This Metaverse Is Reshaping GameFi and Web3 - Coin Amazon
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This Metaverse Is Reshaping GameFi and Web3 - Coin Amazon

written by John Murphy | February 19, 2023

Metaverse of Undeads has introduced a player-driven economy that is based on trading and collecting NFT whilst the player is occupied in the long-established survival game. 

Growth of the GameFi sector that occupies Blockchain is observed by the Game industry, and several branches have introduced their own Blockchain games. Nonetheless, the enjoyment and the pleasing gameplay mechanics seem to be short of in these games. 

Undead’s objective is to bring these factors to lead with high entertainment, high production, and replayability values that cannot be seen in Web3.  

The blockchain world has been restructured by Undeads Metaverse is an AAA survival game. A new era for Web3 gaming is coming with play-to-earn mechanics that is of high production value.


 This is played by 70 developers. For 13 months, Undeads have been producing this and has funded over $5 Million from private investment.  

This project is conducted by ex-PayPal executive Leo Kahn and is progressed by an international team containing experienced professionals that have content with fintech, Web3 technology, and gaming.  

Kahn disclosed, 

“Web3 gaming has the potential to revolutionize the industry, but it must adapt and improve to thrive. In the current market, it’s essential to offer players a seamless and enjoyable experience through solid game design, a well-crafted and fine-tuned game economy, and gameplay mechanics that rival those of traditional games. Without these elements, Web3 gaming risks becoming obsolete. At Undeads, we are committed to pushing the boundaries and leading the charge in the evolution of Web3 gaming,” 

Moreover, a VR Social Hub that’ll contain VR games for Metaverse fans is being built by this team. Players can approach each other and interact, play, and earn. 

The Hub gives a wide spectrum of gaming experiences which includes sports fishing, RC racing, and more. The most revolutionary engine known as Epic’s Unreal Engine 5.1 is used by Undead Metaverse.    

Undeads’ Partnership: 

The team that is prospering the Undeads project has partnered with other major companies such as Comic book creator ALT Animation, sound design company Wabi Sabi Sound, Warner Brothers, Machinations, and Swiss-based tokenomics design expert BrightNode. 

The team has plans to work to align with other world-class partners, they are not going to stop here.  

How Does The Undead Metaverse Works? 


In this Metaverse, the players are going to find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world where they will be given the choice to side with either Zombies or Humans. Players will engage with zombies and humans as they fight to win resources and territories. 

New characters can be made by NFT holders by pairing female and male zombie NFT, hence earning rewards by breeding ”Zombabies”.  

Players will also have the chance to become Metaverse entrepreneurs by engaging in residential, industrial, or commercial construction buildings. 

In addition, the players that have landed in the game have the authority to charge a fee for any kind of game interaction occurring in their territory.

 The players that are new to the game can play easily without any Web3 barriers. This does not require the player to own any NFT to play but with a further opportunity, the player can tokenize their newly created characters in Web3.