Discover the Top Crypto Exchanges in Hong Kong
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Discover the Top Crypto Exchanges in Hong Kong

written by John Murphy | April 4, 2023

Slowly but greatly, Hong Kong is becoming the new crypto hub since post-covid. Although China has laid no-crypto policies throughout the mainland, Hong Kong poses deaf to these actions. And the main force is the success of top crypto exchanges in Hong Kong.

These platforms provide fully transparent, highly secure, and profitable crypto trading. In addition, SFC Hong Kong will license them to avoid crypto scams. 

Due to this high-end exchange infrastructure, crypto is soaring again in the city. More and more crypto coins, ICOs, and tokens are becoming a part of the Hong Kong cryptocurrency list. Do you want to know what is the best among all crypto exchanges in Hong Kong? Let’s delve into the description to find the answer. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Hong Kong is becoming a new crypto hub post-Covid, defying China’s no-crypto policies.
  • The success of top crypto exchanges in Hong Kong has made the city a lucrative market.
  • Hong Kong’s crypto market offers high transparency, security, and profitable trading.
  • The four top crypto exchanges in Hong Kong are Huobi, KuCoin,, and Binance.
  • Cryptocurrency trading is legal in Hong Kong and regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and Securities and Futures Commissions.

4 Top Crypto Exchange In Hong Kong

Are you searching for the top crypto exchange in Hong Kong? We have the answer for you. Here we have compiled the highly promising Hong Kong crypto exchange list. These crypto platforms deal in HKD and trade in HK deposits. Keep reading next. 



Among the best crypto exchange Hong Kong, Huobi is taking the lead. It is a Chinese-based crypto platform specializing in peer-to-peer exchanges. Due to its feature-rich policies and user-friendly interface, Huobi earned a good name among HK native crypto traders. Not only that, This exchange is operational in 9 languages facilitating Hong Kongers and global users. 

Following that, Huobi also offers 500 plus cryptocurrencies that users can sell, purchase, or trade with fiat currencies.

It with-holds a considerable trading volume of 3,382,396,404 USD. Further, the Huobi gives a profuse set of security protocols, including multi-factorial encryption, offline asset storage, and round-the-clock monitoring. Huobi provides its users with the following;

  • More than 200 regional service centers
  • 20,000 BTC in the reserve fund



Next, we have Kucoin as the high-performance crypto exchange in Hong Kong. This platform is best for users in Hong Kong and all around the globe dealing with 50-plus fiat currencies.

It provides simple access to more than 700 digital assets. 

All its features unlock at a cost-effective pricing plan of around 0.0055% to 0.1%. Here, users can build their crypto portfolio and earn rewards. The assets lie under high security. They can also trade in altcoins, which are legal in Hong Kong. KuCoin provides users with a simple interface counting 22 languages along with Chinese. Through trading at KuCoin, users will have;

  • PHP trading
  • Fan-Exclusive bonus

Another top-notch licensed crypto exchange in Hong Kong is Through this platform, users can earn 100 USD rewards as new users. Also, it is a popular platform for trading via Hong Kong dollars. provides access to strategy bots, margin trading, and flash swapping. 

Users can buy over 1500 cryptocurrencies via hong kong bank transfer, debit card, or P2P trading.

Moreover, imposes no fees for withdrawals or deposits. All users have to pay is the 0.20% trading fee. At this exchange, trading is available through 8 fiat currencies with HKD at the top. It features;

  • One-click investment
  • Redeemable portfolio


Last but not least is the giant of cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance. The multi-feature platform offers pair-trading of HKD with widespread cryptocurrencies. Users can sell, buy and skate more than 300 coins through the fiat Hong Kong dollars. Moreover, Binance is a trusted exchange platform hosting 120 million-plus registered users. 

The transaction fees at Binance are pretty affordable, just 0.10%. Binance provides its users with advanced end-to-end encryption and keeps it confidential.

Users can trade Binance NFTs, buy or sell 350 plus cryptocurrencies and start recurring buys over their investments.

Thus, the best P2P crypto exchange in Hong Kong lets you;

  • Trade with no deposit fees
  • Free of cost Bitcoin Spot trading

How Is Cryptocurrency Exchange In Hong Kong Regulated? 

While you’re choosing the Hong Kong crypto exchange, this question is essential. Cryptocurrency and Hong Kong share a history of bad blood. In 2021, when China banned cryptocurrency transactions, it was a common thought that Hong Kong would also follow the strains. But, nothing happened as predicted, just crypto trading continued under strict regulations. 

Also, the crypto platforms started to keep their services to top-notch traders. The Chinese government pulled all the strings of crypto-unfriendly steps in HK. Later, HK stated their insecurities regarding crypto trading, like money laundering, criminalized use, and security risks. 

Following that, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Securities and Futures Commissions have zero tolerance for Hong Kong crypto exchange licenses. Consequently, any crypto exchange based in Hong Kong must get a license from the relevant market regulators. 


Is cryptocurrency legal in Hong Kong? 

Yes, it is legal. Hong Kong regulated cryptocurrency in 2022 under the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance. Previously, it had restricted crypto exchanges to limit corruption and fraudulent activities. But via SFO legislation, users can sell, buy and trade their crypto assets

Is Hong Kong crypto-friendly?

Yes, Hong Kong is crypto-friendly. The crypto-friendly bank’s Hong Kong poses low taxa policy for cryptocurrency trading. Moreover, the Hong Kong government aims to make HK a virtual asset hub. Users can quickly cash out their crypto assets by connecting their digital wallets. 

How is the crypto market in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong crypto market is enormous, with a trading volume of 7 billion USD. The unstable socio-political condition and COVID led to the crypto market collapse. However, in 2022, the crypto trading surged to new peaks leveraging the post-covid opportunities. Now, cryptocurrency is entirely legal in Hong Kong and accessible to every Hong Konger. 


That’s all about the top crypto exchanges in Hong Kong. Gone are the days when HK made crypto illegal for the masses; now, crypto exchanges in Hong Kong are operational and generating a good amount of revenue. 

Lately, the HK government is working to make crypto trading more secure and sought after. The licensing policy is liable to be amended in June. It will make crypto exchanges safe to trade without being hacked, theft, or malware. 

While choosing the best crypto exchanges in Hong Kong, you must consider the platform fees, security, supported currencies, and liquidity. We also enlisted some of the best Hong Kong functional crypto exchanges. Go through their features, add-on services, and way of working carefully. Through this, you’ll be better able to choose the best suitable option.