US legislators urging Mark Zuckerberg to not make Meta available to teenagers 
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US legislators urging Mark Zuckerberg to not make Meta available to teenagers 

written by John Murphy | March 4, 2023

In a letter by two US senators, There are reports of Instagram being the culprit behind many teenagers’ experiences with suicidal thoughts and the failure of meta to stop ads that are harmful and also aimed at young adults.

Two senators from the US have stated this in a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to stop allowing access to this platform to young adults, Horizon Worlds.

In a letter of March 1, lawmakers Edward Markey and Richard Blumenthal insisted that if there is a motive of profit then Meta’s plan to stop “ invite young users into a digital space rife with potential harms”. They stated that this exposure to the virtual environment by teenagers between 13 and 17 years old will create serious risks such as privacy concerns, the strain on the eyes, and online trolling. 

They said, “ Meta’s plan to target young people with offerings in the metaverse is particularly concerning in light of your consistent failures to protect young users. With a documented track record of failing to protect children and teens, Meta has lost parents’, pediatricians, policymakers,’ and the public’s trust.

The two lawmakers stated that it is the firm’s failure to not stop showing the ads for “tobacco, alcohol and eating disorder content” which affects young adults.

“As our constituents grow increasingly concerned about the effects of online platforms and social media apps on teens’ wellbeing,  your plans to imminently pull these young people into an under-researched, potentially dangerous virtual realm with consequences for their physical and mental health is unacceptable.”

Previously legislation has been signed on to by Markey that targets the impact of crypto mining and he demanded answers related to the data collection. Blumenthal was behind a bill in the last session of US congress about allowing third-party applications and app stores devices from major tech firms.