Solana unveiled a strategy to improve its network upgrade
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Solana unveiled a strategy to improve its network upgrade

written by John Murphy | March 1, 2023

Solana faced the issue of network slowdown not long ago so they unveiled a strategy to improve their network upgrade to avoid the same issue from recurring.

Previously on Feb 26 Solana made a network upgrade from v1.13 to v 1.14. However, the upgradation didn’t go quite as planned instead it crashed the system and slowed down the block production on the Solana network blockchain.

The validators then downgraded their system to curb the unexpected network problem, that disrupted the transactions, as an immediate response.

As the network continues its transition, the Solana ecosystem planned to focus on the stability of the network, as was evident from the statement of Anatoly Yakovenko – founder and CEO of Solana Labs – from 28 Feb.

According to the statement of Anatoly Yakovenko the team of engineers will follow a six-step strategy to assure the streamlined functioning of the network. Moreover, one-third of the engineering team of the entire Solana was put together for the adversarial team

The role of this team is to find any vulnerabilities in the system and to avoid exploits or attacks, with their expertise. They are also adding tools or information into the validator code to help find the issues so they can timely target the exploit in the underlying protocols. Additionally, the fire dancer team at Jump Crypto built a second validator client, and Mango DAO developers created new tooling for local fee markets, to focus on creating network-wide stability.

On Feb 28, Yakovenko clarified that the system did not crash down because of the on-chain voting. He further added in his statement that they are still investigating the first system outage.

Most of the users were not happy with the situation even after Yakovenko’s statement on the matter.

Solana has planned a meeting on March 2, 2023. In the meeting, they intend to discuss the state of their ecosystem and more related things. Besides that Helium Network is also planning to move its communication protocol to Solana blockchain by the end of the same month, so they can set up oracles more easily.