Top 10 Decentralized Crypto Exchanges DEX Aggregator 2023
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Top 10 Decentralized Crypto Exchanges DEX Aggregator 2023

written by John Murphy | February 23, 2023

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges allow peer-to-peer transactions from users’ digital wallets without involving intermediaries. Since numerous DEXs (decentralized exchanges) are operating in the market, thus we will list down the top 10 decentralized crypto exchanges DEX aggregator 2023 here.

The DEX relies on smart contracts, which are self-executing pieces of code on a blockchain. Moreover, these smart contracts support less slippage and more privacy, which is key to securing crypto tokens.

Furthermore, DEXes is famous for crypto trading as they charge very low transaction costs based on high-end technological capabilities.

However, DEXs vary from one other based on the services they offer. Some offer simple crypto trading, and others have advanced financial services like margin trading, options trading, borrowing, charting etc.

So, if you are confused about which DEX to choose, here is a list of the top 10 decentralized crypto exchanges DEX aggregator 2023.

Top 10 DEXs 

Here are our top 10 decentralized crypto exchanges to look out for in 2023.

  • Uniswap

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap is one of the most used decentralized exchange platforms. It supports traders, developers and liquidity providers to swap and build tokens.

The latest version, V3, has consumed 15.5 million transactions and 2.8 million gas, which is quite efficient. Moreover, it does not require an oracle problem since Uniswap is integrated with TWAP price oracle.

Uniswap offers a unique Permit2 feature through which users can swap any ERC20 or NFT token.

  • DexGuru

It supports swapping and peer trading to users. The price on the platform is real-time, derived from liquidity pools. Moreover, it offers access to decentralized protocols, including Ethereum, Fantom, and Avalance.

The platform is free to use and widely supports new cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it supports multiple crypto wallets, including TrustWallet, MetaMask, Trezor and other DeFi wallets.

  • Covo Finance

The app support trade of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptocurrencies with no custodial risk. The competitive advantage Covo finance has s that it safeguards users’ funds by offering trading solutions.

Its 50x leverage features are slowly making a to-go exchange for crypto traders. The platform is becoming a hub of DeFi activities and DApps.

Covo has put user security their priority to facilitate a low-friction experience.

  • Pancake Swap

Pancake is one of the best-decentralized exchanges that top blockchain security firms even audit. Users can trade and swap tokens and partake in IFOs. Moreover, it provides liquidity by rewarding users with its native token – CAKE.

Moreover, the platform is open-source and has fame due to its low transaction costs while maintaining high liquidity in the tradable assets.

Furthermore, it is highly user-friendly and provides an intuitive UI.

  • Kyber Swap

Users can earn rewards on Kyber swap by swapping tokens by offering liquidity mining. The UI is highly user-friendly, and users can trade tokens with just a few clicks. Moreover, users can liquidate their investments in the most capital-efficient manner.

Kyber DEX has its native token, KNC, which incentivizes liquidity providers. The platform also has high-security features.

  • dYdX

It is ideal for trading perpetual futures with high leverage. dYdX platform currently offers a crypto trading facility in 37 different cryptocurrencies and supports 12 DeFi tokens.

Another cool feature is that you can start trading by depositing just $10. The exchange is pretty secure as funds are locked into smart contracts. Moreover, since the platform supports multiple wallets, thus making it is easy to trade your desired cryptocurrency.

  • Curve Finance

Users can swap 48 ERC-20 tokens through liquidity pools. It is one the largest DEX with a trading volume of $144 million. The platform has pools for almost every leading cryptocurrency, including Ethereum.

The platform hosts dApps and other Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Curve finance supports stable coins and support investment decisions by providing in-depth market analysis and trading charts.

  • AirSwap

It perfectly suited for investors who want free swapping and liquidity mining. In addition, it has its token to incentivize users. So, AirSwap has registered one of the largest cryptocurrencies with it and supports 250 crypto tokens.

Furthermore, users can earn by staking their coins with the DEX, while others can enjoy discounts when they use the AST token. Similarly, the platform has no deposit, trading or withdrawal fees.

  • Balancer

The balancer is perfect for liquidity mining and rebalancing investments. It offers arbitrage trading opportunities to users. Moreover, there are 110 available for trade and swapping. Additionally, users can create portfolios earning pools on numerous blockchains, including Arbitrum and Polygon.

Furthermore, the Balancer DEX allows users to lock values into liquidity mining pools. Through a rebalancing facility, users can easily diversify their investments. It offers high liquidity that reaches over $3 billion.

  • QuickSwap

QuickSwap is known for low transaction fees and farming liquidity tokens. Although it is a fork of Uniswap, it employs liquidity protocols and runs on the Polygon blockchain. Additionally, it offers transparency and suited for second-gen dApps.

Furthermore, QuickSwap has a high trading volume that reaches $22 million and above. It supports non-custodial trade and is a smart contract-based platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the largest decentralized crypto exchanges?

Below are the largest crypto DEXs.

  • Uniswap V3
  • dYdX
  • Curve Finance
  • PancakeSwap V2

What is the best DeFi exchange?

Although it is difficult to single out one DEX, the following DeFi crypto exchanges are the best.

  • Uniswap – Best for high-value swaps
  • PancakeSwap – Best for low fees
  • 1inch – Best DeFi aggregator for users outside the U.S.

Which DEX has the most coins?

Uniswap has the most coins for trading, with over $2.5 billion daily trading volume.

Parting Thoughts

Since the crypto market is flooded with DEXs, thus finding the right exchange that meets your criteria becomes a tough ease your decision, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Decentralized Crypto Exchanges DEX Aggregator 2023.

Each of these exchanges has its pros and cons and offers different trading options. One of the major points of concern for many users is fees; thus, we select PanckaeSwap as the DEX with the lowest fees.

However, the information provided may differ from time to time, so we recommend checking the market before selecting any decentralized crypto exchange. 

We hope your exchange selection decision is made easy by this article. Please leave your feedback and let us know which decentralized you currently use for crypto trading.