Stacks crypto price prediction

Stacks crypto price prediction

written by John Murphy | April 4, 2023

With the expanding crypt market, many people are looking forward to investing in different cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin is a King coin yet there are many features that the Bitcoin blockchain doesn’t have. For instance; building fo smart contracts, dApps, etc. To curb that then people tend to look for another crypto.


  • Stacks crypto is a layer-1 network buildt on top of Bitcoin blockchain.
  • The STX price prediction for 2023 seems filled with troughs and crests.
  • 2025 to 2030 price prediction for STX seems pretty optimistic as the price is expected to reach around $17

Stacks STX is an extension of Bitcoin and a layer-1 network that brings decentralized applications and smart contracts to Bitcoin. STX token is what gives this crypto all its features. Stacks crypto price prediction is somehow pretty crucial as a person must know the situation of a coin where it stands and what heights it can achieve within a time span so then he can make an informed decision.

As for the STX coin price prediction, for the coming days and years to come there is a lot of data and chart analysis available to delve into. The data shows a bullish setup for the STX holders in the long run. However, nothing is conclusive as the data may vary on the day to day basis.

Stacks crypto Price prediction: past and present price analysis

Before we get into Stacks coin price prediction, let’s first know how the coin has been performing lately. Despite staying on the low for some time, the market remained bullish for stacks. Especially ever since the launch of Bitcoin NFTs Called Bitcoin Ordinals, the Stack price has been thriving. The price of Stacks is expected to increase by $0.044813 over the next 7 days. This will take the price of STX to around $0.923504 by mid-April.

Even now it’s almost ranking somewhere above #40 in the crypto market, with a market cap of $1,191,499,302. With the current price of about $0.87. Recently the Stack coin experienced a decline in its price by -4.32% in value which resulted in a simultaneous decline in the market cap as well.

Despite that, the data from the last 7 days indicates a bullish trend for STX at some point as it increased by 1.41%. which means there is the growth potential for Stacks. Since last month Stacks STC has seemed to increase in value by almost 21.26%. Indicating exponential growth over the past few months. Not only that the price increased by 307.79% if we look at the data from the last 90 days.

Source: TradingView

Stacks STX crypto overview

Coin nameStacks
USD current price$0.87
Market Cap$1,191,499,302
24h Volume$103,895,396
Total Supply1,352,464,600
Circulating Supply1,368,822,651
Safety Score32/100

What is Stacks STX?

Stacks STX was built focusing on the fact that its core features remain the same, It is a layer-1 ecosystem built on top of Bitcoin, to enable smart contracts and decentralized apps. This opens up new possibilities for Bitcoin, as it will fill the gaps left in the Bitcoin blockchain despite being a top cryptocurrency.

Being backed by Bitcoin stacks provides unparalleled security and stability. The network works on Proof-of-Stake (PoX) system. This regulates the interaction between the miners and stakers. The network makes it possible for Miners to exchange BTC to earn STX coins, and each block mined on the Stacks blockchain stores user identity and transactional metadata, allowing all applications on the network to interact with each other seamlessly.

Smart contracts are built on Stacks with special bonding language which is specifically developed and tested by Algorand for stacks. Moreover, any changes made to the user IDs or wallet balances can be verified using the Bitcoin blockchain. The remaining data is stored on Stacks using a Bespoke storage system called Gaia. This allows the users to choose between cloud storage providers and cold storage solutions.

STX, the native token of Stacks is used to register digital assets to the Stacks blockchain. Its core purpose is decentralization and transparency. Furthermore, Stacks has revolutionized the way people control their data. It empowers you to build and create your dApps and contracts with the fear of centralization and abuse of power.

Stacks crypto price prediction 2023-2030

With the help of the data available and deep technical and fundamental analysis of the current and past price movements of Stacks can help with STX price prediction from 2023 to 2030. To analyze Stack token price prediction there are certain parameters like the volume, MACD, and RSI. and more.

STX price prediction 2025

STX Stacks coin price prediction from 2023 and 2025 can be easily extracted from the technical charts data. Some agencies were quite upbeat regarding the Stacks price prediction 2023 and even 2025. There are speculations for the price of STX to go through some rise and dips in 2023.

However according tot stx price prediction wallet investors say that by March 2024 the price of stx will witness a drop by $0.05041. While CaprainAltCoin seems to be pretty optimistic for suggesting that the price may increase to $4.83 by 2025.

STX price prediction 2030

Various data and technical analysis depict the price movements for Stacks from 2025-2030. The Stacks price prediction 2030 seems pretty optimistic. According to Digital Coin Price’s prediction of STX, there is a hope for STX to cross $4 and reach $4.52 by 2026 whiile $5.64 by the year 2028. they also think that the price of STX my reach $11 by 2030.

However some bullish technical analysis of data suggests that past 2025 the STX price will hike over the years. It might reach $12.19 trading price by the end of 2029. And by 2030 the value of STX may go up to $17.36.


From all the data and market forecast the Stacks crypto price prediction sseems pretty bullish till 2030. But the crypto market is unpredictable making it hard to know anything for sure even for the next mintue.

Therefore if you’re thinking like; Is Stacks crypto a good investment? or is it even worth investing in, then the best thin gyou can do is get a deep and thorough knowledge on the price movements of STX crypto. This will help you knwo where the crypot stands and then you will be able to make a sound and informed decision.