However, everyone doesn’t satisfy with this type of development. Solana has questions from one Twitter user to focus on a priority basis on developing a “working block explorer.“ Moreover, another Twitter user asked about Solana’s benefits to society.

It is clear that now Solana Labs has more focus on AL. Solana Labs also announced on April 25 that it would give funds of $1 million to those projects that build Al tools on Solana.

On the same day, according to another announcement by OpenAi, ChatGPT users can now turn off their history of chat. We should say thanks to this new privacy feature. 

Debut Infotech announced on Twitter that the ChatGPT plugin, Solana Labs allows AI to fetch blockchain data.

On April 25, the team announced the spread of the new feature. ChatGPT’s settings change is possible at any time. Deleted conversations will remain for 30 days to review, to monitor any abusive material. The conversation is permanently deleted once this is cleared.

A new export option for the users to download their data is made. Due to this privacy feature, Italy initiates the ban on ChatGPT until it conforms to the European Union’s privacy laws through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).