Top Web3 Gaming Companies

Top Web3 Gaming Companies

written by John Murphy | March 14, 2023

Cryptocurrency is redefining the gaming industry after it revolutionized the financial sector. With all its volatility and turbulent valuation, the crypto space is expanding and now emerges as crypto gaming. Learning about the top Web3 gaming companies is key to better future investment decisions with a billion dollars at stake.

Web3 companies are focused on personalization as they allow players to choose a stage for change and the evolution of the project. Thus, they support decentralizing decision-making and providing ownership rights to users for in-game assets.

These positives make Web3 gaming a popular idea among the global e-gaming community. Many crypto gaming companies are willing to offer content monetization on fair terms and a P2P basis.

However, all this is not easy to achieve; this is where top Web3 gaming companies come in to support the development of games.

So, let us explore Web3 gaming companies.

  • Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games is a professional crypto game development company with a global client base. It was founded in 2015 and employed more than 80 employees. 

The company has over 70 blockchain and Web3 games to its credit, offering innovative custom solutions and flexible and highly tech stacks. Moreover, the organization has extensive experience in multiple gaming genres, including RPG, racing games, adventure, puzzles, etc.

In addition to developing Web3 games, the organization can produce NFT games, new token market development, and consultancy for crypto and gaming-related projects.

  • Gala Games

It is an Ethereum-based decentralized gaming studio that builds NFT games. Gala games not only develop Web3 games but has introduced its P2E ecosystem and NFT projects. So, users can play and earn while the company plan to add new games to the platform.

Some of Gala’s famous games include VOX and Townstar, while many others are developing. After its success in developing games, the company has successfully tested the P2E ecosystem by launching its native token by the name of GALA.

  • Infinite Block Tech

Another trusted and experienced name in Web3 gaming, Infinite Block Tech, was founded in 2015 with more than 170 employees. It is amongst the world’s leading game development companies and has offices in the U.S., India, the UK and Canada.

The company offers extensive Web3-related services, including gaming, NFT, P2E game development, crypto wallet implementation and metaverse development. In addition, the company has also supported many cryptocurrencies during their ICOs.

In short, Infinite Block Tech is an all-rounder in crypto gaming and has become one of the world’s top Web3 gaming companies.

  • Unicsoft

One of the oldest game development companies, Unicsoft has a rich history that goes back to 2005. With more than 150 employees on board, the organization has developed itself to meet modern requirements by involving in Web3 games.

Apart from game development, the company is a reputed blockchain technology consultant. The firm has over 100 successful games on its CV, including Web3 games. In addition, it has also ventured into RTS, sports, action and other types of games, so clients can easily get whatever they want. 

  • AppDupe

Founded in 2012, AppDupe has shifted its focus from game development to blockchain-based projects, including NFT and Web3 games. The company also has experience in crypto gaming coins and offers platforms with multiple concepts regarding token collectibles.

Moreover, the company has an extensive experience in the gaming environment and implementation of subscription and payment systems across blockchains. In addition, the company can start a project from scratch.


INORU specializes in customization in the Web3 gaming space. The company has worked in all genres, including but not limited to P2E, RPG, battle, cards and others. Moreover, it can run through the project from idea seeking and development to implementation.

Additionally, INORU has offered consultancy services for game design, testing, development and marketing. Therefore, it is a company that can support clients throughout the project.

  • RisingMax

The company began in 2015 with over 100 employees on its payroll. It specializes in offering end-to-end services for Web3 and mobile games. Further, it has expertise in AR/VR, IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies.

Such versatility in experience makes Rising Max one of the best crypto gaming companies in the world. The organization has a 75% client return rate, which confirms its professionalism and excellent after-sale service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Web3 companies?

Web3 companies incorporate concepts like blockchain technology, tokenization, and decentralization into a digital products. The platforms include a financial app, game or social media platform.

What are the features of Web3 gaming?

The following are the main features of a Web3 game.

  • Player-driven experience
  • Customization
  • Minimal downtime
  • Transparent gaming
  • In-game asset
  • Interoperability 

Do Web3 companies provide a metaverse experience?

Yes! Metaverse exists in Web3 just like it was present in Web2. It offers unparallel features such as decentralized gaming and a creator economy.

What gaming companies are moving to Web3?

Almost all major tech-based companies are moving to Web3 gaming; a short list is below.

  • Sony
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • Epic Games
  • Electronic Arts

Who invented Web3?

Dr. Gavin Wood is the founder and President of Web3 and proposes to launch the Web 3.0 Technology Stack to measure the project’s progress.

Parting Thoughts

You are now familiar with the top Web3 gaming companies with extensive experience in blockchain, games, crypto gaming coins, NFT and other related subjects.

Most of these companies have already tasted the above challenges and established their name in the Web3 space. Since cryptocurrency has revolutionized finance and industry, thus customization was a missing piece that Web3 offers. 

Moreover, all these organizations have not limited themselves to one genre of games but have hired experts who can run a project from scratch till its launch and after-sale service. In addition, Gala Games have also stepped into the crypto ecosystem and launched its token.

So, a lot has been going about Web3 gaming companies, with new developments surfacing and taking the gaming industry one step forward.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and please leave feedback in the comments section. Adios!