USDT Vs. USDC | An In-Depth Comparison Of Stablecoins 

USDT Vs. USDC | An In-Depth Comparison Of Stablecoins 

written by John Murphy | April 8, 2023

Stablecoins are an excellent alternative to highly volatile cryptocurrencies. While you’re aiming t invest in the crypto market, these pegged cryptos will give you full access to transactions. Their backed reference can be cash or gold. Moreover, these stablecoins are known to be a suitable medium of exchange for various crypto-based transactions. 

Besides, the two most popular stablecoins that have got the lead are USDT and USDC. Both of these cryptocurrencies are backed by USD and controlled by advanced algorithms.

Ahead from all these similarities, they share some differences too. Are you interested in USDT and USDC custodial stablecoins? This blog will spotlight USDT vs. USDC. Scroll down for more. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Stablecoins are a good alternative to volatile cryptocurrencies and provide access to transactions with a backed reference of cash or gold.
  • USDT and USDC are popular stablecoins backed by USD and controlled by advanced algorithms, but they have differences such as transfer and GAS fees.
  • Tether dominates the market cap with $80.26B, while USDC has a market cap of $32.59B.
  • USDC is considered safer than USDT due to being backed by short-dated U.S. government bonds and complying with government regulations.
  • Both USDT and USDC are acceptable by Binance, and USDT has been safe to hold with exemplary security protocols.

USDT Vs. USDC: A Comparison Of The Two

Looking up to the USDT vs. USDC 2022, the trading market could have been more stable for them. Following the FTX collapse in December, BINANCE  banned the USDC withdrawals. 

Meanwhile, USDT also faced backlash due to a lack of transparency. Since the post covid, the stablecoin revived its worth and values shortly.

Now, they are regarded as the largest stablecoins due to their trading volume. Here we have come up with a comprehensive guide covering USDTVs. USDC. Have a look. 

Transfer Fee

Transfer fees refer to the exchange cost the user will bear during the business. Usdt Vs. Usdc Transfer Fee is cost-effective based on the number of stablecoins and exchange congestion.

In addition, while sending USDT, the transfer fee is 5.46 USDT. And for transferring USD Coins, the user will need to pay 4.21 USDC. So the winner here is USDC offering a low transfer fee. 

GAS Fees

Usdc Vs. Usdt GAS Fees is an approximation of transaction fees. Users will pay the miners for transactions on the relative exchange platform. Stablecoins using Ethereum blockchain will need to pay GAS for exchange. 

The GAS fee for a USD coin is about 3.34 USD. On the other hand,  USDT has variable GAS fees ranging from 0.5 to 7 USD.

Hence, USDC is leading since its GAS is constant and affordable. 

Market Cap

The market cap for stablecoins is quite competitive.

Tether is dominating with an 80.26 B USD market cap. Its capitalization is growing day after day. Meanwhile, USDC stands behind USDT with a market cap of 32.59 B USD.

Usdt Vs. Usdc Market Cap rank is giving a tough time to other stablecoins. Currently, USDT stands out at rank three, and USD coin at 5th place among all the custodial stablecoins. 

Launch Year

USTD was launched as a cryptocurrency in 2014. Thether Limited Inc. worked to craft a stablecoin giving a 1:1 exchange rate. So, it was the first stablecoin crypto ever established.

About the USD coin, Circle, its founder company, introduced this to the world in 2018. The Visa allowed users to use it for transactions two years after its launch. 


USDC has a circulating supply of 3,413,14,693 USD for a trading volume of 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Tether holds  21,851,410,933 USD for the same trading volume. It also includes two audits by CretiK and Fairyproof.

The whitepaper for USDT is available at transparency You can check the USD coin whitepaper at f.hubspotusercontent

Is USDT Safer than USDC? 

usdc vs. usdt
Source: guarda

Before buying any stablecoin, you must ponder over the question, USDT VS USDC: which is safer? Out f the two stablecoins, one is likely to win over the other regarding security. And the winner here is USDC. 

Because it is pegged by shot-dated U.S. government bonds, not only that, Circle and Coinbase are leading the USDC through a Center consortium.

It is fully backed by fiat currency. Whether it’s about audits and reserves, USDC complies with government regulations.

On the other hand, USDT is also considered safe for making payments and trading, but its transparency has been at stake lately. The USDT founder company Tether needed to prove their transparency for stablecoin reserves. Consequently, the most stablecoin has a high level of openness, USDC.


Is USDT Safe To Hold?

Yes, USDT is vera y safe stablecoin to hold. The security protocols for USDT coins are exemplary. Users can access private keys, independently- certified Tether wallet, and secure chips. It offers a safe multiple assets approach pegged to the U.S. dollar. And all the U.S. banking crises are evident in the high stability and safety level of Tether. 

What Is The Usdc vs. Usdt Price? 

USDC and USDT are approximately equal when it comes to their price. However, a whole breakdown of their cost is essential to know the decimal variance. The price for USDT is 1.000187 USD. Meanwhile, 1 USDC costs 0.9998 USD. Both stablecoins are backed by cash and government bonds. Moreover, they are easily transferable to crypto wallets. 

What is the best Binance USDC vs. USDT trading pair?

Out of USDC and USDT, both are acceptable by BINACE. For Tether, users can buy it via debit or credit card at Binance. The same goes for the USDC, which is variable at Binance at low fees—the Binance wallet address for these stablecoins, i.,e  Usdt and Usdc, same address. In addition, users can use these stablecoins for trading in place for various crypto coins

Is USDC the same as USD?

No, they are not the same. USDC is a stablecoin crypto pegged to USD. Meanwhile, USD is fiat money that also works as a legal tender. In monetary terms, both USDC and USD are the same as the cost fr 1 USDC is equal to 1 USD, but it is not issued by the government, collateralized by a crypto algorithm. 


In conclusion to this USDT vs. USDC discourse, it is crystal clear that these stablecoins are profitable niches for crypto traders. About the fact which one is better, the decision lies in your hands. For that, all you have to do s to go through the exact details of these stablecoin cryptocurrencies and choose the best. 

Additionally, there are other stablecoins, but USDT and USDC are considered the most stable. They are backed by the same fiat currency U.S. dollar. Further, these stablecoins are known to have a good ROI result for trading. 

Users can make payments through these coins safely and securely. USDC and USDT have a bare minimum of hacks, theft, and malware history. You can choose one of them for trading on exchange based on your approach to liquidity and transparency.

So, why wait? Get your desirable, secure, and faster stablecoins ahead of the crypto trading and exchange.