Top 5 Gods Unchained Cards

Top 5 Gods Unchained Cards

written by John Murphy | April 14, 2023

Gods Unchained has redefined the online strategy trading gaming space; its play-to-earn model attracts e-gamers from across the globe. Likewise, its NFT trading cards carry a real-world value based on their native GODS token. So, we will look at the top 5 Gods Unchained cards, which everybody loves (or hates) to own to climb up the ladder.

Key Takeaways

  • Gods Unchained is a popular P2E game with multiple cards usable within the game to fight against other players.
  • Each card has its value which depends on the scarcity of the card.
  • Players can use cards as a single unit or combine two or more cards to enhance power.

Although numerous factors are available in a card, each offers different utility and power. The primary thing for selection is based on the actual usage number of a particular, although the win ratio may vary.

Moreover, price is another crucial factor in defining this list of the top 5 Gods Unchained Cards, generally known as Genesis cards, among the gaming community.

So, let us move forward to learn Gods Unchained tips and have a look at the best Gods Unchained card list.

  • Expectant Chicken 

It is the Gods Unchained best starter deck. If you want to add an aggressive deck, look only as far as the Expectant Chicken. Although you will have to wait three turns to brash the Chicken, it is worth waiting as it is staked with mana.

Moreover, the card is ideal for having value or tempo. Likewise, it connects with other cards like Out of Its Misery and Death Cards to generate synergy.

Thus, Expectant Chicken is amongst the most in-demand Gods Unchained Decks. Furthermore, it is suitable for God Unchained deck for the beginner.

Expectant Chicken’s current price is $20.70, which is not bad for the value it brings to the game.

  • Blade of Whiteplain

One of the most expensive Gods Unchained cards is Blade of Whiteplain, a neutral 5-cost 4/4 Anubian, and affects – “Once per turn after a weaker enemy creature destroyed, draw a card.” Moreover, players can engage this card to destroy any enemy creature having three or fewer strengths.

Blade of Whiteplain is an excellent card in your armory as it offers immediate removal, card draw and five mana for 4/4 creatures. Therefore, many gamers rank it as the best card to gain an advantage against decks that rely on smaller creatures.

In short, it has a lot of potential on the surface and slots well in the Anubian Death decks and has already seen plenty of meta play for the last year. 

Blade of Whiteplain’s current price is $0.16.

  • Martyr of Whiteplain

It is a neutral 3-cost 2/2 Olympian with Frontline. The card has an effect – “While this creature is in your void, after a friendly creature dies, pull it in your hand, and summon this creature with soulless.”

Although Olympians have yet to experience much game time recently, Martyr of Whiteplain is still on Gods Unchained card list. Moreover, it is an ideal card if you are planning to book early board control.

Moreover, it triggers afterlife effects after pairing with other deck cards. The card challenges your creativity and strategic game plan.

Although it seems costly, selling at $190.17 offers high utility.

  • Trojan Golem

It is a strong card with an unmatched ability to annoy your opponent. Since it is a frontline creature that has an afterlife, thus making it is an excellent disrupting card. Moreover, Gods Unchained deck builder gudecks also rate it high on the list of frontline cards.

Likewise, the Olympian tag adds value as players get 2 Olympians with one card. Since there are no significant downsides, it is quickly labeling a solid card to have up your sleeves. With a win ratio of more than 51% across 47,000 matches, you cannot ignore it.

Trojen Golem is currently available at $7.09.

  • Ashen Drake

It is an all-scenario card offering high utility within the Gods Unchained deck tracker. Players can use it as a final boost to take control of the board. Likewise, it can destroy Roar’s secondary damage.

Moreover, it is perfect for removing small to medium-sized creatures and offering control to players. Furthermore, Ashen Drake is an all-around card usable to defend or attack. 

The card is usable in the Dragon Tribe ecosystem as well, thus offering versatility. In short, this card is vital for all situations within the Gods Unchained game and thus making it one of the top 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is God Unchained most sold cards?

StrongHands, or Gods Unchained NFT whale, purchased Mythic Card Citadel for 42 ETH (approx. $76,000).

What are rare Gods Unchained cards?

All cards at Gods Unchained are rare because rarity adds value. However, you can learn the nature of the card by looking at its color.

  • Grey card means Common Card.
  • Pale blue is a Rare Card.
  • The purple card depicts the Epic card.
  • Gold means Mortal card.

Who is the most powerful God in the game?

The following are a few most powerful God.

  • The Golden Goddess of Hyrule
  • Arceus
  • Dragon God of Time Akatosh
  • Jubileus The Creator
  • God-Killer Kratos

Parting Thoughts

That concludes our discussion about the top 5 Gods Unchained cards. We have selected cards based on their power and utility within the gaming metaverse. Since Gods Unchained has stormed the crypto gaming space, many users have been searching for the rarest cards, and sellers are trying to get maximum profits by offering Gods Unchained deck codes.

Moreover, users can combine different cards to enhance power and utility, which comes in handy while fighting against other players and killing small objects.

You can purchase these cards from other players or from Gods Unchained official website. The price of each card depends on the rarity of the card. Only some cards may sold for thousands of dollars. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our take on the top 5 Gods Unchained cards; please let us know your preferred cards in the comments section. Enjoy the game!