What is a Wink cryptocurrency?

What is a Wink cryptocurrency?

written by John Murphy | October 30, 2022

Previously known as TRONBet, Wink is a blockchain-based gaming platform. The base of the platform is developed on the TRON network. So, what is a Wink cryptocurrency? Wink’s native coin, WIN, is used for placing bets and transactions within the platform. The WIN coin is the essential source for creating demand for the Wink.

Wink introduced a P2E gambling platform. Since then, many volatile cryptocurrencies have adopted its model. However, Wink remains relevant by offering new features.

Just like other cryptos, Wink has its highs and lows. 2021 was a high-demand year for Wink, but it has struggled to live up to its hype in the current year.

Let’s look at further details and try to understand what is a Wink cryptocurrency.

What is WinkLink?

WinkLInk is a network behind the Wink cryptocurrency, with WIN (native coin) as its driving force. It is user-friendly and develops innovative contract programs which run automatically if certain conditions are met.

You can use these smart contracts as the basis for casino games. However, this is not the only utility of the WIN coin; there are plenty of other options for WIN usage.

Win Power is an indicator for people who play games on WINK. Win Power increases as the number of Win tokens increases with a user. In simple words, the more Win tokens, the higher the Win Power.

Every day, the WinkLink system distributes TRON (TRX) tokens among all the holders depending on the Win Power available. The amount of Win Power, each holder, receives is proportional to their Win Power. The exciting thing is that TRX is the native token of the TRON blockchain, while WIN pertains to Wink. 

Another notable thing about WIN is that since it operates on TRON, it can also be described as a dual-chain token effectively since Wink announced Binance’s BNB coin to become part of Wink’s games.

Is Wink coin a good investment?

Play-to-earn games are an easy way into the cryptocurrency environment for no-coiners. By bringing innovations like non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and offering tokens as rewards, gaming platforms have changed the entire spectrum  

Being a P2E platform, Wink has provided many interactive gaming experiences to its users. With an increased user base, it was able to capitalize on getting good financial ground for its cryptocurrency – Wink.

Incentives like innovative token economy framework, behavioural mining, and others make Wink coin crypto with high promise and potential. 

However, as we have seen, cryptocurrency is highly volatile, and Wink coin is no different. 

Let us look closely at the factors that determine Wink’s value.

  • Decentralized Online Gaming

Online gaming reached new heights during recent pandemic lockdowns. Many new games entered the market and offered a variety of options. You can merge cryptocurrencies and joined the online gaming zones to gain an advantage in a high-user market.

Consequently, with exponential growth, blockchain EFT-enabled decentralized games are here to stay. Wink, a decentralized gaming platform, broke into a highly developing market. The P2E, holding, and staking services are expected to up the coin’s values.

  • Partnerships with game developers

Wink rewards its users in intelligent contracts according to protocols that run the game. However, investors are compensated through capital gains and staking. 

Therefore, if Wink can attract new game developers to offer more games, it will increase prices for Wink coins.

The future of Wink cryptocurrency

The future of the Wink coin looks promising. The WinkLink platform collaborates with NFT Fund to gain massive success in the NFT space. The partnership is expected to return lucrative returns.

So, we can safely say that the Wink coin is expected to gain good financial value. However, we recommend seeking expert opinion before investing in Wink cryptocurrency. 

What makes Wink unique?

The following are a few unique features of the Wink cryptocurrency, and you might also like to dwell on them.

  • The transaction speed is breakneck.
  • The oracle system offers high security during transactions.
  • The prices are reliable.
  • You can integrate data on applications like gambling, sports predictions, weather forecasts, etc.
  • Partnership with NFT Fund to encourage NFT artists. 

Wink coin price prediction

Many pricing experts are closely monitoring Wink cryptos.  Coin Price Forecast predicts Wink coin’s year-end value at $ 0.00017 for 2022. However, they tip Wink to gain value next year and climb to $0.0019 by 2023.

In contrast, Wallet Investor forecasts the Wink coin would hit $ 0.0001 in 2027. However, the $1 prediction is implausible, as the cryptocurrency is uncertain. Since the cryptocurrencies collectively are highly volatile, the value of Wink coin will be impacted by market factors. We cannot say that the price will go up or down. 

So, keep factors like risk appetite, market experience, investment portfolio and amount intended to invest before making a move in for the Wink coin.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Wink cryptocurrency?

Wink is a blockchain-based gaming platform which works on the TRON network. It is a P2E junction.

Will Wink cryptocurrency go up?

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile; hence we cannot say whether Wink’s price can go up or down. Multiple factors control the costs.

How many Wink coins are available in the market?

As of 17 August 2022, 961.74 billion WIN coins were in circulation. However total supply was 999 billion.

Should I invest in Wink?

It depends on your priority. We recommend seeking professional advice. Furthermore, do research, and never invest more than you can afford.

Why is Wink unique?

Wink’s recent collaboration with NFT Fund gives it a competitive edge. In addition, it is fast, secure, and integrated with real-world applications.

Parting Thoughts

Wink was one of the earliest P2E systems in the crypto ecosystem. Since then, many new gaming platforms have entered the market. But Wink has maintained its place firmly.

The low price also attracts new investors, making its circulation global. Such features help Wink to good returns to its investors by keeping low token prices. We hope to have answered the query about a Wink cryptocurrency.

The article touched on all the necessary points from Wink crypto’s past, present and future. Keep visiting us for more cryptocurrency-related topics, as we cover them daily.