What 5 Mistakes Bitcoin Holders Do and How to Avoid Them
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What 5 Mistakes Bitcoin Holders Do and How to Avoid Them

written by John Murphy | March 2, 2023

The recent crypto world has experienced a sudden rise in cryptocurrency investment. This is the reason why every investor is in search of investing in the best cryptocurrency like Ethereum or Bitcoin. However, in a rush to follow the trend, many investors make many mistakes, causing them to lose a lot of money. 

If you are willing to learn the proper way of investing in cryptocurrency, here are 5 mistakes Bitcoin holders make and you must avoid them. Read the article till the end so you will be given 6 tips to help you while investing in cryptocurrency.

What 5 Mistakes Bitcoin Holders Do?

As we discussed before, everyone wants to invest in cryptocurrency because of its incredible rise. But whatever an investor gets in a rush, it’s very common to make mistakes. So here is what you should avoid while you hold Bitcoin.

1.       Buying The Assets Just Because The Price Is Low

Never think that low prices mean you can bargain and you are getting lucky. Sometimes there is a reason behind low prices. So watch out before buying cryptocurrency having falling user rates. Often the prices are low when a developer leaves a project and doesn’t update it. This all makes cryptocurrency insecure.

2.       Bet What You Can Afford To Lose.

Different trading platforms will suggest you use maximize money and bet everything you have. Yes, this is the straight way to lose everything at once. One of the tips you should follow while investing is that always bet a certain proportion of your money. You should have emergency cash or a savings account in which you will save the money which you will never use for investment.

3.       Thinking That You Can Make Money Easily Through Crypto

It’s not right to consider that it is easy to make money through investing in different types of financial assets doesn’t matter it is stocks or commodities like silver and gold. Similarly, it is said for cryptocurrency. So whoever says that making money is easy through cryptocurrency is trying to trick you.

4.       Forgetting The Key Phrase Of Your Crypto

Storing all your bitcoin in your crypto wallet is the only solution for saving money. But remember, its key is more important. Forgetting your key phrase is like forgetting the key to your bank vault. So make sure to write it in a secure place; otherwise, all your saved Bitcoin will be irretrievable.

5.       Falling For Scams

Whenever any investor is ready to invest, scammers are waiting for them to make any mistake. We have gathered four major scams every investor should be aware of; otherwise, he can lose a lot of money.

Big Investment Opportunities:

Mostly scammers contact a Bitcoin holder through email or text. They give them a big opportunity for investment, saying that if you transfer your Bitcoin to a particular crypto wallet, all your money will be doubled or tripled. This is why if you are offered a great amount of money, you should view this offer with great skepticism.

Sudden Increase And Decrease In Price:

Criminals can offer small or unknown cryptocurrencies at a very high or low price. Sometimes the price of this cryptocurrency can skyrocket. Sometimes scammers own a large amount of cryptocurrency, but they do everything through mining or getting the specific crypto assets even before they get general in public. 

Many scammers increase the price by promoting fake news on social media and selling their assets at a higher price.

Stick With Big-Name Crypto Wallets:

The best tip to defend yourself from risk is to stick with big-name crypto wallets like ledger, Trezor, Exodus, or MateMask. Different unknown wallets are also found on the play store, which is unsafe and can easily steal your money.

Fake Cryptocurrency:

With so much money cryptocurrency in the market, it gets difficult to judge which currency is real or which is fake. If you invest in fake money, criminals can easily steal all your money and identity. Never trust anyone when investing in cryptocurrency; always research before buying crypto assets.

Tips To Follow By Every Bitcoin Holder:

Now you know what 5 mistakes bitcoin holders do? It’s time to see what you should do while investing.  If you are a beginner or an expert in investing in Bitcoin, you will still need these tips to help you out in your investment experience. Here are the tips you should follow:

  • Separating genuine cryptocurrency from scams isn’t easy. In the crypto market, many sharks are just waiting for your money to be invested. Always do your research before investing your money.
  • You have to set a proper amount of money for investment. Never bet for too much money with nothing left behind. It is a high-risk business, and losing money is possible while trading in crypto.
  • Always spread your money among different platforms, stocks, and shares. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, so investing in different markets can decrease the risk of losing.
  • The price of cryptocurrency always has a dramatic high and low point, so if the price suddenly drops, never panic to sell all your assets at a low price. You can easily leave your Bitcoin in your crypto wallet for weeks, months, or even years.
  • If you want to take advantage of pound cost averaging, automate your crypto purchase so you can take advantage. Different coins like Gemini and Coinbase allow you to setups up recurring buys.
  • Crypto trading bots are useful in some circumstances but aren’t recommended for beginners. If these algorithms existed to be working with this perfection, everyone would be using them and start to earn money.


The process of investing in crypto, especially at a time when you are a beginner. But avoiding the abovementioned mistakes can help you become a better investor and earn more money. What 5 mistakes Bitcoin holders do and what are the tips to become better investors are just a perfect guide for you. Always does a lot of research before buying any coin; before investing, it will save you from losing money.