What is a crypto wallet?
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What is a crypto wallet?

written by John Murphy | October 13, 2022

Crypto wallet acts like any other wallet; it helps to safeguard your valuables. Without a physical presence, cryptocurrency is still a valuable asset you need to protect. A Crypto wallet does so. It stores private keys, and passwords for safe access, thus allowing to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Crypto wallets have different forms, like hardware wallets (which looks like a USB) and mobile app like the Coinbase wallet. In short, a crypto wallet is protected by a key and acts as the base for managing cryptocurrency transactions and balances.

Why is a crypto wallet necessary?

One thing to remember is that, unlike tricky wallets that physically store your cash, crypto wallets do not contain cryptocurrencies. Your cryptocurrency is stored on a blockchain. A private key only accesses the blockchain.

These keys prove the ownership of digital money. Thus, safeguarding your digital assets from unauthorized access. Losing private keys means you lose all your money. That is the reason why having the best crypto wallet is so important. Because you definitely will not want to lose a single coin.

What are the types of crypto wallets?

Crypto wallets come in different forms; they range from simple mobile apps to complex programmed security solutions.

Custodial and non-custodial are two types of crypto wallets.

If a third party stores your keys for you, its the custodian wallet. Usually, it completes by large enterprises which develop high-end security systems to preserve users’ data. On the other hand, owners take full responsibility for securing their keys. These are the most widely used type of crypt wallets.

A crypto wallet divided into hot or cold wallets if we dig deeper. A hot wallet requires an active internet connection, while a cold wallet does not have internet accessibility. Lastly, all wallets are available into paper, software, and hardware. All of these three categorized either as a hot or cold wallet.

  • Paper Wallets: Early crypto traders would write keys on physical papers and store them for use. Paper wallets were ineffective, as they could easily damage or lost. So, these are no more in use nowadays.
  • Hardware Wallets: Keys are stored in a USB-like drive; you plug them into your machine to use and then remove them when not needed. Hardware wallets are the most famous type of crypto wallets in use today. They are also considered the best crypto wallet.

On average, a hardware wallet costs around $100 to $200. Hardware wallets are cold as they do not have an active internet connection. You can also connect your hardware wallet to your device via Bluetooth. However, it is not recommended, as hackers may use wireless connections.

  • Software Wallets:      These are hot wallets that always have an active internet connection. Users install software or apps on their mobile phones or desktop to store keys. Always try to have a software wallet protected by two-step authentication. These are the most convenient to use, as you can send and receive crypto just like an online bank account.

What is the best crypto Wallet?

Each crypto wallet has its pros and cons. Paper wallets are unsafe; hardware wallets are good; similarly, software wallets are prone to unauthorized access.

So, what is a crypto wallet that offers the best privacy and protection to users of cryptocurrencies? Coinbase wallet is the best crypt wallet as it is simple, safe, and secure. So, what makes it different from other wallets? Let us look at features to look for in a crypto wallet before making a decision.

  • Manageability: A good crypto wallet must offer one window solution. It must manage all digital assets in a single place. Imagine using multiple wallets for your digital assets. So, having a wallet that can easily store all your cryptos will offer peace of mind.
  • Two-factor authentication: A wallet must offer two-factor authentication to safeguard unwanted access. It will make life difficult for hackers, thus securing your currency.
  • Ease of use: User-friendly interface makes life easy for users. A good crypto wallet must have an easy interface to support users with hassle-free access.
  • Downtime: A hot crypto wallet must have a minimum to no downtime. Imagine trying to make a transaction but could not do so as your wallet is down.
  • Customer service: Choose a wallet that has proven customer support. Since things can go wrong in the digital world, having someone to talk to becomes essential to sort out the matter.
  • Strong Password: Always have a strong password with upper, lower, and special characters. It supports security for authorized transactions only.
  • BlockChain support: Hackers usually target blockchains to get their hands on cryptos. So, choose a wallet that offers data privacy and security at the blockchain level.


The simple answer to the question “what is a crypto wallet” is that it is like a bank account that controls your money. Software wallets are designed for convenience, while hardware wallets prefer security. Paper wallets are almost obsolete these days. To find the right crypto wallet for you, do good research. Analyze your needs, including cost and security.

Hardware wallets are the preferred option to keep things in your hand. It may appear a tad expensive, but it will surely help your cause in the longer term. Many experts prefer a hardware wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a crypto wallet?

Crypto wallets help you safeguard your currency from illegal access. They keep your money secure and help you manage your transactions with peace of mind.

What is the difference between a Coinbase app and a Coinbase wallet?

The Coinbase app lets you buy cryptocurrency from online traders. However, the Coinbase wallet stores your private keys and helps you send, receive and spend digital money.

What is the best type of crypto wallet? 

Most recently, many users have preferred cold wallets as they are less susceptible to online attacks. You only use them when required; otherwise, they are not connected to the internet.

Is Crypto wallet safe? 

It solely depends on how and what is a crypto wallet that a user can manage easily. Each wallet has a set of private keys, without which the owner cannot access their currency. One of the most significant threats is losing a private key. However, crypto wallets generally are safe.