Sologenic Price Prediction: What's Next for SOLO?
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Sologenic Price Prediction: What's Next for SOLO?

written by John Murphy | May 12, 2023

Sologenic SOLO token has been trying to make its mark in the evolving world of cryptocurrency. This token operated on the XRP ledger and has been through a journey of price movements no different than others. Thus, the topic of Sologenic price prediction is also gaining traction in the market.


  • The NFT integration in the Sologenic network has led to a price surge of 150% for solo tokens.
  • The coin is currently in a dip presenting a favorable time for investment.
  • By the end of the year 2023, we can expect the token to cross $1.

Due to the integration of the NFT marketplace on the Sologenic network, the token experienced an impressive surge of around 150%. While opening up new avenues of opportunities, this integration has helped Sologenic expand its reach and appeal to a wider audience.

In this article we will delve deeper into the progress of the Sologenic network, to demonstrate how far can token go. Though there are various factors like an innovative approach to DeFi and integration with the Ripple standard position the token as an intriguing contender in the market.

Sologenic Price Prediction: Past Price Analysis

SOLO crypto Coinmarketcap data suggests that currently, it’s trading at the price of $0.1213 while its ranking is #375. With a market cap of $48,160,744, its circulating supply is 399,947,699 SOLO.

if we take a broader perspective and look at the past 3 months the SOLO coin has faced some challenges in the market. As its value dropped by 29.04%. The bearish sentiment has affected the overall performance of the token.

Moving towards the past month the token faced a substantial decline of 19.37%. This downtrend indicates that the token went into dip and this may be a good time for investing.

Moreover, the coin went up by a percent of 1.83% in the past 24 hours despite going through a hard 7 days before that. This indicates that the token is going through a bearish phase and this may not be the right time for investing.

SOLO Coin Overview

Coin Name-Sologenic
Market Cap-$48,040,873
Volume 24h-$626,378
Circulating Supply-399,947,699 SOLO
Current Price-$0.1211

What is Sologenic SOLO crypto?

SOLO is the native token of the Sologenic ecosystem. It is basically a Finance platform built on top of the XRP ledger. The platform aims to provide a revolutionizing asset trading industry through tokenized securities NFTs and cryptocurrencies. The developers of Sologenic have leveraged this advanced blockchain to come up with low-cost, secure, and on-demand tokenization of non-crypto assets.

Bob Ras is the co-founder, and CEO of the Sologenic project based in Dubai. Not only that he is also a founding member of the Coreum layer one blockchain, that too launched earlier this year. Along with his team, Bob focuses on bridging the gap between the blockchain and traditional assets. is the heart of the ecosystem and is the flagship product with a wide range of assets it tokenizes. These may include; stocks and ETFs (Exchange-traded funds). Additionally, they have also created other products as well like; Decentralized exchange, brokerage solutions, and NFT marketplace.

Future Price Analysis of SOLO Crypto

To determine the Future price forecast of the Sologenic coin there are certain aspects that we need to go through. The fundamental and technical analysis are two main methods to help us analyze the current and expected standing of the token. So if we look at the technical analysis of SOLO we’ll see certain indicators like Relative Strength Index RSI, trading volume, historical marker trends, moving averages, and more. For Example, the current RSI of the SOLO token indicates that it is in the buying position. These indicators help evaluate the potential of a coin.

Then comes the fundamental analysis which helps determine the future price of the token. There are certain indicators to evaluate that as well like the protocol adoption or the overall market sentiment. Though the current sentiment surrounding the SOLO token is bearish the coin does seem to show good potential for the future.

Below you will find our analyzed Solo coin price predictions.

Sologenic token Price prediction2023

By the end of the year 2023 to be optimistic the price of SOLO can reach a maximum of $0.22 or around that.

SOLO Coin Price Prediction 2025

SOLO can reach a maximum price of  $0.464 by the year 2025.

Sologenic Price Prediction 2030

Under favorable market conditions, the price of a SOLO token may cross $1 or around that, by the year 2030.


Is SOLO a good investment?

The current analysis suggests that the token is s good choice to invest in for now.

Does Sologenic have a future?

The SOLO token does show good potential which is why can expect it to have a growing future ahead of it.

Can SOLO coin reach $1?

By the year 2030, we can expect the SOLO coin to reach $1 even if the current market conditions seem bearish.


  • The tokenized assets created on the platform are tradable against SOLO, the native coin of Sologenic, as well as XRP.
  • SOLO holders can benefit from discounts on trading fees and participate in the Liquidity Provider Reward Program (LPRP).
  • The Sologenic platform addresses challenges in the traditional asset trading industry, such as limited access to global assets, regional economic market limitations, and more.


Though there are various reasons that make Sologenic an appealing option. It is still important to do thorough research got through the Sologenic price prediction, market trends, and other statistics. These will help you understand the future of the currency even better. It is hard to be 100% accurate therefore we have given the price predictions based merely on our understanding.

However, no matter how popular a currency is it can always be subject to the overall market condition like high volatility and unpredictability. This is why it is more than important to make well-informed decisions.