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Trump NFT Blockchain

written by John Murphy | March 11, 2023

To stay relevant and up with changing financial trends towards cryptocurrency, ex-U.S. President Donald Trump launched the collection of his pictures through the Trump NFT blockchain. 

Although Trump sent a video supporting the crypto NFT project, he is not directly behind the new blockchain idea. NFT INT is a company that is licensed to use Trump’s name and images and use them for the NFT project.

Moreover, the NFT project presented in December 2022 by offering lucrative offers to the buyers, including a dinner with President Donald Trump.

Although it’s an instant hit at its launch, the sale slowed after one month. However, in March 2023, the collection again gathered interest from NFT enthusiasts.

We will introduce you to all the details about the Trump NFT blockchain project through this article, so stick around until the end.

About the Trump NFT 

The project contained hundreds of artworks of the ex-President’s pictures in different flattering ways. Each NFT costs $99, with a chance to win hundreds of other prizes, including dinner with the President, if you pay for 45 cards.

However, you cannot buy the NFT of your choice since the website sends any random NFT after payment confirmation. These generated in different trading cards, some are unique, and some may repeat. In contrast, there is a limit of 100 trading cards per purchaser or household. 

Moreover, each token or card is a sweepstake entry for a uniformly Trump centric prize. In other news, all the proceeds from selling NFTs will go to Mr. Trump’s election rallies.

Characteristics of Trump NFT

The following are the main characteristics of the Trump NFT blockchain.

  • The NFT does not respond to actual ownership of the image. Thus image rights are limited to personal use, publishing and display but bar it from a commercial point of view.
  • Buyers need to have their self-custodial digital wallets to receive the NFT collection.
  • Each NFT token costs $99.
  • Buyers can register with the project with just an email address.
  • Purchasers can resell cards; however, there is a 10% resale royalty.

In short, purchasing Trump NFT is a straightforward and easy-to-gather digital art. However, the only intrinsic value these tokens offer is the images’ availability for non-commercial viewing. The official website terms it as they are the first authorized Trump trading cards.

Trump NFT Price

The collection, upon its launch, broke the bank in December 2022. However, the interest swept aside rapidly, so the value also dropped.

The current floor price of the collection is 0.021ETH (around $30), with a trading volume of 35ETH ($48,500). However, the original mint cost was $99, and each token varied depending on the rarity. 

Moreover, a group zoom call with the ex-President costs 0.03 ETH ($40), while a one-to-one meeting listed at 200ETH (about $278,000). 

In around three months, the original price has dropped dramatically since its launch. The price is down by 99% to the initial release price.

Moreover, as per available, over $ 2.4 million worthy Trump NFT sold in February, while January saw a total sale of $2.6 million.

The Future of Trump NFT

Although the Trump NFT peaked its price during its early release, it has gained steady value in the first two weeks of March. The initial drop was inspired by widespread criticism involving Trump’s supporters.

However, the NFT collection is gaining value again as the ex-President’s social media platforms, including those on Facebook and Twitter, are restored. Therefore, with him being active again, experts suggest a positive future impact on the Trump NFT collection.

Moreover, a market study shows that users buy Trump’s tokenized cards in multiples, anticipating a price rise ahead. 

In short, a mixture of trends surrounds the Trump NFT project. Since the crypto space is highly volatile, similar is the case with this NFT collection. Some people either hate or love him too much, so political liking and disliking play a major role in determining the price of the Trump NFTs. 

So, we are yet to see whether blockchain-based bank broke their NFT collection records or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a single Trump NFT?

The sale price at the start of the project of a single Trump NFT was $99. However, the price rose as the token gained value and is currently available at $40.

Can I buy unlimited Trump NFT?

No, developers of Trump NFTs have set a limit of 100 cards per purchaser or household. Therefore, users can gather a maximum of one hundred cards.

What are giveaways for buying Trump NFT?

Buyers of Trump NFT can get a chance to attend a zoom call, a gala dinner and a hard copy of the book “Our Journey Together.” However, users with at least 45 unique tokens qualify for these giveaways.

What is Trump NFT?

Trump NFT is a collection of pictorial artwork of the President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. It was launched in December 2022 to return him to the White House. The initial price of each NFT was $99.

How many are Trump NFTs sold?

Although it attracted widespread criticism even from Trump’s supporters, the project could still sell around 45,000 NFTs.

Parting Thoughts

Trump NFT blockchain launched in 2022 raised good returns upon its launch. However, the next two months saw a 99% dip in price as the project amassed widespread criticism from political groups.

Although Mr. Trump is not behind the project since he endorsed it and appeared in an ad campaign, thus even though his support backlashed, the project is an idea of the NFT INT organization, which aims to gather funds for Mr. Trump’s next election campaign.

As far as price is concerned, the NFT price is down to $40 from its initial price of $99. However, overall collections have risen, and investors seek a rise as Mr. Trump expected to return to social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

That is all from our side on Trump’s NFT project, and we hope you enjoyed reading it. Please leave feedback in the comments section.