Top crypto marketing agencies

Top crypto marketing agencies

written by John Murphy | April 3, 2023

Cryptocurrency is the hottest cake; it has revolutionized finance, e-commerce, businesses, and other industries by applying blockchain technology. With increased crypto startups entering the space, ICOs and new coins are surfacing, which need top crypto marketing agencies to stand out.

Key Takeaways

  • Crypto marketing agencies are teams of experts that devise strategies for new crypto projects to achieve their potential by designing customized strategies.
  • Crypto agencies offer services like PR, social media posts, ICO, email marketing, ad posting, influencer marketing, community management, and others.
  • Consider fee, reputation, expertise, portfolio, and media coverage before selecting a crypto marketing agency.

Solid crypto marketing is imperative to create project awareness and credibility, attract the community to become part of the project, and further help generate demand.

Crypto marketing, however, is different from digital marketing; this is where it gets interesting. The critical aspect of promoting a crypto or NFT project is to focus on time, money, volatility, and long-term success.

We will discuss the most reputed top crypto marketing agencies experienced enough to give wings to your project and take it to the next level because only a well-crafted marketing strategy can lead your project to succeed in a highly competitive and volatile industry.

  • Single Grain

One of the finest crypto marketing agencies is Single Grain; as the name suggests, it offers search engine optimization, paid social media ads, and digital marketing services to promote your NFT and crypto projects. Bittrex, Immutable, and ENS Domain are some of its clients.

In short, it provides a 360-degree marketing plan to deliver max return on your crypto products. It has an office in Los Angeles, while pricing plans change from project to project depending on its goals and needs.


ICODA is a full-service crypto marketing agency with PR, influencer marketing, DeFi, and NFT services. It has collaborated with industry-leading names such as CoinMarketCap, Forbes, Bloomberg, and others for crypto publications.

They have SwissBorg, Saferrmoon, and Paycent on their client list, are specialists in ICO marketing, and have social media influencers on their panel. ICODA comes from Miami, and its pricing depends on the nature of the project.

  • NinjaPromo

It is a full-house marketing agency that offers highly customizable services, including content production, community management, social media, influencer marketing, and more. By contacting them, you can go tension-free with your ICO, NFT, STO, and DeFi.

In short, NinjaPromo can support your project to start from scratch and take full flight. The agency has excellent customer support, and pricing depends on project details. 

  • Coinbound

Coinbound is another trusted name in the fintech blockchain, NFT, and crypto marketing services. They have excellent PR services and a team of professional influencers who are proven winners. Moreover, they can get you 60x organic traffic by designing SEO techniques.

Coinbound is located in Riverside, CA, Unites States, and has Cosmos, Nexo, and Okcoin on its clients’ list. You can contact them via Telegram, and pricing plans depend on the project’s goals and needs.

  • Bitcoin Marketing Team

A team of crypto experts founded this marketing agency back in 2014, and it is one of the oldest names in crypto marketing. They have expertise in creating SEO content and have contacts with Forbes, CNN, and Bloomberg.

Moreover, the agency offers customizable web designing, media posts, email marketing, ad copy, press releases, etc. So, they have it all regarding your project’s successful launch. Dublin, Ireland-based company has BlockDaemon and LocalCoinSwap on its client list.

  • Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate is a leading full-stack crypto and e-commerce marketing advisory offering services since 2017. The agency has already launched numerous successful Web 3.0 and blockchain technology projects.

Moreover, it has an expert team of community builders, marketing, paid ads, PR, and fundraising events. Recently, it has started offering legal advisory services to add another feather to its cap.

  • Blockwiz

It was founded in 2019 in Toronto, Canada, and gained the confidence of leading crypto projects like Hubble, CryptoBiz, and Cobidex. The firm is best known for offering cost-effective marketing solutions. Their award-winning moderation team can help you manage crypto communities on social media platforms, including Telegram and Discord.

Moreover, their influencers team can create viral posts on Twitter, YouTube, and other leading social media platforms. Likewise, the PR and sponsored content services help projects create a personal touch with the community.

  • ICO Speaks

The team started its journey as social media community for crypto investors but then shifted to providing marketing services and is second to none. Since the team has in-depth knowledge of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market, thus they create customizable strategies to reach the target audience.

Furthermore, they have a team of influencers with over 600K social media followers. In short, ICO can take your project to desired heights and even beyond.


With over 200 clients, has established itself as a trusted name for crypto and NFT marketing. The team has expertise in offering customized marketing strategies. Moreover, it is famous in Asian markets and has a solid client base from Japan, Korea, and China.

  • Lunar Strategy

It is a digital crypto marketing agency that helps promote goods and services in the e-commerce space. The team focuses on developing strategies to help businesses grow in light of those predefined regulations.

Likewise, they offer PR, SEO, and social media team to launch your crypto project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges of a crypto marketing agency?

On average, crypto marketing charges %75 to $150 an hour. While a campaign costs anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 per month.

How to choose a crypto marketing agency?

You need to consider the below points in a crypto marketing agency.

  • Check portfolio
  • Analyze their marketing expertise
  • Check their media coverage
  • Analyze market reputation
  • Check prices

What is a crypto marketing agency?

Crypto marketing agencies are experts who support cryptos in marketing their projects by providing social media posts, ad posting, influencers, SEO, ICO, and other related services.

Parting Thoughts

Top crypto marketing agencies are becoming a must-have checkbox for new crypto projects. Since the crypto market has become highly competitive, thus having a team of experts who can deal with the marketing part is vital for a successful crypto launch.

However, the selection process is crucial and must carry the entire thought process. Because just as a good agency can you successful, a wrong marketing firm can also doom your project. So, carefully analyze each firm’s expertise before making a selection.

So, we discussed industry-leading names in our article, which can bring in handy and fulfill all your marketing requirements. You can easily reach out to them and launch your crypto project confidently.