What are the fastest growing cryptocurrency?
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What are the fastest growing cryptocurrency?

written by John Murphy | November 1, 2022

The cryptocurrency market is on the rise with the addition of thousands of new projects. About two years back, Bitcoin had a staggering 70% share in the crypto market, but the scenario is different now. So, how did it happen? And what are the fastest growing cryptocurrency – these are valid questions today.

Most new investors hunt for the fastest growing cryptocurrencies since the cost is slightly lower, with high potential returns.

However, not every crypto blossoms. Many fizzle out of the market in no time. Hence, choosing the right cryptocurrency is vital to gain returns.

We scoured the crypto market and picked the fastest growing cryptocurrencies. Successful cryptos have returned high profits to investors, so we have listed them in our article that promise to be a worthwhile investment.

Let’s analyze the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, and determine their potential.

Dash 2 Trade

One of the most promising and fastest growing cryptocurrencies is Dash 2 Trade. It sold $500,000 tokens in the first 24 hours during the pre-sale phase.

The pre-sale value of the tokens was $0.0476. It will increase by $0.05 in the next phase. So, upon conclusion of the pre-sale phase, investors will get 39% raise in valuation.


IMPT is running closely to D2T and has enjoyed remarkable success in its pre-sale phase. If you ever wondered what is the fastest growing cryptocurrency? Well, IMPT is your answer.

The eco-friendly project raised a staggering %5million in funding in just two weeks of its launch. The number is rising with each passing day, as the real-world utility of the project is eye-catching.

The price during the first phase was $0.018. but jumped to $0.023 and then $0.028. Since IMPT has partnered with global business giants like Amazon and Microsoft, we can safely tip it to gain value in the future.

Tamadoge (TAMA)

The fastest growing cryptocurrency now is Tamadoge. It raised $19 million in eight weeks of its pre-sale phase. Hence, Tamadoge is dubbed one of the fastest emerging cryptocurrencies of 2022.

Tamadoge was named the best Upcoming ICO for the year 2022. The high demand and advanced features will bring more investment.

Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT has one of the best pre-sale records; it was expected to sell tokens in 90 days but achieved the target in 25 days. During the pre-sale, the price was $0.0015, which raised to $0.004. The successful pre-sale activity forced IBAT to get listed with an exchange.

After its listing with PancakeSwap, the coin’s value was pumped by 700% from its pre-sale value; based on indicators, we can mark IBAT as one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK is a new and fastest growing NFT project. Users are tipped in two ways; rewards and capital appreciation. High-value rewards like a Lamborghini, a house, and $1M of Bitcoins have attracted handsome investment.

LBLOCK first appeared in the market with a value of $0.00051 and reached as high as $0.0090 in six months. Furthermore, with its partnership with Web3.0, the price will likely go up.

Polygon (MATIC)

A high-speed secured, and trusted network make MATIC one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency. It offers cheaper transactions than other cryptocurrencies and thus attracts suitable investments in a short time.

Solana (SOL)

Solana is another fast-growing coin. It provided early birds with returns of 20,000%. 

The key feature of SOL is the low-cost but high-speed transaction since SOL aims to improve blockchain scalability, thus making it an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland’s unique idea of making users owners of the virtual world sold out quite well. The game offers fascinating sceneries and structures.

The key attraction is its control by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). MANA gained high interest during its pre-sale phase, effectively making it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies.

The fastest growing cryptocurrency

Overall, the fastest growing cryptocurrency is Dash 2 Trade as of October 2022. D2T is an advanced analytics tool that offers crypto analytics readily available to investors. The coin’s objective is to empower investors. They intend to achieve this feat by offering innovative features like token pre-sale analysis and on-chain analytics.

Furthermore, to get access to all features of the D2C trading platform, traders will have to hold its native tokens.

You can easily buy D2C coins from crypto exchanges, as currently, it is in its pre-sale phase. Prices are likely to go up once the pre-sale concludes. D2C is an ERC-20 token, the key required to unlock all the platform’s features.

To access premium features, traders must pay monthly subscriptions, which are only accepted in D2T tokens. Not only this the project is scheduled for full launch in Q1 2023 but also Per its whitepaper, a premium subscription will cost 1000 D2T per month ($48 per month per the coin’s pre-sale value).

Below features mentioned make Dash 2 Trade the fastest growing cryptocurrency.

  • Advanced crypto analytics trading platform
  • Trading competitions
  • Long-term investment potential
  • 0% tax
  • 150K giveaway

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest growing cryptocurrency?

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of 2022. Most indicators suggest it gains high value both in the short and long terms.

Which cryptocurrency is expected to explode in 2022?

There are several promising cryptocurrencies that are likely to explode in 2022; for instance – D2T, IMPT, Calvaria, Solana, and Tamadoge.

What are the growth indicators of a cryptocurrency?

Several factors determine the potential growth of a cryptocurrency. The pre-sale value, overall hype, utility, and cost are a few essential factors that determine the possible development of a cryptocurrency.

Is Bitcoin the fastest growing cryptocurrency?

A couple of years ago, Bitcoin was the fastest growing cryptocurrency, with a 70% market share. But the scenario has changed with the inception of many other Altcoins. Ethereum has largely captured Bitcoin’s share as we write this article.

Is it safe to invest in Dash 2 Trade cryptocurrency?

D2C has shown growth potential, so investing in pre-sale is not bad. However, we always recommend getting professional advice before making any investment decision.

Parting Thoughts

Numerous new cryptocurrencies enter the crypto ecosystem each day. But seldom flourish to attract high investments. The highly saturated market diffuses many projects.

But, investors always seek new avenues and keep asking, what is the fastest growing cryptocurrency? Thus we have researched and tried to answer the above query satisfactorily. As per our knowledge and available market intel, Dash 2 Trade is currently one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies.

It has the potential and promises to satisfy short- and long-term investment requirements. It is currently in its pre-sale phase and available at a reasonable price.

I hope we can satisfy your query, keep in touch with this space for crypto-related topics.

Do not forget to leave your valuable input in the comments section and let us know your views about the fastest growing cryptocurrency.