Solana restarted their network to restore slowed block production
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Solana restarted their network to restore slowed block production

written by John Murphy | February 28, 2023

Solana’s block production began to slow on February 25 as a result of their upgrade. The issue occurred as soon as they upgraded the network from 1.13 to 1.14 and immediately after that, things went downhill. To manage the situation, Solana restarted their network to restore the slowed block production.

Apparently, soon after Solana made the upgrade in the validator software, they started to notice a decline in their block production as it slowed down. Eventually, this dysfunctioning in the system led to errors with transactions. Consequently, this caused a downgrade in the network while attempting to restore the system to its normal working pace.

On the day of an upgrade at around 6:00 pm UTC, the validators noticed issues with the network. So, the only way to resolve the issue as per the validators was to downgrade the 1.14 system upgrade back to 1.13. However, they restarted the network at version 1.13.6 as it seem to be the only plausible solution.

Update from Solana compass account

the Solana compass account on Twitter, shared the incident on Twitter:

“The network experienced a significant slowdown in block production that coincided with an upgrade to validator software. Engineers are still conducting a root cause analysis,”

They further notified that the issue of slowed block production was linked to an upgrade of the network from version 1.13 to v 1.14. Moreover, with 80% of the validators online they restarted the network to fix the error. 

“As more validators complete their restart this number will rise in line with the amount of stake they have delegated: this means larger validators such as CEX have an outsized impact on restart times.“

Later they realized they had to restart the entire network to restore the normal function. meanwhile, CHorus one – an infrastructure provider – also made a statement

“Without all these debates, we would be back up in an hour. But, every decision along the way – whether to downgrade, whether to restart, when to switch from downgrade approach to restart approach – is debated. Voting happens. We end up taking 8-10 hours to recovery, instead of 1.”

Solana is an open layer 1 blockchain which was specifically designed as such to create smart contracts and dApps. Although the main network of Solana was officially launched in 2020, the blockchain was first released in 2017 and it remained in the test nut phase till 2018.