Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers

Top 10 Crypto Discord Servers

written by John Murphy | March 26, 2023

Correct, updated and timely information are a few traits that can help cryptocurrency investors to bring home the best results from crypto trading. Discord is one of those trustworthy platforms where crypto enthusiasts can grab that timely information. In fact, crypto discord servers arenas where the most important crypto news drops first. So, let us look at the top 10 crypto discord servers.

Take Aways

  • Discord has become a go-to platform for the latest information on fast-moving markets like cryptocurrency.
  • There are hundreds of groups to choose from; hence users can enlighten their crypt-related knowledge by joining other community members. 
  • Most Discord groups are free; however, certain may charge for advanced-level information and market insights.

Although Discord group is less popular than YouTube or Twitter, its features make it a go-to place for crypto lovers. Interestingly, it was developed as a chat app, but it has evolved into an interactive forum offering helpful information regarding cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs and much more.

Moreover, Discord suits all levels of crypto investors, from beginners to experts. Let us look closely at the top 10 crypto discord servers.

  • The AXION Crypto-Community

AXION puts members first, treats them as family members rather than customers, and thus is a fast-growing discord channel. The server offers space for users from across the globe o share investment advice, discuss crypto market trends and get advice from fellow experts.

Moreover, the group is well known for providing entry and exit pointspremium trade signals, offering long-term investment strategies and sharing in-depth insights. In short, it is one of the best and thus falls under our list of top 10 crypto discord servers.

  • Cryptohub

If you have just started dipping your toes in the crypto ocean, Cryptohub has all the essential information you need to start your journey. The platform provides basic information regarding cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, how they work, trading methods and other related information.

In short, Cryptohub is perfect for beginners who want to invest in cryptocurrency and NFTs. Moreover, this Discord has over 15,000 members ready to give you fruitful advice.

  • Lava Labs

It is one of the finest Discord for NFT enthusiasts. It was launched in 2017 and has established itself as a reliable source of information on non-fungible tokens and their trade. Moreover, Larve Labs boasts the best NFT projects like Meebits and Cryptopunks.

Hence, if you want to test your investment intelligence with NFTs, become part of Larva Lab’s Discord.

  • Elite Crypto Signals

ECS has developed itself as the most recognized crypto discord in a short period. The wealth of experience on Discord is so considerable that it is an unmissable discord of recent times.

As the name suggests, this discord channel provides members early trade signals based on technical analysis. In addition, they provide information about entry and exit points. Discord has established one of the trusted names by making members wealthy.

  • Cracking Crypto

Cracking Crypto is a discord platform known for providing timely and accurate information, which has put many users with handsome investment decisions. The platform has seasoned crypto traders as their members who share experience, becoming beneficial for beginners.

Moreover, Cracking Crypto has developed subchannels to cater to different crypto topics like cryptocurrency, ETF, NFT and blockchain technology. In short, it is one of the best discord servers with everything to offer to make you well-versed in crypto.

  • Spacestation

Spacecstation, launched in 2017, is one of the oldest active Discord servers. As a result, it has one of the oldest and most experienced minds from the crypto industry as its members.

Although Spacestation started mainly as an Ethereum-based discord server, it has now begun covering almost crypto-related topics. The platform has also established subchannels to offer focused groups the correct information at the right time.

  • r/CryptoCurrency

Following a great success at Reddit, r/CryptoCurrency created its Discord server to facilitate users with easy access to crypto-related information. There is no restriction on topics; hence users can talk about anything related to cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, users can get the authentic and latest information on DeFi, NFTs, crypto trading, mining, news, altcoins, Bitcoin, and whale transactions. In short, you can get it all on r/CryptoCurrency.

  • Mega Signals

One of the most considerable crypto discord servers is Mega Signals, with over 87,000 members. Mega Pump is a famous channel known for its daily “pump signal” that supports traders in making investment decisions based on top-performing cryptos.

Moreover, Mega Signals has also developed numerous other channels to support users with easy access to the correct information.

  • Cryptex Commonwealth

If you are a long-term crypto aspirant, look no further than Cryptex Commonwealth discord, which has experts who can support you with the right investment strategies.

Unlike many other short-term Discord groups, Cryptex offers a wide range of long-term strategic information by providing detailed and technical analysis. Moreover, users can find a mentor as well from Cryptex Discord.

  • LuxAlgo

If you are looking for technical indicators for algorithm traders, then LuxAlgo is your platform. The official LucAlgo Discord has more than 140,000 members. Therefore, it is an ocean of information. 

Users can join as free members or VIPs, a paid membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most prominent crypto community on Discord?

Axion Crypto-Community is the largest community on Discord, with more than 58,000 members.

Why do people use Discord?

Discord is a popular platform fostering like-minded members to interact and share knowledge like the crypto-community.

How much does it cost to start a Discord?

Discord is free to start and available for anyone. However, additional features will cost you some money.

Parting Thoughts

Discord has established itself as one of the trustworthy platforms that serve users with pertinent and timely information on fast-moving economies like cryptocurrency.

Since numerous groups are covering crypto topics, we gathered a list of the top 10 crypto Discord servers to ease your selection decision.

All these channels are ideal for beginners to advanced-level investors to foster their short-term and long-term crypto investment decisions. For instance, The Crypto Nation is more suited to beginners, Spacestation focuses on Ethereum, and Larva Labs is ideal for NFTs.

Hence, you can easily find a Discord server that suits your crypto interest, become a member for free and start gaining the latest news and information about cryptocurrencies. Staying up-to-date in such a highly volatile market is critical to success.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article; please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Moreover, please mention what your preferred Discord server is.