Top Crypto Influencers On Twitter

Top Crypto Influencers On Twitter

written by John Murphy | March 19, 2023

The cryptocurrency world has come a long way – the trillion-dollar industry has spread its wings and is centered around Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, blockchain and other digital coins. Unsurprisingly, it has drawn the attention of people from all walks of life, including social media influencers. Since there are hundreds of self-proclaimed crypto gurus, we will discuss top crypto influencers on Twitter here.

Twitter crypto influencers share knowledge and expertise acquired through dealing in cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum

Although these influencers are present on all social media platforms, Twitter has the best information source. You can easily follow the top crypto influences on Twitter to keep your crypto exchange knowledge updated.

So, let us visit the best crypto Twitter influencers.

  • Elon Musk – @elonmusk

Although Elon is not an influencer in the true sense, he has greatly impacted cryptocurrency valuation. His tweets are known to dictate and move the crypto market and future investments. In addition, he has a large following for new and seasoned crypto traders.

Moreover, he has experience in technology and finance; thus, users can follow him on Twitter for an opinion about cryptocurrency and modern finance. He has a strong social media following, with over 130 million on Twitter alone.

Binance CEO is another top crypto influencer on Twitter and has over 8 million followers. He is experienced enough to make Binance the largest crypto exchange in the world. In addition, he is vocal about the decentralization of finance and is a high advocate of cryptocurrency.

Although his wit and humor are fun for many, he digs out crypto critics and clearly knows what he is talking about.

  • Vitalik Buterin – @VitalikButerin

Ethereum’s founder is an undisputed leader and among the top crypto influencers on Twitter. Vitalik has more than 4.5M followers and regularly posts on the platform to enrich knowledge about the crypto industry.

Moreover, Vitalik is passionate about blockchain technology, as he is partnering with prominent tech giants to bring investment into the crypto industry to enhance market potential. You can follow him for insightful commentaries, articles, reviews and other resources on cryptocurrency.

  • Roger Ver – @rogerkver

Commonly known as the “Bitcoin Jesus”, Roger Ver was the first Bitcoin start-up investor. His adventures in and has labelled him as one of the best crypto entrepreneurs. In addition, he started accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment and gathered over 400,000 BTC.

Roger’s tweets are a treasure trove of advice and information about the crypto market as a whole and Bitcoin in particular, as he is an ardent supporter of the blockchain and NFTs.

  • Brian Armstrong – @brian_armstrong

With over 1M Twitter followers, Armstrong is one of the respected voices in the crypto world. He is the CEO of the famous crypto exchange – Coinbase. Brian is a staunch advocate of decentralized economics, which cryptocurrency offers. In addition, Coinbase also moves on its founder’s concept and takes a radical stance on crypto politics.

Brian will offer you a front-row seat for an in-depth view of the broiling politics and regular changes happening in cryptocurrency.

  • Barry Silbert – @BarrySilbert

Mr Silbert is a busy man keen to take his Grayscale Investments and Digital Currency to the level. However, whenever he posts on Twitter, it is worth catching it. He has an eye for cryptocurrency, so put your ears to his notification as the man is a crypto guru.

In addition, his company manages over $2 billion in crypto assets; hence he surely is one of the savviest minds in the crypto industry. So, following Barry Silbert is a matter of necessity.

  • Andreas Antonopoulos – @aantonop

He is one of the highly respected voices in cryptocurrency, as he is passionate and instrumental in crypto growth. He is a top analyst and educator known for his in-depth DeFi market and other decentralized technologies analysis.

Moreover, Andreas is the author of two best-selling books – “The Internet of Money” and “Mastering Bitcoin.” Likewise, he hosts podcasts “Speaking of Bitcoin” and “Unscripted Podcast”. Andreas is very optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency and speaks highly on the subject.

  • Tim Draper – @TimDraper

Tim Draper is a front-line advocate of cryptocurrency. He is the founder of Draper University and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Tim’s diversified investment portfolio includes cryptocurrencies, SpaceX, and Skype.

Tim is known for his price predictions, which offer great insight for traders. So, he becomes a man to follow on Twitter as he also provides market insights and potential future opportunities.

  • Michael Saylor – @saylor

Saylor blew into the crypto space with his major purchases of Bitcoin; he is CEO of Microstrategy and has high praise for cryptocurrency. Many worldwide consider him the man behind Elon Musk’s entry into cryptos.

Moreover, he is one of the leading figures of a trailblazer of the institutional investment movement. He is known for applying a scientific approach to determine market movement. His Twitter space is an excellent source of fruitful insights and future strategy development. 

  • Camila Russo – @CamiRusso

Camila’s book “The Infinite Machine” cover Ethereum’s story right from its beginning. She is a former Bloomberg reporter with extensive writing experience on finance and cryptocurrencies. 

Moreover, her tweets are a treasure trove of information on blockchain technology and its future. She also founded “The Defiant”, an information platform that regularly and exclusively focuses on DeFi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the largest crypto followers on Twitter?

Binance founder Changpend Zhao has more than 8 million followers on Twitter, thus making him one of the largest crypto-following personalities.

Who is the biggest crypto YouTuber?

BitBoy Crypto AKA Ben Armstrong has the largest following on YouTube in terms of crypto YouTubers.

Is Twitter a good place for gaining crypto knowledge?

Twitter is one of the best sources of information regarding cryptocurrency, as all gurus are present on the platform.

Parting Thoughts

That concludes our discussion on the top crypto influencers on Twitter. All these are cryptocurrency gurus and have already made their marks in the crypto space.

Moreover, Twitter has many other influencers who provide helpful insights on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and its future.

The crypto world is gaining momentum; thus, staying in touch with the right minds is the key to designing successful investment strategies. There is a greater demand for information and insights on investments; this is where all these influencers come in handy. 

All these great minds mentioned in this article are as knowledgeable as any financial advisor on Wall Street.

We hope you follow these gurus to keep your crypto journey on track.