Texas Proposes Gold-Backed State Digital Currency
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Texas Proposes Gold-Backed State Digital Currency

written by John Murphy | April 14, 2023

Texas Proposes Gold-Backed State Digital Currency. The trustee would have a sufficient amount of gold in reserve for all digital currency units. It has issued and is still in circulation. 

Furthermore, Senator Bryan Hughes launched Senate Bill 2334 on March 10, with illustrative Mark Dorazio introducing House Bill 4903 on the same day. Both stated that a slightly parallel amount of physical gold would back the proposed digital cash.

Opposition to Central Bank Digital Currency

The bill explains that each unit of the digital currency issued constitutes a fraction of a pint ounce of gold held in trust. Once a person purchases a specific amount of digital currency, the controller uses that money to buy an equivalent amount of gold

The purchase would then receive digital currency equal to the amount of gold. The controller purchases with the money received from the purchaser.

Approach to Digital Currencies with Gold-Backed

The trustee is responsible for ensuring that each unit of the digital currency holds a specific fraction of value. They must hold sufficient gold to redeem all the issued branches of the digital cash. The amount of digital currency in circulation requires redemption for money or gold. The trustee may set the necessary fee rate to cover the expenses of administering this chapter.

Texas Proposes Gold-Backed State Digital Currency

Recently, multiple lawmakers in the United States have presented arguments against introducing a central bank digital currency. During a press conference on March 20, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida expressed his belief that CBDCs would give the government increased authority. He also said it provides the government with a direct view of all unclear consumer activities without additional context.

 However, on March 21, Republican Senator Ted Cruz proposed a bill preventing the Fed from implementing a direct-to-consumer offering. He stated that ensuring U.S. policy on digital currencies is more critical than ever. It protects financial privacy, maintains the dollar’s dominance, and supports innovation.

Will Gold-Backed Digital Currency Compete in the Marketplace?

Texas bills would create a unique type of digital currency that’s backed by gold. It could appeal to investors wary of the potential inflation risks associated with fiat currencies.

It is currently under consideration whether or not the bills will gain enough support to become law. They will successfully compete against other forms of digital currencies in the marketplace.

How this state-based digital currency would interact with federal regulation is still being determined. It can also use outside of the state of Texas.


Texas Proposes Gold-Backed State Digital Currency represents an exciting development in digital currencies. At the same time, they face opposition from some lawmakers who are against introducing the central bank digital currency. They could offer an alternative option for investors looking for a more stable store of value. It remains to be seen how these bills will progress and whether they will gain enough support to become law.