Veritaseum coin price prediction
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Veritaseum coin price prediction

written by John Murphy | April 20, 2023

Veritaseum cryptocurrency was a project made with the intention to revolutionize the entire P2P trading pattern. With time Veritaseum has been able to position itself as a major player in the crypto market. This is why it is important to get an idea or more of Veritaseum coin price prediction. As the project has gained a lot of attention from investors for its different and innovative approach.


  • Veritaseumm coin works on improving the P2P experience for its users.
  • There have been a lot of fluctuations in the price of VERI coin in the past though it stood resilient.
  • By 2030 the price of Veritaseum may cross $400.

VERI has been subjected to significant price fluctuations in the past, like most cryptocurrencies. Though the coin did show some resilience in the face of a trembling market by managing steady growth. The Veritaseum crypto has been showing bearish signs as it dropped by 21.15% in the last 7 days. However, this seems to be a good time for investors to buy VERI.

Moreover, to get an in-depth and clearer price analysis it is essential that a person first analyzes the technical and fundamental indicators of the coin. While analyzing fundamental indicators the analysts consider the team’s expertise, partnerships, adoption rate, and other factors, While technical analysis involves analyzing the data derived from charts, and various trends.

Veritaseum coin price prediction: Past price analysis

Veritaseum crypto price has fluctuated significantly in the past. Recently its price is $23.97 with a market capitalization of $49,181,250. Thus ranks #416 among all cryptocurrencies in the market.

An 18.49% drop was witnessed by the VERI coin in the last 24 hours. This indicates a bearish market sentiment towards Veritaseum. Not only that, this drop is literally a drop in the ocean of downtrend following the last 30 days. Where the overall price drop was by 30.22%. Indicating that around one-third of the value of the coin dropped in just one month. Furthermore, the value of the VERI coin has also dropped by 34.98% in the last 90 days.

There have been several factors that contributed to Veritaseum’s crypto price drop in the past. Lack of adoption is one of the major factors since Veritaseum is still a new project and has a long way ahead of it to gain mass adoption. Other than that, an overall market sentiment surrounding cryptocurrencies also plays a huge role in the price drop.

In the last 90 days, the price of VERI has circulated between $25 to $30, which indicates price stability, despite a downtrend. The past 4 months’ analysis indicates that though there has been price stability in the long term there is volatility in the price in short term.

Veritaseum VERI coin Overview

Coin nameVeritaseum
Market Cap$51,534,501
Circulating Supply2,149,646 VERI
Current Price$23.97

What is the Veritaseum VERI coin?

Veritaseum has emerged as a true Peer-to-Peer decentralized platform, as it offers transactions by eliminating the need for any middleman. it is also the first to offer smart contracts. The ERC-20 token veritaseum has introduced a new way of trading to users.

Users can benefit from Veritaseum smart contracts in ways such as reduced counterparty risk, increased security, cheaper, and faster transactions. But what is there that does not come with its risks? Likewise, there are certain risks associated with investing in VERI tokens such as smart contract vulnerabilities, Ethereum blockchain risks, and more.

With Veritaseum software users may redeem VERI tokens and may even use them for advisory services, research and to gain entry into Veritaseum’s autonomous financial machines, P2P value trading system, and P2P letters of credit. The platform offers services with centralized and decentralized solutions including digital asset exchange.

Veritaseum Coin Price Prediction: Future Price Analysis

Veritaseum VERI is a relatively new cryptocurrency with sudden price movements. However, the fundamentals seem to be strong and bullish also indicating potential and significant growth in the years to come, as per the technical indicators.

For now, VERI has entered a bearish phase due to a high value of the Fear and Greed index. Despite a drop a slight recovery is expected soon in the coming month. Though the signals are somewhere between bearish and bullish that conveys uncertainty in the market.

The price predicting factors 200-day simple moving average and 50-day SMA indicate that there might be a dip in the price on its way however the price will increase by the end of 2023 to $41.21. The RSI of VERI is also in a neutral position which indicates that the VERI market is neither oversold nor overbought.

Veritaseum coin price prediciton 2025

In case the Veritaseum cryptocurrency continues with the growing uptrend then the price may reach a maximum value of $79.05 by the end year 2025. From which the VERI coin may profit. Moreover, even if the market sees a decline the average price would still be $72.24 according to some.

Veritaseum coin price prediciton 2030

By 2030 Veritaseum crypto is expected to surpass all previous records and reach an all-time high of $180.69. While some are even more optimistic and expect the price may reach $437.35.


In the end, the Veritaseum Coin Price prediction highly depends on its various fundamental and technical indicators analysis. The short-term outlook from the data doesn’t seem to be favorable for investors as it is slightly on the bearish side while there is good news for the long-term investors as the VERI crypto is expected to stabilize and trend upwards. Though investors must keep in mind that the prices can fluctuate to a great degree since the crypto market is highly volatile, so they must make an informed decision before investing.